Resource field research

11. 05. 2022
5th international conference of exopolitics, history and spirituality

David Wilcock ("DW") presents his Source Fied research. The whole presentation is derived from his book of the same name, which deals with topics: secret science, hypnosis, astral travel, lost civilizations and what lies behind the year 2012. The presentation was played at YT in 2011. It is also dated to this year.


Hypnosis brings the possibility of bringing man to an altered state of consciousness in which he is able to look at our reality in a different way and behave differently.

The theory of Source Fields assumes that space, time, energy, matter, and biological processes are made up of Universal Consciousness (Universe, Universe, God, etc.). This Universal Consciousness has as an essential attribute an energy of love and harmony.

DW assumes that if everything in this world is made up of this Universal Consciousness, then our consciousness has been somehow shielded from this Universal Consciousness. In other words, our view of the world is somehow filtered. This filter keeps us in the reality as we know it. So we can ask the question: "Do we bypass this filter if we get into a trance?".

It has to be realized that reality is made up of what people think most about what is considered to be generally valid, what is generally acknowledged "reality".

There are people who have the ability of astral travel, telepathy, telekinesis or other unusual skills. So another key issue is how it is possible that people who have this ability naturally and are people (most) who can not do this? In other words, why do some people have better access to Source fields (have a "smaller" filter) than others?

Dr. As a student, Cleve Backster read a lot of books on hypnosis and did experiments with it at school. He was one of the first to write a scientific paper on hypnosis. He decided to share his experience in the army. He took up his job in a rather harsh way when he hypnotized the secretary of the commanding general of the "Counter-Intelligence Corps." He persuaded her with hypnosis to give him a top-secret document. Dr. Backster hid the document and then brought the secretary back from a hypnotic state. The secretary subsequently suspected that she was probably hypnotized, but she was not able to recall that Dr. She gave Backster a secret document. The initial reaction was that he could go to court-martial for that. Subsequently, he demonstrated this experiment to the general, who assessed the situation as very important for military purposes. This incident occurred in December 1947.

Harold Herman wrote the book How to Make ESP Work For You. This was one of the first books DW read at the age of 17. This book fundamentally influenced DW's thinking and was at the beginning of his study of Source Fields.

In his book, Herman mentions Dr. Thomas Garrett, who hypnotized the son of a prominent Broadway playwright. In other words, he was a man who, thanks to his father, had a very important position. This young man was to get married. Unfortunately, he had an argument with his fiancée - something bad happened in their relationship and so the wedding fell apart. Therefore, he decided to seek help through hypnosis at Dr. Garretta.

Dr. In his practice, Garrett had experience with people he could convince in hypnosis that they could fly, could go wherever they wanted, or that they could walk through walls. It didn't cause him any major problems. It was just natural. People who were hypnotized in this way had an extracorporeal experience (they traveled astrally).

So the son of a prominent playwright was instructed to see himself in his fiancée's room. He was told to walk through the closed door to the room. In that room, he found his fiancée, who was writing a letter to him just behind the desk, in which she hoped that they would be able to return to each other, be together, and marry. The young man was so surprised by this finding that he almost fell out of hypnosis. Dr. But Garrett managed to keep the young man in a changed state of consciousness and instruct him to read exactly what was written in the letter. It so happened that the young man dictated word to word to the doctor the content of the letter that the young man's fiancée was writing. He wrote the words down. When the young man returned from a hypnotic state, he was happy because he was also instructed to remember everything from the hypnotic state.

The next day, Dr. Garrett's telegram, which contained the original letter written by the young man's fiancée. Dr. Garrett thus has a transcript of a letter from hypnosis and the original stored in his folder. The difference between an original and a "copy" is just a few words. This event took place in the 40s. It is therefore strange that such events are not talked about and that such facts are hidden from us.

