A crystal pyramid was found in the Bermuda Triangle

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For the first time, the pyramid was accidentally discovered in 1968 by Doctor of Natural Sciences, Ray Brown of Mesa, Arizona.

Bermuda Triangle: Mysterious, mysterious and sometimes deadly. For decades, scientists have been trying to explore this special area of ​​our planet Earth and come to the true essence of the reputation that is related to the place.

Some speculated over not only time anomalies. For example, there is a different time-space, or that serves (or previously served) as a portal for traveling between planets or even entire solar systems.

It is quite possible that it is a remnant of the incomprehensible technology of our ancient ancestors, which has survived some of the long-term pan-European disasters, such as the Great Flood.

There are witnesses who have had the opportunity to be drawn into that strong energy belief and to look into another dimension and then were spit back to our reality, even if in a different place than if it was a normal flight by plane or a boat with a boat would be technically possible. Unfortunately, however, there are many cases where people have not returned and nothing left behind. They disappeared without a trace, including an aircraft or a ship.

At present, American and French explorers are doing a totally monumental discovery. They found a partially translucent pyramid that rises from the seabed in the Caribbean. Looks like she was from a crystal. Its origin, age and purpose are completely unknown. The gigantic building is perhaps even larger than the Great Pyramid of Giza (Egypt). The existence of this discovery from 60. years have been confirmed by the Granite and USA teams.

The whole affair makes some scientists wrinkle. One might assume that there will be a lot of effort to publicize and publicize everything. Unfortunately, it seems to be rather so that the thing is ignored or misplaced.

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