The Secret of Amenti

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I would like to talk to you here today about a text which, in my opinion, should not miss your attention - The Secret of Amenti or what is it all about?. Author Petr Penguin it offers an elevator of the most important of the publicly published book series VOYAGERS and then from the materials of a worldwide study group Amenti Project.

But the source of this crucial piece of information is still elsewhere: it is 12 of metal discs - data carriers that physically exist and contain encrypted holographic records of everything about our universe, of civilizations and evolutionary changes since its origins to 950 for billions of years (!) and also cover scenarios of possible further developments. These discs, which are of extraterrestrial origin, were prior to 246 000 years ago donated to Urit culture by the time, as an appreciation of its association with the Space Peace Treaty called the Emerald Convention.
They also include the elucidation of advanced technologies, because mankind has been incorporated into the Rangers and Protectors of the Universal Temple Complex of our universe. Here we find information about the mechanism of creation of the founding races, the physics of the universal unified field, the laws of unity, and the sacred spiritual sciences and techniques of Ascension through Merkab's body.

Interestingly interesting is also the information of the historical nature: how Lemuria ceased, what led to the destruction of Atlantis, what a real role played in Thoth, Moses, Hermes, Achnaton, Jesus or for example Merlin and many others. Who in our present day stands on which side of the barricade and what is and why Sf. Amenti was born.

In addition to small CDTs, this 12 seal was also part of this gift, which allows us to open the star gates of the universal temple complex of our universe. These artifacts, but not just them, have faded in ancient history with a stellar war of millions of years. If they were in the hands of the forces of the cosmic evil - they are referred to in the text by the generic name of the Enemy - the enslavement of not only our planet but also other places of our universe would be very likely. Many civilizations would fall into the arms of Evil - and "it is all about it today".
This text will help us to understand what is today the so-called "ascension" and why the Earth's humanity has become active - and extremely important - a participant in a spectacular cosmic event that is currently approaching a fundamental resolution.

I warn potential readers that the text is definitely not easy to read to crossword puzzles and Sunday coffee, and the reader can very easily drown in huge amounts of data, names and information. But what do we want - what's happening in the past more than nine hundred billion years :-)

And do not forget - you need to read with a healthy distance, but with an open head!

To taste, I offer one piece:

And now imagine that all these energy matrices of DNA of all 1728 incarnations of only one Christ are "technically" maintained in the analogous multi-planetary DNA matrix, or in a kind of interleaving of the morphogenetic planetary fields of all, on the evolution of the participating planetary systems. We can only make a misty idea of ​​a kind of huge web-matrix, where the morphogenetic field of the planet Tara, the home of the human race, is only one systemic part of this completely intertwined vast spiritual entity.
And a catastrophic, devastating explosion came into this web. You can certainly imagine how part of this web, this planetary morphogenetic field, was "torn apart" and how its ties to its surroundings were broken. I do not think it is necessary to describe what this meant for the individual incarnate members of the Spiritual Families, when the link between the individual parts of the incarnated Consciousness (especially the Turks Souls) was totally lost, and they lost their interconnections and experiences. In simple terms, this has stopped the possibility of the evolutionary return, respiration, or ascension of the incarnated parts of Consciousness, because the belongings of the Fragments of Consciousness from their Souls and Souls from their Ghosts were lost or disintegrated. It was simply that the links between the first and second and the second and third evolutionary floors were broken, thus stopping the evolutionary cycle. So many times, in many places the rightly stated Unity of Human Consciousness has been grossly broken.
This situation was unavoidably necessary because, for the disintegrated parts of Consciousness, the human incarnations that perished at the time of Tara's disaster, this in essence meant not only immediate physical death, but potentially also spiritual death. Thinking about the situation then, the complexity of this situation can be realized, when the disintegration did not concern all the Spirit Families, and the ones concerned affected different degrees of incidence according to the current incarnation situation at the time of the Tara disaster. Without further complicated interpretation, let us say that the solution leading to the correction and reintegration of fragmented Consciousness into our Spiritual Families was found in the form of making a copy of the necessary part of the Taranian morphogenetic field of the Spiritual Christlike Family through which the fragmented and detached parts of Consciousness (the disconnected Soul) reconnect with his Spiritual Family. This copy of the Taranian morphogenetic field is named in the Sources as Spheres Amenti and has to be placed in the environment of the lower evolutionary floor HU-1 (where the disaster, fragmented parts of Consciousness have fallen into disasters) on the planet Tara, the evolutionary interconnected planet and today is our current adoptive home planet - Earth.

