Effective spring detoxification with bear garlic

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A rediscovered herb that the ancient Germans already knew was delivering a bearish power. She is one of the spring messengers who will help us to gain new energy after the winter. It is a very effective means of detoxifying the body and a significant source of vitamin C. And why is it called "bear"? The answer is. She is a popular bear plant that consumes her abundantly after winter sleep.

Bear garlic

Bear garlic is most successful in wet, rather shady places. Where it creates typical and sometimes very rich stands. It is therefore most often found in floodplain and deciduous forests, around streams, at the foot of slopes. It grows on moist, sandy-loamy to clayey soils. It is often also grown as an ornamental plant in gardens and parks. We can find it also in our territory, especially in Moravia and Northeast Bohemia.

It blooms in late May and during June. Above all, the leaves are collected, and this is before the plant begins to bloom, ideally from April to mid-May. Can also be grown from purchased seeds at home.


The herb contains allin essential oil, which turns into a known allicin by breaking the plant. It is an extremely antibiotic, antiviral, antitumor and prolipliner. It has a positive effect on blood pressure and blood sugar and cholesterol levels. In addition, it cleanses the blood and has a positive effect on the heart. At the same time it is a guaranteed prevention against cardiovascular diseases. In addition, they can deal with fungi, mycoses or bacteria, as well as with parasites in the gut. It is also used for digestive problems including diarrhea. It will also help reliably with flu and colds, but also with upper respiratory problems. In addition, it has diuretic, antibiotic and antioxidant effects. Sometimes, it is even linked to help in cancer.

How can we use this garlic?

It is ideal to collect fresh leaves and eat them raw in spreads, salads or heat them into soups, spinach or other vegetables. We can also keep fresh leaves chopped in the freezer for later use or pour them with alcohol or oil. With tincture or oil, we can combat badly healing wounds, inflammations in the mouth, mycosis and internally use them for flatulence or constipation, intestinal parasites, high blood pressure, reduced immunity, cough and cold. Oil can also be used for cooking.

Try it

Salad with garlic - Wash and cut leaves of herbs. Add the chopped tomatoes and mix together. Add olive oil, salt and pepper and serve.

Pesto with bear garlic - We mix 1 larger bundle of garlic with the gradual addition of 4 tablespoons of vegetable oil. After blending, add 20-40g grated or finely chopped parmesan and season with salt and we can eat.

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The Cure For Longevity - Bear Tincture

Try a natural remedy for sclerosis, vascular hardening, insomnia, depression and high blood pressure. Fill the finely chopped leaves and onions up to the neck of the bottle and pour 40 with vodka or pure pharmacy liquor. Leave 14 days in the sun or at room temperature. Then drain and take one small spoon a day. But not long-term.

What to watch out for

When collecting in the wild, beware of confusion with a similar lily of the valley or oceans that are poisonous. Excessive use may cause diarrhea. It is not recommended to use people suffering from allicin allergy and problems with the stomach, gallbladder and pancreas.

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