The Great Secrets of the Bucegi Mountains (5.

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Three mysterious tunnels

Soon after the last projection ended and Radu recovered somewhat from the flow of experiences and information, Caesar pointed out that it was necessary to end the underground visit and get back.

But there were still the huge, mysterious entrances to the three mysterious corridors and about nine feet away. In front of each of the entrances, the control panel, just what was in the center of the hall, was smaller. From the holographic projections that they elicited from individual panels, they learned that tremendous tunnels lead to three different areas of the Earth and are thousands of kilometers long.

The left corridor led to a secret place under the sands of the desert in Egypt. A special object between the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid, which has not yet been discovered.

Next, on the right, he continues to a similar place like Bucegi in the interior of one of the mountains in Tibet. The underground complex is a bit smaller and simpler.

This tunnel has a branch, whose shoulder runs under the Romanian county of Buzau, at the southeastern outskirts of the Carpathians, and then to a facility in Iraq near Baghdad. Another tunnel tunnel connects Bucegi with the Gobi desert area in Mongolia.

The third, central tunnel conceals, according to Caesar, a very fundamental secret, and the Americans have insisted that even the secret be kept. All that Caesar could tell he was leading through the earth's crust into the interior of the planet.

Three mysterious tunnelsDuring the bilateral talks between Romania and the US, it was decided to take the expedition and explore the tunnels. The training consisted of highly qualified experts, six Americans and ten Romanians. The leadership was entrusted to Caesar, and the beginning of the expedition was scheduled for the end of September 2003. He did not know more about the subject anymore.

Radu Cinamara's books provide further additional information on these tunnels. They could have been handed over because there were people in the high political circles of Romania who disagreed with an agreement with the US for which apparently the Freemasons were standing. The Romanians tried to stop the elite in this way.

Warnings and threats

In 2009, private Romanian television, Antena 1, has a program on the subject. After the broadcast, the reporter received an anonymous threatening call:

Reporter: "Hello, good day."

Anonym: "We warn you, be very careful! Stop looking at the Bucegi Mountains and providing information! "

Reporter: "Who are you?"

Anonym: "This information must be kept secret and not be disclosed. You are involved in a dangerous game, you are young and you have a family ... There are a lot of other things and events in this country that you can talk about.

Reporter: "Who are you?"

Anonym: "Do not wish to know us or be interrogated from us! That's all I wanted to say. "

You can still watch Youtube on the show, but only in Romanian (maybe somebody could find the video to translate). The big part of the program is dedicated to finding giant skeletons.


At the end of September 2003, Radu's special courier received a message saying he could talk to Caesar with a secure phone. That was their last conversation. The call has given the Council some additional details, particularly on certain parts of the Romanian-US agreement. Caesar also told him that he was soon on a planned expedition that he did not know how long it would take. In conclusion The great mystery of the Bucegi MountainsHe also mentioned that the Council now has enough information to write a book about Bucegi. Caesar was convinced that the public had the right to learn the truth. The book was released at the end of 2004 under the title "Vitor cu cap de mort" (English translation of "Transylvanian Sunrise" was published by 2009). Immediately after the release, the publisher was flooded and bombarded by emails and phone calls that required more information about Radu. Some came from former high-ranking members of the secret services, and some of the events described in the book have been confirmed. The true identity of Radu never showed up, though a lot of speculation has been made around him.

In October, 2004 had the opportunity to meet Caesar once more with the 9 months of tunneling information. Caesar also told him what an uproar caused the Expedition Report in the highest circles of elites.

"Caesar also told me that several groups had been created to set up a database of information and practical guidelines to facilitate access for humanity The great mystery of the Bucegi Mountainsto the incredible discoveries discovered during the expedition. At the same time, he told me that there are also other groups that are very keen to get all the information about the findings and especially the control over them. Massini Caesar has never met, but he has discovered that Massini and two other members of the world Masonic elite have had several important interviews with certain Romanian and American politicians. As a result, both General Obadeo and Caesar were subjected to very strong coercion. Notwithstanding the positive effects of the expedition's discoveries, the "battle between good and evil" has intensified considerably. The whole story became far more complex and contained elements subject to the highest degree of secrecy. Although I have received some of the information from Caesar, I can not yet publish it. However, I am convinced that the "great revelation" will come, and as some hints suggest, it will not take long. "

Other literature and links

Radu Cinamar wrote three more books in 2005 - 2009:

  • 12 Days - A Secret Initiation in the Mysterious Land of the Gods; Transylvanian Moonrise: A Secret Initiation;
  • The Mystery of Egypt - The First Tunnel / Mystery of Egypt - The First Tunnel;
  • The Secret Parchment - Five Tibetan Initiative Techniques / The Secret Parchment: Five Tibetan Initiation Techniques

These books are a continuation of the Transylvanian Sunrise.

