Mysteries of technologies of ancient civilizations

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The last annual global conference in London, hosted by archaeologists and scientists engaged in the research of ancient cultures, has come to an interesting outlet: the oldest civilization had (for us) surprising technology and knowledge. During archaeological excavations, archaeologists often find descriptions of different technologies of ancient nations. In the form of rock drawings of birds that resemble today's planes and spaceships, stone sculptures with suits, papers detailing complex surgical operations and a number of other artifacts, which are complex and precise mechanisms.

One such artifact is mechanism from the Antiquarywho had been on the bottom of the Aegean for several centuries. They found him and picked him out of the sea near the island of Crete. He was on the wreck of a ship that sank in 85. year BC We can consider this device as one of the first precursors of our computers.

Further evidence of the highly developed intelligence of our ancestors is the skull found in Ukraine at 1966. Radiocarbon analysis showed that the age of finding is 10 000 years. What was somewhat strange - holes were drilled in the cranial bones, which was possible only with the use of certain knowledge of surgery, it was tremendous.

Another mystery emerged in 1976, when Soviet archeologists explored Skyculture in Transcaucasus and found Egyptian papyrus with hieroglyphs describing the secrets of life and death. The age of the two sheets found was for 16. century BC The fading papyrus was the information of two ribs, sun and moon, which were specially made for Pharaoh. The described technology of their production is very surprising. The hollow cylinders were made of zinc and copper and filled with material which, according to ancient texts, had very strong therapeutic effects and connected to the biopsy of a particular person. He controlled pressure, pulse and vital organ function. (Note: this very reminds us work of Valeriy Uvarov as well as other companies involved in the research of scepter, Rods-Kovtun.)

According to another scientific version, the mysterious scepter (warheads) represented electrical devices that pulsed impulses into the diseased areas of the human organism. The old device guides us to the current medical method - electrophoresis, and used to heal pharaohs. The fact is, in ancient Egypt, they knew electrical batteries, and they were able to get weak electrical impulses for medical purposes. A similar artifact was found in Iraq - Baghdad Battery.

Archaeologists continue to find strange artifacts that testify that the world wartime nuclear war with the use of state-of-the-art technologies has been unleashed on Earth. The following disaster destroyed highly developed civilizations and cities, and almost eliminated everything living on the planet. In ancient myths, this event is described as the War of the Gods.

The first flying machines, the vimans, were constructed in ancient India. The Mahabharata Indian epic tells how the inhabitants of Dvarak were attacked by warships from the air by burning rain on the ground. In the texts of the Bhagavat Purana, Sanskrit describes how the vimans in the sky moved faster than thought and used etheric energy. According to the legend, even the laser rays and deadly weapon (possibly nuclear) gods were used in this cruel war.

The scientific world was also very surprised Drops of the Nation from the Heavenly realm with hieroglyphs on their surface. They were discovered on Tibet territory and then explored by Oxford historian Robin Evans, who also met with representatives of the Drop nation. The age of finding was determined for 10 000 to 12 000 years BC. Found artifacts resembled contemporary gramophone records with a circular hole in the middle. Beijing archaeologists have made it clear that miniature drawings with descriptions of space bodies and phenomena as well as spacecraft crashes have been shown on the discs.

In the current scientific world, a non-human civilization is considered Sumerian, which existed in Mesopotamia more than 5000 flights. Where she came from, with already developed science - writing, mathematics, calendar, medicine, advanced technologies and complex facilities, and legislation, and after about 2000 years, it suddenly disappeared again, historians are not yet known. The Sumerian ancient clay tablets are reported to have received all their knowledge from the gods of heaven they called Anunnaki. The Sumerians depicted the flying machines of the gods with their wings and tails on their frescoes, and also described the fiery currents that fled from these celestial ships.

But why should higher cosmic civilizations need to pass on their knowledge to less developed cultures? It is possible that this happens whenever the next evolutionary stage of mankind is born.

As humanity still acquires new knowledge, its image of the world changes over time. Indians once, for example, thought they were on Earth themselves, did not know about other people on other continents. Perhaps we are now in the same relation to the cosmos and we do not know about our neighbors yet, and we are not in contact with them because we have not yet reached the level enough to understand the laws of the universe (or are they prevented?).

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  • apple tree says:

    Hello, Tino,

    part of the archaeologists I do not think of it, I almost feel that they are not able to understand it because they go by learned knowledge and can not let them "wrestle the world", that would be quite big problems for them, so it is "self-defense". The second part that makes it conscious is worse, but it's not just archeologists, it's a whole bunch of scientists, journalists, and others.

    We are constantly tightened by loops - tightening both hands and feet, and around the neck too. Sometimes I come as the Lord of the Rings when this monster spider is wrapping their victims with a sticky net, the Elf's elf wants to cut the spider web. And the elf sword could be a growing number of people who ask similar questions like you.

  • Tact says:

    I also send a link to that site.

  • Tact says:

    The margo of the archeologist who discovers different artifacts that would fall into 11 515 for years and more is not willing to talk about it because I'm afraid to admit that there were other better and more advanced civilizations like ours today. Or they would have to change history as it is a terrible man who wrote to himself that they do not know about it and that I did not know what happened before 2000 for years it was not what 11 515 was doing and for many more years. I had to stop the truth from their metie and if they went out to the public and talked about artifacts which do not fit in their history would be foolish that their colleagues would sniff and attack that they are razing a new history that is not fitting into the shop. Now, as it is possible that today is not even saved or saved various sites where there are signs about the event about which here is the destruction and war and the collapse of civilization that occurred before 9498 BC pnl. How is it possible that 2001 succeeded in discovering 10 km from Cuba in the sea of ​​archaeological construction the location of the Hyperborea site was declared to be a great discovery and it was dated to the tens of thousands of years that the research stopped and it was said that it was as true as the scientists did not like it because they would have to admit that all the time, that Sumerska civilization was supposed to be the first is a deception, and that's just a part of everything.

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