Another interesting experiment was conducted in China and concerned remote viewing. This technique is a logical step in the story described above. It is based on the principle that the subject gets out of his body, then moves to another place and becomes an observer. After returning to his body, he is able to describe the observed situation without any problems. This process was subsequently standardized for the military.

The Chinese performed laboratory experiments. One of them was that the subject had to look into a completely darkened room. A Chinese character was placed in this room. But the subject did not know in advance what to expect in the room. In addition to the sign, very sensitive light-responsive sensors were placed in the room. When the subject looked at and saw the Chinese character, the sensors in the room detected 15.000 photon particles.

So let's sum it up now. We have a young man who left his body and flew to his fiancé to dictate Dr. Word to word Garrett the letter she had just written to him. Subsequently, we have a laboratory experiment that showed that if a person moves in the astral body, then it is measurable. In other words, the astral body is a real energetic substance that can be physically measured.


Post-hypnotic suggestion

Dr. Backster used this method several times in front of a large audience. A typical case was that he accidentally took someone from the audience and convinced him in a hypnotic state that he would not see or hear him in the form of the next half hour - simply Dr. A backster will not exist for that person. He then returned the person from a hypnotic state and the whole hall began to laugh, because the person Dr. She could not perceive Backster in any way, even though Dr. Backster walked around. The biggest fun came when Dr. Backster lit a cigarette and started smoking. What the subject saw was just a levitating cigarette. He was so frightened that he wanted to run out of the room. Fortunately, the people present directed him, even though he still had no idea that Dr. Backster is present. The grand finale was when exactly 30 minutes later (the people present measured it accurately) the person saw Dr. again. Backster looked as if nothing had happened.

In the whole case, it is very interesting that if you are in a changed state of consciousness and you have a changed view of the world through hypnosis, you have no feeling at all that something is different - wrong. This leads to an interesting consideration: How do we know here and now that we are not under the influence of any post-hypnotic suggestion?

In his book The Holographic Universe, Michael Talbot describes a story he witnessed directly. The hypnotist hypnotized the young girl's father. The girl was sitting right in front of her father. He was told in hypnosis that he would not be able to see or hear his daughter. In other words, even though she was sitting right in front of him, she would not see or hear her. When the father returned from a hypnotic state, he looked around the room and was unable to perceive his daughter in any way. He didn't hear him laugh at all. Everyone was surprised. He then took the hypnotist out of his pocket watch and placed it behind the back of his daughter, who was still sitting in front of her father. He did it so quickly that none of those present were able to register what he had in hand. He challenged his father, "See what I have in my hand?" His father leaned forward slightly and began to sharpen the direction where the hypnotist had a clock hand that was still behind the girl's back. The man then read the inscription, which was engraved on the surface of his pocket watch, thanks to the fact that he could see through his daughter's body.

The case described above was possible obviously because the man's consciousness was preset to a different paradigm. From this it can be concluded that reality is much more flexible than we can normally imagine. Some people say that it is related to other vibrations and / or frequencies of particles. DW leans more towards the idea that we're talking about density.

Matter will probably not be as solid as we think. If we get the right instruction in the post-hypnotic suggestion, we are able to see through seemingly solid things.

How can we be able to see through this veil? Physical matter is only one specific frequency or density. How is it possible that we can see through the wall? This is a crucial question that DW tries to answer with the Source Field theory.


Global consciousness

If we assume that all space, time, biological life is part of the Universal Consciousness (which shapes everything), then we can say our mind is the gate - the access point to this system. This greatly changes the view of what thoughts are. The current view is that our thoughts arise as a result of the electrical activity of neurons in the brain.

What if thoughts do not come from the brain, but come as a form of satellite signal that is decoded by the brain. Consider the possibility that our brain is able to tune into the signals transmitted by the Universal Consciousness - to connect to the Source Fields and obtain information from them. Based on this, can it be said that the mind of each of us shares a common consciousness?

