Very effective technique for activation of the third eye

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I enjoy playing with different techniques and seeing which ones work on me and which don't. I started with this quite recently and I can see progress now. It is very effective and in this article I present its short version. If you want to try this technique, I recommend that you also click on the original article (link below) and read it.

I use this method every day and improve it with certain additions. Before I start, I send a stream of energy to my pineal gland to charge / activate it. Then I visualize / insert the intent and the beam of energy travels from the pineal gland to the third eye on the forehead. I watch the beam strike the third eye, and here the cone (the horn of the unicorn) forms, coming out of its forehead and looking like an antenna. During meditation I use different colors in addition to the recommended soundtrack for better activation.

It's interesting because when I meditated for the last few weeks, I saw a beam coming out of the pineal gland into my forehead, and something like light coming from a film projector used in old cinemas came out of it. So I asked that the luminous phenomenon be shifted to a higher level, which then transformed into a circular vortex with a cluster of white, blue, pink and violet colors. This could be an idea for your visualization / implementation of the project. Visualize this place on the forefront as an older film projector, which then turns into a more dimensional vortex and upgrades your third eye function.

Technique Shambhavi Mudra

  1. When practicing Shambhavi mahamudra kriya, it is best to have your hands in the position of Jnana mudra. Close the index finger and thumb in a circle. Do so with the palms facing up. I do this exercise on a chair, not on the floor.
  2. Sit comfortably with straight posture, placing your hands on your knees.
  3. Close your eyes briefly, then reopen them and focus your gaze at one fixed point.
  4. Look up as high as possible without moving the head.
  5. Fix your gaze in place in the middle of your eyebrows. Meditate. As in any other meditation, let go of your thoughts. You should see your eyebrows as a "V" shape.
  6. While keeping this concentration, start chanting the OM mantra. Meditate on the echo of the OM echoing around the spot.
  7. Do not close your eyes. They should always be relaxed.
  8. Continue for five minutes.
  9. Close your eyes, but still focus on the same spot in the middle of your eyebrows.
  10. Sing OM slowly and meditate.
  11. Start extending each individual OM. You should breathe deep through your nose.
  12. Continue for five minutes.

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