Significant personalities and their reliance on the help of clairvoyants

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There are things that are absolutely of interest, from African Bushmen to President of the World's Largest Country. We talk about it non-traditional methods of prognoses, such as astrology and clairvoyance. To these people often come to the personality - the creators of human fates, who take important decisions, including the military-political solution.

Personal Führer's Astrologer

All supernatural always fell within the sphere of interest of "competent authorities". However, "political astrology" has achieved extraordinary prosperity at the time Third empire. Hitler had a tendency to mysticism, and had a great interest in occult sciences, especially in the Eastern. It is well known that already in 1923, one of the German astrologers had warned the future "demonic" führer not to pursue political action in the autumn. We all know how the November coup in Munich failed. And perhaps the greatest criminal ever, 20. century reconsidered its relationship to astrology.

At the end of 1933, many astrologers turned to the National Socialists and soon understood what is possible and what is not in the predictions of the new empire. Inconvenient oracles either disappeared without trace or were sent to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp.

At that time, the personal counselor of Hitler, Erik Jan Hanussen, was considered the best astrologer. But his visionary images of the great Hitler mistakes, defeats, and divisions of Germany have long been unacceptable to the leader, and Hanussen was eventually liquidated.

Secret Sabbath at Wartburg Castle

... morning 15. March 1938 was the inhabitants of the small Thuringian town of Eisenach, which is the geographic center of Germany, awakened by engine noise. Following the well-groomed mountain paths leading to the top of Wartburg mountain, where 1607 was the knight's castle of the same name, there was a cavalcade of cars.

It is still to be said that Eisenach and the castle with the castle played a quite mysterious role in the history of Germany.

In the 1521-1522 years there was a great church reformer, Martin Luther. According to the legend, the devil appeared once in the cell, after which Luther threw a calamar. Since then, a dark stain of ink that can not be washed from time to time appears on the wooden wall. And it just happened to be on the eve of World War II. So far no one can explain this phenomenon ... Let's go back to the old castle.


There has been an event that few people know. In absolute secrecy, a meeting of astrologers and astrologers of the Third Reich took place here, where the future of Germany was discussed.

The number of active participants in the sessions, on the personal initiative of Dr. Goebbels' propaganda minister (and understood to be with the führer's approval), equaled a dozen. The protection was entrusted to the SS and a special group of Gestapo radio personnel, equipped with state-of-the-art eavesdropping devices. The Reich Minister was thus able to hear everything the professional mage Germany was talking about in a narrow circle.

Unfortunately, almost all of the records, and even the participants in the meeting, have fallen into oblivion. However, one of the meeting participants, the former hauptsturmführer SS, was for some reason not in Sachsenhausen, but in Auschwitz as a guard. There, the Soviets were captured and then sent to the Temenian Correctional Labor Camp.

This prisoner, like many others, had to work for at least ten years after the sentence. But in 1955, Chancellor Konrad Adenauer convinced Nikita Khrushchev to release all prisoners. This happened in 1957. Lastly, the hauptsturmführer SS was seen on the platform of Poťma railway station in Mordovija, five hundred kilometers east of Moscow. 28 was written. August 1955.

It was this prisoner who confirmed the extremely modest and incomplete information about the Wartburg castle, which the Germans concealed so much that only the top leaders of the empire and a few people in Moscow knew about it.

What the magicians saw

So, the 1938 year is written and a meeting of the best astrologers of Nazi Germany takes place at Wartburg. The summary of their vision is as follows: Germany stands at the threshold of a great war. This year is very suitable for the disarmament of Czechoslovakia and the "liberation" of the Sudetenland. Year 1939 is also in favor of solving the so-called Polish question. The participants in the meeting unanimously argued that Warsaw would not receive support from guarantors, namely England and France. And the destruction of France will be the most appropriate year for 1940.

Regarding the war with Russia, they believe that the best years will be 1941 and 1946. But the Russian industry and the army are growing stronger, and by 1946 they will be so strong that the empire will not cope with the Soviet Union. The Russians will then win without the support of allies. The best will be an unexpected attack in the second half of May 1941.

All the seers have consistently claimed that war is possible and necessary to win during a single summer military campaign, but not later than by the end of October. They referred to the opinion of Napoleon and Bismarck, who regarded the war with Russia as a futile struggle in the winter.