In 1983, William Braud and Marilyn Schlitz conducted a study called Remote Influencing. In this case, unlike remote observation, the goal is to pass on an idea to a certain person or to force that person to do a certain action. This experiment was not intended to harm anyone or create woodoo. The intention was to use the technique for positive things.

WB and MS performed an experiment in which they placed a person who was ill in one room. This person's health was constantly monitored and the test subject had no idea what the nature of this experiment was. In another room, there was a person (medium) whose task was to have a positive effect on the patient. He was to do so at random intervals. During the test, it was shown that the medium at any time broadcast on the patient's positive energy, the health of the test person has improved and the disease has subsided.

In another attempt, they tried to find out under what circumstances people can concentrate best. Part of the experiment was remote manipulation, where the hidden medium tried to remotely help the test subjects. The experiment showed that someone else may think in your favor - he can think of you.

In 1922, The Multiples Effect was investigated. Until then, 148 cases of this phenomenon had been documented and subsequently cataloged. Here are a few examples:

  • Numbers and decimal numbers have been discovered by at least two people.
  • Evolution theory was not just the idea of ​​Darwin, but two people came to the same idea independently of each other.
  • Existence of an oxygen molecule
  • Principle of color photography
  • How logarithms work
  • The discovery of sunspots
  • How to store energy
  • The thermometer was designed by six people independently of each other
  • Nine people independently designed the construction of a telescope
  • Typewriter
  • Five people independently devised a steamer

In all cases, the scientist in question was essentially convinced that he was the only one and the first to come up with the idea, and therefore demanded patenting his idea and general recognition.

What I'm trying to tell you is that if you start thinking something intense and solve a problem, you start to create an information field - a code that is sent to the universal consciousness we share together. This field then other people can directly share.

At the scientific level, more than just 500 experimental studies have been carried out demonstrating that consciousness is capable of influencing biological and electrical systems.


The effect of meditation

Maharishi said that if we had put together at least 1% of the entire population on Earth and called on these people to meditate for a change in the consciousness of all mankind, then these people would be able to change consciousness around the world.

A plan was implemented when 7000 people were meditating on the decline of terrorism in the world. The result was a drop in worldwide violence by 72%.

What does it all mean? How does it work? It seems that our mind can influence the space in which we are through meditation and contemplation through love and harmony. Our thoughts and feelings shape this reality and it only depends on us what we believe in and how we work with it.

Obviously, there is the principle of a monkey. It is enough that a certain percentage of people concentrate their attention on a certain idea, and other people will be given the idea absorption. It follows that our emotions and thoughts are not just a local private matter, but spread through space.

This very elegantly explains the interest of some races of extraterrestrial civilizations in our entity. They perceive what we send into space for energy, emotions, love and thoughts. It occurs to me that perhaps more than the fallout from the explosion of a nuclear bomb is the harmful emotion (the very idea of ​​hatred and aggression) that this explosion will cause. This is something that obviously interferes very strongly in the field of Universal Consciousness, which, as we know from the experiments described above, is by no means localized and limited in space and time.

The way each of us feels and thinks is influenced by the collective consciousness of this world (on this planet). Our feelings, thoughts and emotions are influenced by people who live right next to us in the neighborhood and we don't have to meet that in life. It is nice to think that the walls of the house protect us from something like this.

If you have ever attended a seminar on systemic constellations, then this view gives a clear answer to the question of how constellations work. Everything is based on the global consciousness in which we are all involved and which we shape together. This consciousness is not linear.

Those who can better concentrate their thoughts, feelings, health, and therefore better focus their attention, can influence people around them. A loving consciousness can overwrite negative consciousness.

The effect of meditation can then change consciousness around the world. All it takes is a small group of people who will concentrate in meditations on a common purpose!





Shišinka is physically placed in the middle of the brain. It is an organ that acts as the interface between the physical and the astral body. Imagine that you are solving a major scientific problem. Shishinka lets you connect to the global consciousness of this planet and / or Universal consciousness. Both act as a database where all knowledge is shared. If someone else solves a similar problem, you can actually do it tail.

