Vitamin B6 helps people remember dreams

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New research in University of Adelaide he found out, that vitamin B6 could help people to remember your dreams. The perception and motor skills study included 100 participants from all over Australia taking daily high doses of B6 supplements before bedtime for five.

Experience of participants who took B6

Randomized (randomly selected - pozn), a placebo-controlled trial was recorded in participants who took 240 mg of vitamin B6 immediately before bedtime. Before accepting add-ons, many of the participants rarely remembered their dreams, but reported a significant improvement at the end of the study.

Such are their views:

"It seems that when it was time, my dreams were clearer and clearer. It's also easier to remember. "

"My dreams were more real, I could not wait to sleep and dream!"

Research author Dr. Denholm Aspy of the Psychology Department of the University says:

"Our results show that taking B6 has improved people's ability to evoke dreams. We found improvements compared to people who took placebo. Vitamin B6 did not affect the life, bizarre or color of their dreams, and did not affect other aspects of their sleep patterns. This is the first time a study of the effects of vitamin B6 and other vitamins B on dreams of such a large and diverse group of people has been conducted. "

Dr. Aspy says:

"The average person will spend dreaming about six years of his life. If we can achieve clarity and control over our dreams, then we can use the productivity of our dreams. Lucid Dreaming, where you know you're dreaming while your dream is still happening, has many potential benefits. Lucid dreams can be used to overcome nightmares, treat phobias, creatively solve problems, improve motor skills, and even help in rehabilitating a physical injury.

To have clear dreams, it is very important to first learn to remember your dreams regularly. This study suggests that B6 may be one way to help people with this skill. Vitamin B6 naturally occurs in various foods - wholegrain cereals, legumes, fruits (banana, avocados), vegetables (spinach and potatoes), milk, cheeses, eggs, red meat, liver and fish.

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