Secrets of salt lamps

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Our life is full of electrical appliances and electrical equipment. However, all these “indispensable” things that surround us emit harmful positive ions known as electric smog. Electric smog increases the concentration of positive ions, thereby disturbing the electrical balance, causing a pathological energy deficit, whose effects are similar to fatigue syndrome.

It affects headaches, bad mood, irritability and overall fatigue. Most people attribute these negative influences to life pace. Unhealthy environments can be suppressed by natural air ionizers, which let the necessary negative ions into the atmosphere, helping to restore electrical balance. Salt lamps are among the most effective natural ionizers.


Salt lamps come from Kashmir from the Himalayas, extending across China, India, Nepal and Pakistan. They are up to 250 million years old. At the foot of the mountains there are salt deposits hundreds of millions of years old. Once upon a time there was a sea that had dried up to rock salt over time. What is important is the content of salt minerals mined here, thanks to which this salt has significant healing effects. The salt is extracted from the depth of 400 - 600 meters below the Earth's surface, where it was not affected by environmental pollution. This salt is completely in its natural state, is rich in minerals, is uncleaned and extracted and processed mechanically.

Salt crystals are mined from salt deposits, which are processed into various shapes. Every salt lamp is so unique. A number of other minerals contained in them give the typical red or orange color.

What makes salt lamps special?

Salt improves air ionization due to its physical and chemical properties on its own, but the effect of ionization is further enhanced and increased by heating it - this releases salts more quickly.

It is actually a process that occurs by the sea or near waterfalls. An alternative in our regions are salt caves or salt lamps.

Beneficial effects:

People suffering from respiratory problems, asthma or allergies will be relieved by a salt lamp near their bed. If you leave the salt lamp on for several hours before bedtime or throughout the night, the ionisation effect of the lamp will improve air quality. Salt lamp helps to regenerate forces and good sleep.

Other beneficial effects are:

  • light gives the room positive energy
  • it helps psychological well-being and good mood
  • cleans the air
  • quality and deep sleep
  • eliminates electrosmog
  • a proven positive effect on the airways
  • help in the treatment of colds of the upper respiratory tract

How to choose a suitable salt lamp:

The larger the lamp is, the more it emits beneficial negative ions. When choosing it is good to follow the size of the floor area of ​​the room. The room with the area 5 to 10 m2 is the optimal lamp weighing 1 to 3 kg.

Color effect:

The color of the salt lamp is due to the natural ingredients of iron and manganese. This color creates a pleasant, dim, harmonious light when illuminated from the inside.

We can choose colors from white to red - pink, orange, yellow to brown. Even the white color of the lamp can have a slight hint of snow white, beige or yellow.

Depending on the color of the lamp, we also choose its effect - white helps relieve headaches, red gives us energy, orange creates relaxation and well-being, brown promotes a clear mind, pink helps the heart, yellow helps digestion, kidneys and liver.

We are talking about so-called chromotherapy, which has become a common part of furnishing interiors, backlighting of whirlpools and furniture. Choosing the right color to get rid of eg insomnia.

Where to place them:

The salt lamp not only benefits our health, it is also a decorative accessory.

The location is suitable anywhere and especially where we spend most of the day.

Do not place salt lamps outdoors or in the bathroom. Water and moisture destroy salt.

Salt lamp in the bedroom

In the bedroom, salt lamps ensure a peaceful and deep sleep. This can be appreciated by people suffering from respiratory problems, asthma or allergies. Let the salt lamp light for hours before bedtime, or throughout the night, the ionisation effect of the lamp will improve air quality.

Salt lamp in the nursery

The smaller the child, the more protection he needs. Night light for a sense of safety replaces the location of the salt lamp near the crib. The subdued, warm and soothing warmth is the right safety for your children.

Salt lamp in the living room

The best location of the salt lamp in the living room is near a TV or other electrical equipment. The cozy light of the salt lamp resembles the heat of the fire in the stove, creating a feeling of peace and warmth. The orange color lends the room a cheerful mood.

Salt lamp in the kitchen

The lamp simply belongs to the kitchen, where the salt has always been. Coral or orange color promotes digestion and increases appetite.

Salt lamp in office and office

Placing a salt lamp in the office or office is almost a must. Computer, printer, furniture made of artificial materials and air conditioning produce harmful electrosmog. It is therefore good to ionize the air, which is provided by the salt lamp, which increases the number of air ions.

Salt lamp in the waiting room or surgery

The ionized air of the salt lamp promotes a good supply of oxygen to the body. The dim warm light creates a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Pleasant feeling helps to positive thinking.

Stone salt lamp is a health product of Himalayan crystals in any space. Discover the salt lamp as a means of relaxation, mental well-being and a healthy life.

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