UFOs and the origins of ufology in China

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Various media reports about UFOs, their landings, and even contacts with us Earthlings regularly appear in the media. Most often it is a topic in the US, Canada and South America. Somewhat less this subject is encountered in Western Europe, even less in Eastern Europe, and rarely in Asia. In order to fill this gap at least a little, we are going to talk about the birth of ufology in China and some of its people's contacts with UFOs.

Previous events

Current surveys show that UFO presence over China has a history of several centuries. In ancient chronicles are mentioned mysterious objects that appeared in the Chinese sky already in 7. century during the Tang Dynasty. Likewise later, in the 13 range. - 17. century. For the first time in 1982, the general public was introduced to this information by Kao Li's "Already the People of Ancient China Watching UFOs" published in Beijing News, the official press of the People's Republic of China.

And in 20. century saw 23 at night. on 24. July 1981 UFOs in the sky thousands of Chinese in different corners of the country. This event caused a tumultuous response from the people, and the Qingqang Astronomical Observatory was forced to issue a press statement that unusual phenomena were observed over the 14 provinces that night. In fact, ufology in China was "only allowed" relatively recently, as it was banned until Mao Zedong's death in 1976 in the year.

The birth of Chinese ufology

The beginning of the birth of Chinese ufology can be considered the end of 70. years of the last century. After the death of the Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party, Mao Zedong, a series of economic reforms were initiated by Deng Xiaoping. He became Deputy Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (Central Committee of the Communist Party). In the Chinese press, UFO began to be published after the publication of the first comprehensive article in Lidové noviny (Žen-min ž'-pao) in November 1978.

In 1980, a group of students from Wuhan University, Hubei Province, established a Chinese UFO Research Organization (KOIN). It was supported by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. In 1981, a student organization began publishing UFO Magazine, and in 1986 it already had offices across the country and through 40 000 members. One of KOIN's leaders, Professor of the Beijing University San Shi, was invited by the US Ufologist in 1997 to join the United States. At that time, he informed his American colleagues about some cases of contact with UFOs in China during the 1994 - 1995, which was a novelty for his Western colleagues.

Years ago, the world press was full of UFOs that appeared over China

Fiery Heavenly Train

One of the most impressive cases was 30. November 1994 in 3: 30 in the morning over fruit orchards in southern China. The night watchman noticed the strange phenomenon in the sky first. According to their testimony: "At first, two sources of very bright light appeared, followed by a blinding shining sphere with a tail that changed color from yellow to green and then red". This "squadron" swept over them with a deafening rush. They likened it to driving a freight train at high speed. The "flying train" cut off tree trunks of three kilometers and width from 150 to 300 meters; the trees were shortened to a maximum of two meters.

Professor San Shi was convinced that it might have been the result of a strong hurricane. But this version was rejected by the local authorities as well as KOIN, based on a joint survey. But the most mysterious thing about this event, apparently, was that the destructive force did not act across the board, choosing. The crowns of the trees were cut off without exception, but the power lines (columns and wires) remained intact and functional.
"Fortunately, there have been no casualties, neither humans nor animals have died, although the energy that has been there has been overwhelming," he said. After the UFO flew over the orchards, it continued in the direction of the railway wagons plant. Several of them, already standing on the rails, lost their roofs - they were serviced and thrown away.

Some of the wagons were in motion by the UFOs - they moved by tens of meters, and at some point the metal poles of the fence were trimmed to form columns. One of the workers was knocked to the ground and slipped around the ground for about five meters, fortunately, only with abrasions. The factory workers said they saw something big, long, and shining side lights in the sky. It swept over with a loud quarry, like a brightly lit train.

An event in Guizhou Province

Less than three weeks passed, and a similar event occurred in Guizhou and again in the orchards. In local government it caused a stir. "The whole of China has learned about this case and it has triggered a massive reaction in society," says the professor. A government-level survey was conducted and a special commission was created. However, this commission did not come to a clear conclusion, merely stating that the course of the event was very strange and there was no logical explanation. At the same time, a group composed of KOIN members and scientists, experts from various fields, also worked on the spot with the government commission.

"All Chinese ufologists," says Professor Shi, "concluded that it was an extraterrestrial spacecraft. Apparently she was trying to land, but the trees prevented her from doing so, so their crowns were cut off.

Meeting in heaven and on earth

Professor Š'Li told one more strange event that happened to 9. February 1995 in the south of China. "The Boeing 747 crew (regular line) saw an oval object about two miles across the radar screen, which suddenly turned into a round shape. She did not see the object visually, but from the dispatching tower they told them that UFOs were flying parallel to them. At that moment, an automatic system of warning of the possible danger of collision was triggered on the Boeing, and the dispatcher ordered the tower to rise above the clouds. "

The Chinese professor also gave his American colleagues information on the first immediate encounter with Ufonauts, derived from UFOs and Russian and Czech NLO abbreviations in 1994. A peasant from northeastern China, Mo Siao Kuo, and two other witnesses who also worked in the field, noticed a strange object on a nearby mountain and decided to go there to find out what was going on.

As they climbed to the top, they saw a large white and brilliant ball that still had a strange "tail" similar to the last scorpion. Siao Kuo approached the mysterious sphere as the ball suddenly triggered such annoying and loud sound that it caused unbearable pain in the ears. The three of them then spun and fell back down.

However, the following day, Siao Kuo "armed" with a telescope and, accompanied by a few other curious people, went to the ball again. As they approached one kilometer, Siao began to observe her with a telescope. Next to the object he saw a kind of human-like creature. The creature raised a hand, a narrow orange beam flying out of it, headed by Siao Ku to the forehead, who fainted and collapsed. This incident was still interesting and unexpected. When Siao Kua took the train to the hospital, a female person appeared in front of him, quite ugly. But besides Siaa, no one has seen her on the train, and she is said to have forced her into intimate contact.

Entering the international scene

In October, 1996 hosted the International Space Research Congress in Beijing and welcomed the participants with the opening speech of the President of the PRC, Jiang Zemin. In addition to leading Chinese researchers, NASA, the United Nations Space Research Commission and the European Space Agency, also accepted the invitation. There were various aviation and space exploration issues on the agenda of this representative congress, including the search for extraterrestrial civilizations (SETI project).

Mo Siao Kuo also received an invitation to the congress, who talked about his adventure there. The appearance of a simple peasant in a forum of renowned scientists has provoked somewhat contradictory reactions from the present. However, the very fact of inviting an eyewitness has shown that the Chinese leadership considers ufology to be part of space exploration.

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