Celebrities and participants in the event

Among the participants in the event was a Munich professor who "saw" the great losses of the Wehrmacht in the autumn and winter of 1942 on the banks of a large Russian river, apparently the Volga, and the death of half a million German soldiers in the fields of Russia in the summer of 1943.

From the following, it was clear that the English and the Americans would only begin a real war with the empire until 1943 in the south and 1944 in the north. Almost everyone "saw" the destruction and fire of the Königsberg cathedral, which was built in 1333 on the King's Hill. This message casts the present and those who just listened to a state of depression. It is true that in the following speech, a magician from eastern Prussia, originally from Königsberg, had a note of hope.

According to his vision, the temple will be restored and will gain the full power of its esoteric possibilities exactly six hundred and sixty-six years after its founding. So in 1999. It is remarkable that the reconstruction of the cathedral in Kaliningrad (which was the name that was used for Königsberg after the war) was practically ended this very year.

But let's go back to 1938. In the opinion of the participants, the military alliance between Russia, England and America is inevitable and will be based on a common hostility to the Führer and the Empire. But looking at the future, astrologers predicted that 1946 would become a year of change in Washington, London and Moscow, and the former allies would become enemies.

Forecast of warming relationships

A certain "warming" of relationships will only occur after 1953, which will be the year of Stalin's death. Both important events, such as the hostility of Western Allies and Russia, as well as the death of the Red Leader, will happen exactly eight and fifteen years after the encounter, which will take place on March 1946 and March 1953. Just remember that British Sir Winston Churchill performed with his famous Fultonian speech, which marked the start of the Cold War, 5. March 1946 and Stalin died 5. March 1953.

But how will a future war end for Germany? Here the Oracle did not tell the truth. They vaguely promised that the country will eventually go on a new road and it will happen in May 1945. The truth is that the views varied. Some predicted the eighth, others the ninth, and the state's borders change. Prophecy mismatch provoked Hitler's wrath. He chose to punish those who shared their fears about their views on Germany's defeat and its division. This historic injustice will last forty-four years, and then Germany will reunite.

May 1945 then practically confirmed all the prognoses of the best astrologers of the empire.

SS archive hiding forecasts

Everything seemed to be over, and all the materials and people who participated in the 1938 meeting in March were gone forever. But recent revelations have forced many researchers into the secrets of the Second World War and the Third Reich to think about whether some of the material relating to this encounter fell into the hands of the Allies.

The Americans occupied Thuringia in April 1945, while the Soviet troops arrived only in the autumn of the same year. It seems that the Americans have enough time to interrogate the locals and explore the labyrinths of Wartburg Castle.

It is also known that the Soviet Union gained the trophy as a unique instrument created on Hitler's personal command. He was a coroner. It was not designed to monitor solar activity, but for astrological predictions of military-political character. The device did not work properly, but the Soviet engineers quickly repaired it and then passed it to the astronomical station near Kislovodska. Whatever targets were used, however, is not known. People who were familiar with this were claiming that KGB General Georgiy Rogozin was using the captured archives of the SS that concerned occult sciences.

Ghosts of the empire in Tibet and the Pole

This whole history gives rise to ever-new questions. Here are some of them:

- What the SS expedition, under the auspices of the occult and mystical organization Ahnenerbe, was looking for in a far- Tibet in 1938? And what were the objectives of another SS expedition in Antarctica?

- Why was the standartenführer of SS Wolfram Siever, General Secretary of Ahnenerbe, so vigorously interrupted in the Nuremberg process, as soon as he had begun to appoint specific persons, and why did he so quickly execute this SS Colonel as one of the Third Reich's major war criminals?

- Why did Dr. Cameron, who was a member of the American delegation in Nuremberg and studied Ahnenerbe's activity, then led the CIA Blue Bird project, which involved developments in psychoprogramming and psychotronics?

- What was the strange history of finding the bodies of Tibetan monks in SS uniforms in Hitler's bunker at the end of the war?

- Why has Ahnenerbe hurriedly downloaded documentation from scientific laboratories and secret societies along with special service archives in every country that the Wehrmacht has just occupied?

The worst in combating such evil as Nazism is that there are no answers to these questions. Nazism that can not be thought of as having disappeared, just transformed into other anti-Arab movements. The worst thing about it is that there are no questions at all!

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