The Amenti Mystery Secret can be downloaded at several places in the internet (which you can do with minimal effort) or you can order it at

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  • slavicek says:

    Hi, I read some of the secrets of Amenti, but as a star child, I do not identify with some information. For example, the fact that the Galactic Federation together with the Ashtar and Semeyas-type Semjase (contacted by Ivo A. Benda and Billy Meier) is one of the enemies. Intuition is the best mentor and I have read many things on the net and advise me what is true and what is not. As soon as I read the first paragraphs, it was clear to me that it was some sort of cheap. But beware! Not everything written there is not true. I just have to say that I have been communicating with the Pleiadians and Ashtar for some time, and after my awakening they pay me attention. Every time I was ouvej they sent so warm energies and gentle words to me that they calmed me like nothing here on earth. They also deflected me several times in the sky. It is ONI who helps with transformation here. They are ONI who contributed to the fact that invaded Reptics and others. And it is ONI who will meet us after the Event. Only then will the Arkturians and others come. And why are they here? Because at the time of Atlantis we were ourselves in GALACY FEDERATION. And all these 12 years have been waiting for us to grow up spiritually and to meet us as their brothers and sisters again. Dear Sirs. Had it not been for these beings, Earth would have been uninhabitable long after the nuclear catastrophe. Because who in the UFO vessels deactivated nuclear warheads on many bases ?! Well, the members of the Galactic Federation, my dear. I know that because I'm one of them who incarnated here as a starseed. My roots go back to the Pleiades. So I'm glad I could tell you. Namaste!

  • Tact says:

    And what happened in the past past here on Earth, though, was that the planet was and had the status of a colony for Lyrans, and before 387 000 years BC BC Lynn colonized the planet with a group of luminaries 144 220 who discovered here primitive people on Earth and changed for good their genetics. And we went ahead of 225 000 years BC BC under the leadership of Ischwisch Pleja was colonized by Earth Malon Mars. And it is not the end before 190 000 years BC BC on the scene appeared Ischwisch Pelegon as a mentor and leader and the great scientist Plejariche led his 70 000 ludi here on Earth and founded this amazing company that survived the entire 10 000 years until it was destroyed by the war. Some part of that culture flew to the areas of Plejaren so that the remainder of the survival wartime war became barbarians. 50 500 Years BC BC brought back their offspring to the Earth in the form of Ischwisch Atlanta and is the wife of Karyatida and as a mentor and founder Gear Atlantis and at that time Ischwisch Muras appeared as a great scientist and mentor and founder of the Gear Mu desert desert Gobi Muras as the king of wisdom was the title of man and his right was the highest title of Ischwisch meaning old lyrčine god he led his people and built a huge surface town Gear MU. As more than two underground cities of Alfa and Beta Agharta were built under it, the company grew and bloomed the company. By destroying both cultures in a global warfare conflict before 9498 BC, it is decisive for the events that took place on Earth.

  • Tact says:

    The whole article here is strange all those claims as I have no head and no footing and they are out of reality. According to the figure, our universe Dern is called about 39 billion years and consists of seven passports but only one is made of matter solid belt material tie these seven belts also have different size squares the belt is the universe as we know there are galaxy stars of the planet and all matter and life of course. The first pass is the 1.CENTRAL-CORE. 2 UR-CORE. 3 UR-SPACE. 4 UNIVERSE-BELT. 5 TRANFORMACION-BELT. 6 CREATION-BELT. 7 DISPLACEMENT-BELT. These three inner and three outer belts are not made of solid material, this is a matter of fine material energy, and therefore can not be observed, and seeing that the seven stripes make up our universe Dern.

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