When we look at history, we find that our ancestors portrayed the pineal gland in various metaphors as an instrument of knowledge or power.

For example, from the time of Babylon, the image of the god Tammuz, who holds a pine cone in his hand, has been preserved. (A pine cone is a metaphorical depiction of a pine cone.)

In Egypt, we find a picture on one of the murals ben-ben stone, on which the birds are depicted on the left and right side. These birds are called "benu", which means "fenix" in Greek. There is a story about a phoenix bird that rises from the ashes every time it grows old. It can be understood as the astral body being reborn and changing form. Next to this stone on the right side are two snakes, which represent the kundalina energy (snake power).

In the Hindu tradition, the god Shiva has a pineal-shaped hairstyle on his head and a "bindi" on his forehead, an ornament depicting the third eye.

When we move to Central America, we meet the Mayan god Quetzalcoatl - the lord of the underworld, whose statue is depicted in the shape of a cone. The cone itself is formed by a coiled snake into a tapering spiral.

In the Greek tradition, there is a stone "Ompnalos" with a shape resembling a pine cone. This stone was to commemorate the place of the first landing of the gods. At the same time he served the Delphic oracle. The Greek god Dionysus used a stick with a cone-shaped head.

The Greek god of fun and joy Bakchus had a similar stick as Dionysos.

When we move east to Buddhism, then the Buddha himself is depicted with a stylized pineal-shaped hairstyle.

In Ireland, we can find the stone "Turoe", which is strikingly reminiscent of the Greek stone "Ompnalos".

The pine cone symbol also appears on historical coins from Greece and Rome. Some coins have a pineal gland in the company of a phoenix. In some pictures it is ben-ben stone stylized in the shape of a pyramid. In rare cases, it has a significantly separated tip. On the other side of many of these coins is a symbol of a winged god or an eagle.

Here it becomes very interesting, because if you look at contemporary US dollars, you will see on one side an image of a pyramid with a third eye (God's eye) on top and an eagle on the other. So it's similar to historical coins. The eagle was to represent the gods.

A complete surprise is the huge statue of a pine cone in the garden of the Vatican. There are two birds on the sides of the cone - phoenixes (see analogy with the ben-ben stone in Egypt) and in the foreground we see an open sarcophagus made of black stone, representing the time when the time of immortality comes. The base of the cone alone is 1,5 times larger than an adult. The man then looks like a dwarf against the cone. On the other side, under the cone, there are two Egyptian-style lions on the sides on pedestals. There are inscriptions in hieroglyphs in the pedestals.

Interestingly, nobody is open to what the Egyptian symbols are doing in the Vatican's garden.

Jesus said, "If your eye is the only one, your body will be filled with light." (Matthew, 6: 22) It is believed that if we open our inner third eye, we will join global consciousness and we will enlightenment.

It is similar in Islam and the most important place of Mecca. In the middle of the temple is a structure hiding a meteorite (kaba) representing the third eye. Apparently the main purpose of the trip to Mecca is to reach enlightenment through the third eye.

The pineal gland is best activated in the dark. When activated, we may feel pressure in the head or strange sounds. This is due to the fact that a special electromagnetic field is created around it, which retunes the consciousness of the individual to another space-time, for example in connection with astral travel.

Our pineal gland activates automatically when we sleep. Its internal composition resembles the eye - with the only difference that it does not have a lens. The pineal gland is connected, among other things, to both optic nerves. It looks like something that can receive and probably transmit images to Universal Consciousness.


