Secret government documents confirm that Marilyn Monroe was poisoned

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Note: This document was provided to a former government agent who can not guarantee the authenticity or credibility of the source from which the information originates.

Mutual acquaintance between Robert Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe occurred in Hollywood at the instigation of Kennedy's sister and her husband, Peter Lawford. The love affair that came out of this encounter lasted for several months. Robert Kennedy stayed here at the end of 1961 and at the beginning of 1962 as he longed to convert the story of his book describing his service in the 1943 Army on a torpedo boat to a silver canvas. To this end, he also met, among other things, film producer Jerry Wald. But he did not get the rights to a film called PT 109, which eventually caused him to become a jealous disease.

Robert Kennedy, with time to Marilyn Monroe, was very entangled with emotion and repeatedly promised to leave his wife. But Marilyn later found out she was not really divorcing her divorce. This discovery made her emotionally disturbed and became very unreliable in her job, which caused her to start filming late. Studio 20th Century Fox has therefore decided to terminate her contract, and the reason for the abolition of cooperation was not just the actress's unprofessionalism, but also the financial problems that the film studio had due to the production of Kleopatra.

Marilyn's announcement of the termination of the contract was learned in the middle of filming. She was replaced by actress Lee Remick. Monroe responded to the situation by choosing to call - from her home in Brentwood, California - to Kennedy, the Justice Department, to tell him the bad news. He told her he was not afraid of anything and that he would take care of everything. But all remained with the old one, so Marilyn decided to call Kennedy again, but this time she was upset, and she was bewildered and threatened to publish their relationship unless her contract to play in the movie was restored. On the day Marilyn Monroe died, Robert Kennedy was staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Interestingly, the hotel was located opposite the house where his father lived with his partner, Gloria Swanson.

Robert Lawrence's brother-in-law, Peter Goodford, who was a well-known friend of Marilyn Monroe, said the actress had frequent tendencies to commit suicide demonstrations to excite their sympathy, interest and sympathy in other people. One of Marilyn's friends was also her psychiatrist Dr. Ralph Greenson, who had a "special deal" with Lawford. He was supposed to heal her emotional imbalance and dependence on barbiturates, but on her last visit she was paradoxically prescribing a recipe for packing up to sixty Seconal sedatives that the actress had used regularly.

On the day of Marilyn Monroe's death, 4. April 1962, her housekeeper Eunice Murray laid her Seconal tablets on the night-time actress. Later testimonies show that this housewife was an accomplice to this - already fatal - attempted suicide demonstration, along with Marilyn's press spokesman, Pat Newcomb. She was rewarded for her share of the suicide actress by a very high position on the payroll tape of the US government, as a personal assistant to George Stevens Jr., who was president of the Motion Pictures film academy, who worked with the US government's promotion department. His father was George Stevens Sr., a leftist Hollywood director. One of his films was also a story about Anne Frank. During the 48 hours before the death of Marilyn Monroe, her spokeswoman Pat Newcomb flew from Los Angeles airport to Hyannisport, Massachusetts, just hours after Lawford flew to the same spot. Robert Kennedy had signed off from the Beverly Hills hotel on the day of the death actress, then flew from Los Angeles to Western Airlines to San Francisco, where he stayed at the St. George Hotel. Francis. The owner of this hotel, Mr. London, was a friend of Kennedy. Kennedy from the hotel called Peter Lawford to see if Marilyn was dead. Lawford called for the impulse to the actress, but she was still alive, so she repeated her call after Monroe did not answer the phone. Housewife Eunice Murray, after the actress took her sedatives, called her psychiatrist Ralph Greenson to tell him that the actress had eaten the whole pack of these tablets. Marilyn considered this situation as another demonstrative suicide, which would again ensure a further flow of sympathy for her surroundings. Greenson, however, recommended that the housekeeper just take the actress in the fresh air, into her house after Monroe was declared dead. Even before her death she could call her Joe Dimaggio Jr., who at that time served at the US Navy Pendleton in California. This was a very friendly interview. Marilyn told him, among other things, that she was very sleepy. The last call the actress made was a call back to Peter Lawford. Joe Dimaggio Sr., who knew the whole story about the actress, said he intended Kennedy to kill Marilyn for his behavior.

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The other paragraph of this report is almost entirely blacked out, but it is available from the lines that Pat Newcomb's spokeswoman, Pat Newcomb, introduced her to Beatzian culture in San Francisco, as well as a singer who represented the USA in Poland.

It was also found that Marilyn Monroe had an occasional lesbian relationship (the name of her lover was once again blackened), while Robert Kennedy also attended some of her sex shows. This information resulted from the wiretapping of the calls made by the Chief of Los Angeles Police Parker, which he had stored in his vault at the headquarters. Another person who knew about Kennedy and Monroe's relationship was publicist Florabel Muist, since she had the opportunity to see the incriminated statements from phone tapes with her own eyes. As previously mentioned, an actress psychiatrist knew she had taken a dangerous amount of powder in her life, however, despite this indisputable fact, she did not visit her home before she was declared dead. He then joined the coroner to secure his appointment in the committee of inquiry, which in this case was considered a very non-standard procedure. However, thanks to this agreement, all statements made by Marilyn Monroe before her death could be discredited by the claim that she had been sedated.

Another part of the document is blacked out again, but it is available from the available information that this paragraph deals with George Stevens Jr. and his work for government propaganda, which was mentioned above.

The conclusion of the documentary is that a recording of sexual intercourse between Kennedy and Monroe was also taken. This recording was created secretly and stored in a private detective office in Los Angeles. Detectives asked for a copy of five thousand dollars, even though the voices on the recording were hard to distinguish.

The death of Marilyn Monroe was

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