The quiet revolution of Billy Meier

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Michael Horn's 2007 documentary on Billy Meier's case - one of the most well-known alien contacts from the Pleiades.

Meier's alien contacts have reportedly begun 1942 and will last for the rest of their lives, bringing 2011 to almost 70 for years of contact time. In the years 1942-1953 introduced contacts with the alien, Sfath, 1953-1964 with the Asket extraterrestrial, and 1964-1975 allegedly interrupted all contacts with aliens and traveled around the world. 1975 reportedly launched so-called official contacts with the Semjasha alien and subsequently with other aliens called Quetzal, Ptaah, Nera, and so on.

Communication with aliens was reportedly going on and continues to be faced telepathically, with a race called Plejaren, originally Plejaden, which referred to the well-known constellation of Pleiades. Since 1995, however, Meier speaks only about Plejaren, who are supposed to come from another dimension of this Universe, which is shifted to ours a fraction of a second in the future. The star system of these aliens is said to be the same as they, ie Plejaren. Their home planet is to be Erra, which resembles the Earth.

From 28. January 1975 to 18. December 2010 reportedly passed 971 personal and 1149 telepathic contacts with aliens from Plejaren and their Federation members, with these contacts lasting for the rest of his life. From 519, these alleged contacts wrote contact messages, that is to say, literal transcripts of the interviews between him and the aliens concerned. His contact discussions are highly detailed and cover a whole range of themes starting with so-called Creation (Die Schoepfung) and its laws and commandments and ending with science, reincarnation, spirituality, astronomy, ecology, health, interpersonal relationships, and life at all. Besides, they contain contact messages as well as a number of general and very specific prophecies and predictions, which have been partly confirmed by modern science. Only the first ten contacts with the introductory texts and excerpts from several other contacts were translated into 2011.

Plejaren allegedly allowed Meier to produce comprehensive evidence to provoke global controversy over UFO and extraterrestrial life. He also supposedly supported him in the development of his consciousness and gave him various information and data, etc., so that 1975 could begin its challenging task, which it describes as a mission. This is to consist in writing and spreading the so-called Teaching Truth, Spiritual Learning, Learning the Life that Meier also refers to as the Prophecy of the Prophets. This teaching is supposed to be based on world-wide awareness in the sense of the so-called creative-natural patterns and commandments, ie in all aspects of life, consciousness, thought, feeling and action.

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  • Tact says:

    The title of this video of the silence of the Revolution is very apt to point to the change of consciousness of values ​​and values. And as it is the earthly man in his development of spirit and consciousness at a low level in part also thanks to him being captive of misguided teachings and sects that deceit him and do not make him free in acting and thinking, and make me understand the truth on the principle of the natural laws of commands Creation of nature as they pay and are nature. And therefore the silent revolution must come to make a change of consciousness occur in each of us, and that is also necessary that spiritual work in the knowledge that everybody has to go through here that nothing comes by itself.

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