How the shingles work

  • The pineal gland contains DMT molecules, crystals of limestone and other substances. These crystals have piezochromatic properties. That is, the mechanical stressing of the crystals releases the photon particles similarly to the piezoelectric stress, the stressing of the crystals releases an electric charge.
  • Singles from the Source field are vibrating the crystals, and then they release the photons.
  • An astral body that moves through the space sends signals that are interpreted as full-color images by the broadcaster. They are then passed to the eye nerves in a similar way as when we observe the world with eyeball.
  • People who move in the astral world describe that their physical and astral bodies are connected by a silver thread (cable). It comes from the space of the third eye. The idea is that this cable transmits information between the bodies about what the astral body observes.
  • In order for the pine cone to work properly, it is necessary to eat a quality diet that does not contain meat proteins and dairy products. Otherwise, there is a risk of the pineal gland liming or even fossilizing. This results in cancer, schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis.


Can our DNA be electromagnetically teleported?

Primitive organism with a defense system

Primitive organism with a defense system

One scientist named Luc Montagrier thinks so and has strong arguments for it. LM described the phenomenon of DNA teleportation using a 7 Hz magnetic field. The experiment consisted of taking one tube of water, placing a DNA sample in it, and placing another tube of perfectly pure water next to it. After 18 hours after the first tube was exposed to a 7 Hz magnetic field, the DNA from the first tube was replicated in the second tube. So there was an imaginary teleportation. The question is how did the water in the second test tube do it?

If we take into account the source field and the fact that we are in the field of Universal Consciousness, then it offers itself as a completely natural process. Universal consciousness can create biological life anywhere - it knows how to do it.

Prof. Ignacio O. Pacheco conducted an Ultrastructural and light microscopy analysis of SAPA BIOS formation and growth in vitro. The IOP took a tube of clear water and sterilized beach sand. Yet after 24 hours, he found a tangle of microorganisms on the surface of the water: they looked like a brain; simple plants; blood cells; simple organism with head, defense mechanisms. I ask, where in the water did the information about such a DNA structure come from? In my opinion (DW), the DNA is written in the Source field and only suitable conditions are enough to initiate the construction of these organisms.

Dr. Peter Gariaev conducted an experiment when he changed the DNA structure with a laser. More precisely, by means of a light beam, you can enter the source field and change the DNA of one organism to another. Which clearly establishes the true essence of the principle of evolution.

Dr. Gariaev took a frog and a salamander. He lit the eggs of salamander, and this light reflected on the frog's eggs. As a result, the frog eggs transmutated to salamander eggs.

The source field is the source of life. This is not a random phenomenon. In the source field, the principles of life are encoded.


Who were the gods and what did they say?

Former Sergeant Cliffer Stone testified as part of the Disclosure Project that during his tenure he identified more than 57 species of aliens moving near planet Earth. Most have a very similar body structure to humans: one head, eyes, two arms and two legs. Some species are so similar to humans that you would not recognize them from earthlings on the street.

Each culture has mentions in its history of beings who had special abilities: telepathy, telekinesis, rays of light sent directly from the palms,…

The Egyptian god Osiris is depicted with green skin and a large elongated crown on his head - apparently because his skull is elongated. The temple at Osirion in Abidos is attributed to Osiris. This temple is built with megalithic technology from stones of several hundred tons connected only by its own weight.

If Osiris is depicted with other beings, it can be seen that he alone has green skin and the others have red. Osiris' son is Akenhaton. Tall, slender, thin at the waist and sharp features on the face. His head is very elongated. In one of the depictions with his wife Nefertita, their faces are slightly reminiscent of the shape of a grays skull. Both have children on their laps with an elongated skull and an atypical body structure for Earthlings. It is also clear in the other images that the whole royal family has very elongated skulls.


There are also other statues and busts depicting the head of Nefertita with an elongated skull and a tall "crown". We also find a bust of Nefertita and her daughter Amarna without a crown. The shape of the elongated skull is clearly visible from the illustration.


If we look back at Amarna's daughter again and add her white crown, it's clear why the crown had to be so long.



Looking at the body anatomy of these people, we find that they all have very narrow passports and unusually broad hips. Egyptologists will argue that it is artistic stylization, or that Achnaton had a disease that deformed his appearance.

