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3rd International Conference Sueneé Universe

It is said that life begins with conception, much before one is born into this tearful valley. I do not intend to question it. For the little one, it does not matter to some extent whether it is still TAM or already HERE. Indeed, one might say that for some time he would rather choose TAM because it was more comfortable and safer. But the question is different. When is human consciousness being born (if you want the human soul)? How far does it reach back and where can it reach forward?

Adam and his story

I would like to tell you at least part of the story of a man whose time relations of his physical life and his consciousness were not and are somehow in harmony - they do not fall exactly at the same time. The deviations are sometimes in minutes, sometimes in days and perhaps years. It's hard to navigate. And beforehand, he doesn't understand it too much. I can't tell his real name. In our story we will call him Adam. Last name should be April. He is originally from the South Moravian, although it cannot be ruled out that he has ancestors in the family tree from somewhere in the Middle East.

He was born in 1939 in a small farmer's family in the village of P …… ice in South Moravia. He was not a child prodigy, and even in the first grade of elementary school he even had difficulty recognizing alphabet letters at first. However, he was a good listener from a young age. At that time there was no television and during the war and perhaps even after the war it was better not to have a radio. It was customary to keep a black watch, and they were told during various housework. Stories are real, fictional or directly spooky, depending on the mood and abilities of the narrators. All children liked these stories. Adamek, however, was a listener directly exemplary and patient.

In the evening before bedtime, but also often during the day, he told himself many of the stories he had listened to, sometimes even editing and adding other plots and events. Nor would that be too strange. Oddly, the episodes he added were not fictional, but based on real events. Of course nobody knew for a long time. That is, until Adámek became bold and began to talk here and there - initially only between his siblings and his friends. He said so engagingly that a few children confided in their parents. And so something very unusual happened. At the age of seven, he was given the opportunity to tell stories at a domestic black hour, where, besides his parents and siblings, several neighbors met in the room.

Narrative of Adam

"What will you tell us about Adam, his mother asked him in an effort to make it easier for him to start his first gig in a family circle."

"I want to tell you something about the war, Mom."

“Please, you and the war. And it's not so long since she finished, and we're all fed up with her. '

"But I don't mean this war, I mean what was under the border in those fields."

“Wait, you mean the battle in the Moravian Field, don't you? But you will have that in your history in fifth or sixth grade, what do you know about it? ”

"Well, I don't know, but I talked to a knight who was there and he told me."

Mum quickly shuffled into the conversation: "He sure is Adamek a fairy tale, see, son."

“No mum, it was no fairy tale, where the Czech king died, who then took him to Znojmo. He had told me all this by the Knight. ”

"Well, what else did the knight tell you", my mother saved the situation, as family members and guests were beginning to waggle dissatisfactorily.

“He told me what it was then that they somehow deceived our king, and he paid for it. And he also said that in our country this happens quite often. He also spoke of White Mountain, Munich and February. ”

“That's the whole history of a boy, and what kind of February it should be, I don't remember any significant school. October, yes, but February? ”Dad returned to the conversation with his neighbors nodding in agreement.

“But Dad, that's obvious. This is February, what will happen after the New Year, you know? ”

“For God's sake, you are Sybil. And what about being next February. That would make us all very interested. I mean, if he told you. ”Dad added half-mockingly.

"Dad, I didn't understand much, but it was supposed to be a change of government, a ban on Mr. President, a field for us all, that we would live behind the wire, and that it would be bad enough at all."

"How can you explain it all in detail, and how did you talk to the hell ... knight?"

Adamek was obviously embarrassed. He didn't know how best to explain where he got the information. “Dad, I didn't actually see the knight, but he heard it here (pointed at his head), and I saw it all. But only here (and hand on head). ”

“For God's sake, the child may have a fever and phantas, we'll have to see the doctor. Just to keep it out forever. Virgin Mary help us. ”And my mother began to pray.


Adamek grimaced and retreated into seclusion. He added defiantly defiantly. “But I saw it all, and I saw the gallows and the wire fences around. And they demolished our barn and built a large stable for calves instead. And they locked Mr. Šmergl from consumerism to jail…. And..aa …… so you know, our Stračena will break her leg in the morning. ”He added at last and fled to sleep.

Everything has come true. Even with the cow. Some of his neighbors looked at him later with disbelief, as if he was a little bit responsible for the bad events.

For the next forty years, Adam preferred not to predict anything. Fortunately, there wasn't much to talk about the past (except according to the manuals). He graduated from an agricultural technical school and became an agronomist. The truth is, however, that the agricultural cooperative where he worked, was regularly evaluated in crop production as the best in the region.

He was over fifty when I met him. He told me his childhood story, but he didn't want to talk much about contemporary life. I could tell from the hints that his ability to move through time brought more distress than good. He had a problem starting a family and other problems. Without asking him, he assured me that he couldn't control his skills. She cannot predict the future for people or herself, and she cannot bet Sportka for sure. Pictures from the past and future come and go as they please. Actually, he couldn't even be sure that each of the paintings would be true.

After a few years, he stopped by my house. Basically, he came to tell me it was getting better. As he ages, he is showing less and less of that future. Fortunately, nobody cares about the past. Everybody interprets it according to his / her own. And so he has a real hope of at least a quiet old age.

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