Valery Uvarov: The Second Birth of Hyperborea (1 Part)

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Before taking a brief look at the major stages that had to pass through those who had knowledge, after a terrible disaster, we would make a small but very important deviation. There are two reasons for this. The first is the desire to shed light on one of the most important and mysterious chapters of our past - the great land of Hyperborea. Many thousands of years ago it was lost from history and became a phantom and unreachable dream of researchers and pilgrims. Her mysterious power attracted many people, but there were few who understood the spiritual magnetism that attracted those who sought the old cradle of humanity as if they all had an irresistible urge to find a country in which they were in childhood and surrounded by their big ancestors.

Russian rumors, Indian Rigveda, Iranian Avesta, Chinese and Tibetan historical chronicle, German epic poetry, Celtic and Scandinavian mythology describe a very old northern country, almost a paradise in which the so-called. Golden age. This country was inhabited in ancient times by wonderful people - children of "gods". Those who are with us today, who are related to them, carry a strange gene, a special spiritual force - Khvarno - which was once born as the legendary Phoenix, while playing the role of salvation and turning into the fate of civilization. Unfortunately, the few who felt this call to find the legendary Hyperborea, "Happy Island, from where the fountain of life flows from the sources of life" to unite with him and awaken the old Khvarno, kept this secret for a long time.

Discover Hyperborea

The discovery of Hyperborea is not just the key for different nations to recognize their particular spiritual and genetic relationship. It is a step towards a great spiritual reunion after millennia of separation and a second reason to achieve what our distant ancestors sought. In its deep content, this material is dedicated to all scientists who have attempted, regardless of the difficulty of restoring historical justice, to maintain the memory of Hyperborea - the Arctic homeland of our civilization - for the offspring.

Thousands of years ago, the great Atlantis was swallowed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Many scientists believe that the same fate is related to Hyperborea and that it now rests on the bottom of the Arctic Ocean. But the old Tibetan tradition says that:

“The White Island is the only place that has escaped the general fate of all continents after the disaster. It cannot be destroyed either by water or fire because it is the Eternal Earth.

Amazing that Tibet not only retained the memory of Hyperborea, it is also the starting point of a journey that leads to its heart, to the greatest sacred center of the world, to the great pyramid of Meru and the surrounding dolmens and pyramids. To see this "path" showing where it lies, we need to use the instructions of our ancestors and the Mercator map issued by his son in 1595.

Map of Mercator, published by his son in 1595

Secrets of the map

Many cartographers have tried to solve the secret of this map. Scholars have encountered insurmountable difficulty in understanding it, as Mercator used three different sources to create it - three separate maps created by different cartographers using different projections and varying degrees of accuracy. But the main peculiarity that researchers could not find, and even Mercator himself did not take into account when creating his map, is that the source maps depicted the Arctic basin at different times of Earth's geological history — showing the contours of Hyperborea and the surrounding continents either before the flood and the planet's axis shift or later. The result is confusion in Mercator's map, the confusion that scholars were unable to solve, and left us alone to find answers. Before we do this, we start with the main thing.

Many ancient sources indicate that Hyperborea is located at the North Pole. Among other things, the ancient Indian epic Mahabharata tells us:

«In the north of the Milk Sea (Arctic Ocean) is a large island known as Svetadvip - the land of the blessed. There is a belly button, the center of the world around which the Sun, Moon and stars revolve.

Based on a common position, Mercator placed Hyperborea at the North Pole without knowing that because of the 11000 catastrophe, the angle of the Earth's axis and the North Geographic Pole had shifted. Virtually nothing has been written about these consequences, and it is up to us to look closely at it. Now we will try to find out how the Earth's axis has moved and how much.

To do so, we remind you that the northern side of the great Pyramids of the Atlantis is heading for one of the sides of the Meru Pyramid. But Atlantis is hidden under the waters of the ocean. On the other hand, Kailas survived in Tibet. For convenience, we look at Kailas from above using aerial photography (Figure below). This image was taken from above through 20 000 meters and its sides are aligned precisely with the current compass points. The central arrow shows the direction of today's North Pole.

North wall of Kailas

Orientation of Mount Kailas, Teotihuacan and the Pyramids of China on Meru.


Notice the plane of the north wall of Kailas. It is not heading north, but is deflected by 15 ° westward. But if we accept the fact that this wall points to the pyramid of Meru, then we need to draw a line perpendicular to this "reflector" and extend it to the north to see where it will take us. This was done in the following figure.

After covering the distance through 7000 kilometers to Greenland (Big White Island).

Now, to show the location of the old pole, we need a second point from some building in the Western Hemisphere, which in ancient times was oriented to the sacred center of the world. Then, where they intersect, they point to the right area. Fortunately, Kailas is not the only object associated with Meru that still exists. Another complex structure (according to the old canon) is the Mayan Pyramid Complex - "The City of Gods", Teotihuacan.

The Way of the Dead

In this photograph, taken from a height of over five kilometers, we see that the central "street" of Teotihuacan, which the Aztecs call the Path of the Dead, is 15 ° east of the north. In the concept of builders, the "street" went through the entire complex to the Earth Pyramid (Moon) toward Meru - the main pyramid of the planet. It is no coincidence that the "city of gods" was called "the seat of those who know the way to the gods."

By extrapolating this "street", which begins with the Kukulcan pyramid in the northern direction, we are witnessing a discovery that clarifies everything at first glance. This path leads directly to the great "white island" and Meru. Beautifully clear, isn't it?


Teotihuacan (the City of Gods) is not the only pyramid complex that keeps its orientation towards the Old North Pole and the main Earth Pyramid - Meru. Buildings built in accordance with the canon of "First Time" include some of China's large and small pyramids.

Pyramid Complex - Yalip, one of the three great pyramids of China, has as a complex Teotihuacan a general orientation towards the Old North Pole.

The two great Chinese pyramids Xiyan 6 (left) and Xiyan 7 (right) are also oriented to Meru. The angle of difference between the fronts of the Chinese pyramids built according to canon and the context of today's North Pole is around 7 degrees.

Heart Hyperborey

Three deposits - the "road to the gods" of Teotihuakan, the Chinese pyramids and the perpendiculars of the northern side of Mount Kailas have crossed over the territory of Greenland, pointing not only to the place where the North Pole was once. This is the heart of the Hyperborea - the ancient sacred center of the world upon which all the pyramids based on the old (antediluvian) Canon were oriented. At this point, before 18 000, Nefer landed on Earth, after which a decisive turn occurred in the evolutionary history of human civilization.

Orientation of Mount Kailas, Teotihuacan and the Pyramids of China on Meru.

The second birth of Hyperborea

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