King Tuthmose has a similarly deformed head. Similarly shaped skulls were found for such deformed images.

All of these "gods" tell us about the precession cycle that takes 25.920 years. Why do we constantly recall this fact all the time? Graham Hancock, in a book's preface, writes: "For some inexplicable reason and some unknown date, some archaic myths around the world match. It's like a carriage in which complex technical knowledge has been stored. "

The axis of precession passes through the zodiac signs. Every sign of the zodiac represents a certain period of age on the planet Earth. And every age represents a developmental stage - a social era for the inhabitants of the planet: the coming and subsequent dusk of the gods; the ability to build megalithic structures and their subsequent spoilage and loss of that skill; major global floods; other major global disasters that shape a new world ...

When we look for connections between artifacts on Earth and stars in the sky, we get a large number of references to a certain period of time. Basically, it looks like that gods at a certain time, they contacted all the cultures of the world of that time and called on them to build certain buildings (today's artifacts) with a certain mathematical precision and astronomical orientation. They even gave them technologies that were unusual for a given civilization, based on antigravity, for example. They also gave them a vast knowledge of astronomy, astrology and mathematics. They explained that the Earth was going through a precessional cycle in which the periods of darkness and the golden age alternated.

In my book Interplanetary Climate Change, I describe that other planets (like Earth) are undergoing dramatic climate change. This is because our solar system enters a new energy zone that has a higher frequency and a higher density of source fields. This causes the acceleration of atomic and molecular vibration on Earth. Everything is accelerating.

If you look at history and begin to study the fossil record, you will find that there is a 25-year cycle on Earth in the evolution of humanity. Only 25 thousand years ago (perhaps a little less) suddenly, out of nowhere, people began to use tools not only for survival, but also for ritual purposes - for art and spirituality. At the same time, there was a mass extinction of large animals such as mammoths, the Siberian tiger, etc., which by their nature and skills threatened human lives.

According to one scientific anthropologist, human DNA has been shown to evolve and change 5000 times faster over the last 100 years than ever before in history. The DNA molecule is 7% different from the 5000-year-old DNA molecule. I deduce from this that there will be a step change in the development and perception of time, matter, energy and biology.

These abrupt DNA changes have taken place in the past and are ongoing. The cycle keeps repeating itself. This message is with us gods tried to pass. Humanity changes during the precession as the axis of the precession passes through the individual signs. At the same time, the Earth passes through the solar system through various streams of energy through which our solar system passes within our Galaxy. One transition takes about 25.920 years, ie one precession cycle.

If you're wondering what groups like the Illuminati and like are, then let's realize that creatures with overgrown skulls haven't disappeared. They only assimilated over time among the majority population. However, their lineage is still preserved. There is an effort by certain groups (Illuminati, etc.) to keep this divine line alive and thus be preserved magical power of influence.

Regardless of the human race, 15% of the world's population has a clearly identifiable genetic trace referring to extraterrestrial civilizations. I got this information from people working on black projects. So it's not fictional.

There are Sybil records that are de facto channeling - a message from the Universe. These records were very accurate, highly valued by the Romans, and heavily guarded by them. Namely, they predicted the arrival of Constantine 800 years before he even appeared. They predicted the arrival of Hannibal. All the major catastrophes that have occurred in Roman history are recorded in these texts. Records end with the end of the whole age, which is happening nowadays.

Charles AL Totten wrote in 1882: “The mighty order of the ages is being reborn. Both the Virgin and Saturn kingdoms will return. Now a new offspring is coming from heaven. Soon a boy will be born who will bring the Iron Age to an end and the golden age will shine again on the whole Earth. "

How many people know that something like this is actually encoded on the US dollar?

