Great pyramid: Vyse's hole

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You knew there were two in the Great Pyramid modern entrances? One is located on the northern side, where the original entrance and entrance are dug by the thieves that today tourists go to the pyramid. The other tried to excavate Dynamite Richard William Howard Vyse in 1836 in an attempt to get to the lower part of the southern party's pyramid.

You can still see the 9 Pyramid with a deep recess between 18 and 31 with a series of stones. It's called Vyse's hole.

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4 comments on "Great pyramid: Vyse's hole"

  • Martin Martin says:

    Well, then, it was suspicious and taken for fraud, the Vise was just a scary, a cheater and a vagina for success.
    In the famous fake BBC Pyramid: The secret corner revealed from 2002 when revealing the so-called ventilation shaft here Hawi zawass, alias Big-Zet, is guaranteed to be a true Hieroglyphic cartouche scrawled on the wall, but even the layman would recognize that it is not a scam.

    • Sueneé says:

      Big-Zet is a cool nickname:]. I found this video on YT. This is the overall appearance of the first few minutes as a pompous show. :)

  • Martin Martin says:

    If I am not mistaken, Vyse is responsible not only for the dynamism orgy of the Great Pyramid, but also for the false Hieroglyphs in the so-called detachment floors above the large chamber, from which the tradgegyptologists conjectured that the Pyramid had built the Chufu.
    However, there are such remarkable errors in them, which clearly shows that it was a fraud.

    • Sueneé says:

      Yeah, this is the case? I totally forgot. Step up in those hieroglyphs has made a spelling mistake. Resp. he used the textbook from which he wrote the mistake. As a result, it was actually a scam.

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