The Hall of Records

Bucegi Mountains, Romania, The Mysteries

The Mysteries of the Bucegi Mountains, Romania

The great mystery of the Bucegi Mountains

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  • Looper says:

    The one who threatens anonymously is, of course, from the US - because that's always the case. The United States, more accurately, bodies like the NSA, feels they belong to the whole world. So Romanians are not entitled to Romania - the nation has nothing but NSA. It's a lot messy.

  • Tact says:

    Bucegi Mountains - Splendor of the Romanians

  • Tact says:

    It is to be said that Bosnia also has a good thriving tourism when there are natural or even made pyramids and I think it will be in the case of those mountains Bucegi sadly that the story stands and falls on one book what is enough to so that it can be taken credibly not and there are other sources that would directly or not directly confirm that story and are not to mani and ni photo and ni video that would document the tax instead of finding the hall of the hall. No such finding it would be very dangerous for the sake of misuse of all that would be found in the evil warlike purpose all those knowledge and guidance from which today so infinitely at a low spiritual level the earthly man would not be able to properly load and such a action would not be responsible from the parties Lyrans and Plejaren, who are aware of him, and so only has a chance that such extraterrestrial technology would fall into the hands of the earthly ministry, which would lead to a large-scale catastrophe like that it was a long time ago.

    • apple tree says:


      I understand your distrust, it is very "fantastic", however, I do not suspect the Romanians that they would like to increase the rustic rush in this way. But I'm not saying they did not try it like a side effect. However, the US military base has begun to appear there, and it is more against tourism. This is a fact that the Chernobyls do not realize now that when they "plunge" into NATO, the resort town of Bar probably will not be so completely for tourists because there will be a natal warfare.

  • Tact says:

    But what is the truth about Bucegi verifying that we do not have them where all the information goes from a book and not a well-known author who does not know my identity. I can not imagine that there would be a tunnel that would point to the center of the planet when the core The earth is hot and fluid, and it would be an unbelievable technical thing for Lyrans colonists, and moreover, what would it make sense to those tunnels to build the whole it sounds like a good novel to go on just to build such a tunnel into Egypt would be a hussar it sounds like a good novel on which the author earns well and also the area of ​​Bucegi where you are sure to start the tourism also thanks to that book and it was also the intention of what Romania when I saw the videos how many loud have been going there since you came out the book. But if it was true so the place and the entrance to the hall of the hall would not just conceal the ludi when the area is a tourist area. And even the activity of foreign loudies would whether or not to cover the inhabitants who live there.

    • Narcissus says:

      it's hard to say how it really is with the Earth and the planets. So far, only the assumptions have been made, no one has ever exploded deeply. And the Soviet attempt was quite bizarre.

      I personally incline to the fact that the planet is not just a rock with a liquid core as it is presented, but rather it resembles a very complex organism. The fact is, according to the radar, that there are large underground cavities, huge gangs of underground tunnels and corridors that someone has cracked. And there would be a lot of beings hiding there.

      And to the story / book - it can be taken as you write, to attract tourists. But even if the fraction was true, it would be a wonderful thing. However, if it is true, it will most likely remain under the control of self-appointed elites. And perhaps because of the promise of misinformation and stories of all kinds, such a book could come up - the liquidation of the author would only strengthen the credibility of the portrayed. I personally take it as a story that may have happened, but rather it is just a very creative piece designed to attract attention to the dark and poor Romania ....

    • Looper says:

      I have the same view - the core of the Earth is hot and there can not be a tunnel.
      There is something about the reputation here, but how it is ... Homer wrote about fictional creatures, but he also wrote there truth, like the city of Troy that dug up.

      It can lead the tunnel to a very deep depth - I would believe it.
      But he can not lead the tunnel through very high temperatures - of course it is nonsense.

      The question is, what depth is still the acceptable temperature. Suppose tunnels can be built into the depths of 10 kilometers and the tunnels are actually there.

      I read in the description of Matrix that "people live near the Earth's core," but in reality people do not live near the Earth's core, they live in the underground, but that's all.
      So you can see the fake description of the famous movie, so people dress up stories to make them even more interesting, but it degrades them on a mixture of lies and truth, originally it could be pure truth.

    • Looper says:

      "The third, middle tunnel, conceals, according to Caesar, a very fundamental secret, and the Americans have insisted that even the secret be kept. All that Caesar could tell he was leading through the earth's crust into the interior of the planet. "

      The intersection of the Earth's crust versus the planet's planets will not be sharply sharp, the transition between the fixed rock and the liquid heat will be gradual. So, using robots (not living people) and special high-melting materials (such as titanium and carbon), it would really be possible to dig through "the earth's crust" into an area where the rock is partially melted but only partially. Something like a hot horseshoe - it's dull, but it does not flow.

      • apple tree says:

        Looks like there's quite a bit of branching there, not just the middle one.

        Technically, it would certainly be possible to dig through the Kolský vrt), it is only a question of whether it is desirable and whether it is the right time. I think the Russians really had serious reasons to stop. Unfortunately, I can not find anything more on the internet, which for me means that the reason was really serious. That's just my opinion ...

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