There is a phrase on the dollar. This phrase comes from the following text: “If the old traces of evil remain in us, they will disappear one day. The earth must be from infinite fear. He should accept the existence of gods. To see heroes cooperating with the gods and becoming a god and his father under the rule of the world in peace.“. This can be interpreted as meaning that people should admit the existence of other civilizations, that they should establish cooperation with these civilizations and then become at their level.

I believe that this message was unhappily distorted (misinterpreted) by the Illuminati. I think the original intention was positive and still remains positive. It is described in Christianity, Islam, Hinduism,… in all these texts we find references to the "golden age". It is always obscured by deposits of myths. The important thing is that the gods return. Heroes and gods will mix together and we will gain my life from the gods. We will become part of the golden age that will elevate the entire planet Earth. This will transform humanity into a new form.

Many people laugh at me when I show this. After George died, he portrayed him in pictures in the middle of the angels in stylized poses as if he himself had become a god or an angel. They have done so many times. On the other views, it looks as if GW were cast by angels. It can be understood that the founding fathers were not reincarnated again, but they were moved to the golden age.

There is a circular fresco on the ceiling of the US chapter. At its center is a triangle, where G. Washington sits on a throne in the middle of the base of the triangle. This painting is officially called "Apatiosis of Georgie Washington". The word "apatiosis" can be interpreted as "man becomes god." When we look around the painting, we find that GW is posing alongside a number of gods. At the same time he is sitting on top of a rainbow. This symbol was used to indicate that the person had ascended among the gods. There are similar paintings with Jesus sitting on top of the rainbow after rising from the dead.

When we look at the Tibetan tradition, we can see paintings depicting the body irradiated with the colors of the rainbow. This is figuratively speaking that after you get up, your body dematerializes and you start to shine with the colors of the rainbow.

There is one more interesting thing about this painting from the chapter. Small circles with a five-pointed star are spread out around the circular painting. The entire perimeter of the image can fit 72 stars. For every second star, a cone (pin symbol) is placed in the outer perimeter.

In this context, it should be recalled that the precession point s shifts by 1 ° every 72 years. When we multiply this number by 360 ° (the whole cycle of precession), we get the duration of precession: 25.920 years.

The painting therefore encodes the message of precession. At the same time, he reports that people (G. Washington) become gods.

Another interesting point is that under the dome where she is painting, a set of sculptures is located below the perimeter of the tower.

Mayan calendar in the Capitol

Mayan calendar in the Capitol

One of them is very interesting. Cortez meets Montezuma. Cortez is depicted in a similar attitude to some people in ancient Egypt. They have a head in profile, the rest of the body facing and have a stepped left leg (feminine principle). Montezuma stands against Cortez with his right hand on a heart macro and his left hand pointing to the pedestal on which the fire is burning. This base is then wrapped around a snake. The snake represents the pineal gland and the fire on the base of its awakening. In the background of all this is the Mayan calendar, which ends on December 21.12.2012, XNUMX.

Hidden symbols on the dollar

Hidden symbols on the dollar

The US dollar depicts a pyramid with the divine eye on top. Below is the aforementioned Latin inscription: "Novus Ordo Seclorum", which expresses the fact that people become gods at the end of the precessional cycle. This message is passed on to us through the hidden symbols that the Founding Fathers (USA) pass on through the tribes directly from the gods (aliens). They knew and know about the precession cycle. They have experienced it in the past and know it will happen again. It repeats itself. Therefore, according to some sources, it is said that we are at least the 5th civilization, which has developed to a very high (in our case, technical) level. All the others vanished with a fall into the Dark Ages. Therefore, they can observe increased ET / ETV activity in the last 60 years, because they know that we are approaching a critical turning point around December 21.12.2012, XNUMX.

On the US dollar pyramid symbol, the 13 layer contains 20 time intervals starting with 1756 up to 2012. The only 1993 to 2012 interval has only 19 years. The Mayan calendar has the age as one of the basic number cycles Katunwhich lasts 19,7 years. Thus, each layer in the pyramid corresponds to one katun.

The 13 Cycle Cycle

The 13 Cycle Cycle

One might argue that 13 katuns is nothing significant. The opposite is true. The Spanish conquerors who came to Central America saw that everyone at that time and in that place used a 13-katon time-counting system. In the authentic Spanish period drawing, we see what this numerical system looked like. So in its time it was very well known and used by the Maya. At the top of the drawing we find the cross of the Templars - a symbol of the Illuminati. It follows that the Illuminati have known about the precession at least since then.

It is suggested that the timing of the signing of the US Declaration of Independence (July 4.7.1776, 13) was scheduled for a period between 1776 cycles. It is interesting that the year can be decomposed 888 = 888 + 4, which from the point of view of Kabbalah is a symbolic representation of the duality between the positive and negative forces that make up the Universe. In addition, if we add the day and month, 7 + 13 = 13, then it takes us back to XNUMX katuns.

When we summarize this, there are several key findings:

  • We have the 25 cycle for a thousand years, which is repeated.
  • At the beginning of the cycle, humanity began to use tools for religious and spiritual purposes.
  • There have been massive animal deaths that could endanger the human race.
  • Over the last few hundred years, our DNA has changed more than 7%.
  • Light can be the carrier of information between Source fields, because through the light it was possible to transform the egg frogs into salamander eggs.

It follows that we are in the process of transformation. As with the eggs of animals in laboratory conditions, light from the Universe actually acts on us and thus gradually changes the structure of our DNA due to the passage of a new energy zone - the zone of the golden age. This transformation transition is repeated regularly. During this process, among other things, the vibrations of the molecules accelerate. (Subjectively, we feel that time is accelerating.) All of this results in our intelligence (the ability to feel and perceive overall reality) increase. We see ET / ETV in the sky much more often. Crop circles are increasing and their complexity is growing - the amount of information they are trying to pass on to us in this way is growing.

Fathers founders had to know about all this because they kept it (hidden) messages wherever they could.

I believe (DW) that the beings that come to us are good. That it is behind the scenes, behind many events of our humanity, precisely so that we can more easily transform and better connect to and tune into the source fields of the Universe and thus “become gods " like them.



Sueneé: In connection with David Wilcock's reasoning that light is a carrier of information capable of transforming our DNA, I have come up with another parallel, and that is chemtrails. That is, chemicals sprayed by military aircraft over the territories of NATO, the United States and Australia. In one of the many documents I have seen on this subject, the usual question was asked: "Why are they doing this?". The reasons given are as follows:

  • Weather controls:
    • Global warming or cooling of the planet.
    • A weapon of war if very unfavorable weather is created, such as a tornado.
    • Agriculture and the resulting economic benefits, if you know what it will be like.
    • In commodity markets, the right weather information can provide you with high profits.
  • Control of population health:
    • Sprayed chemicals are very poisonous in themselves, because they contain nanoparticles of aluminum, thorium, manganese, barium, yttrium and nitrogen oxides.
    • At the same time, in some cases, it is said that bacteria are added to the solution, from which local pandemics of influenza or even worse diseases arise.
  • Controlling people's spiritual consciousness:
    • In connection with the coming to the New Age, the sky is overshadowed so that people are not affected by the "light" from the Universe. This would mean that certain stakeholders are trying to slow down the process of DNA transformation, as DW mentions.
    • Shadowing of ETV's Transits and Manifestations.
Chemicals chemtrails in civil aircraft

Chemicals chemtrails in civil aircraft

Personally, I'm convinced that the current cold weather (03.04.2013 status) is affected by the weather-sputtering chemtrails. Some long-term predictions are trying to convince us that it will be cold throughout April and May 2013! Compared to previous years, this winter is much longer and cooler.

When the heat (+ 15 ° C) was clear for a few days during March for a clear blue sky, a typical chessboard was seen after a flight of airplanes spraying chemtrails into the 7-13-XNUMX upper layers.

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