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Richard E. Byrd is known to the general public as a polar aviator, pioneer, explorer and traveler. He gained popularity after 28. November 1929 when he flew over the South Pole. Richard Byrd had experience at the time of two record flights - over the North Pole in 1926 and over the Atlantic Ocean, from New York to the Normandy coast in 1927. In addition, Richard Byrd participated four times in Antarctic expeditions, including a quite special US Navy operation called "High Jump", which gave rise to many rumors of flying disks attacking the US fleet below the water of the Antarctic shores. The last show he attended took place in 1956. 11 died. June 1957 at his home in Boston.

In addition to reports of Operation "High Jump" in 1946, when the US fleet lost several combat ships and dozens of fighters to fight an unknown enemy, Richard Byrd's name is linked to one more secret. After his death, he left a notebook with interesting details of the 1947 expedition, which did not reach the official administration. Maybe the report is termed "strictly secret".

The notes state that during the 1947 flight over the North Pole, the plane with Byrdom on board was on the opposite side of the Earth. After his death, these notes, which he wrote in his personal record in 1956, became public property.

It is hard to say whether they are original - the date of departure is almost the same as the date of return from the Antarctic expedition "High Jump". We also know that Byrd had to spend a longer period in the Pentagon to report the operation. And in publicly available polar expeditions, the 1947 flight is not available in February.

Maybe Richard Byrd, who wrote these lines right before death, has misinterpreted some data. Or, this flight did not get into official records for confidentiality. Hard to say. It is also possible that what he wrote is just a story based on what he himself saw when he attended the first polar expedition of 1926, with which he was not so "totally okay". The Notebook of this flight has become an official document, subject to "modifications" and later declared to be counterfeit because it does not contain actual events. This raises the question - what did Byrd actually see during the 1926 flight?

The text of the notebook can not be considered as irrefutable proof of the existence of the hollow Earth, even if it constitutes another indirect evidence. This is a translation from the English original.

An interesting fact - Byrd writes in his notebook that he has reached the opposite side of the Earth where he saw a mammoth. Russian writer akademik Vladimir Afanasevič Obručev (Vladimir Afanasiev Obruchev), in his book Plutonia (Plutonium) also describes mammoths inhabiting the area of ​​the entrance to the opposite side of the Earth. And in the epilogue of the expedition novel that came to the opposite side, Obručev writes the following words: "In the hands of the author, he accidentally got the notebook and pictures of one of the expedition's deceased participants. The book was created on the basis of these materials. "

Richard Byrd's notebook translation:

I write these notes in secret and I do not understand everything. They relate to my flight over the Arctus 19. February 1947.

The time is coming when the necessity of truth obscures rationality. I have no authority to reveal the following documentation at the time of writing ... Perhaps it will never be revealed to the general public, but it is my duty to write down everything that could be read one day.

Logbook: Arctic base, 19.02.1947

6:00 All the preparations for our flight to the north are over and we can get off the ground for 6: 10 with full fuel tanks.

6:20 The mixture of air and fuel in the right engine is too saturated, we have made regulation and now the Pratt Whittneys engines are working well.

7:30 Radio contact with the base. All right, the radio is good.

7:40 I noticed a small oil leak in the right engine, but the oil pressure indicator shows that everything is in the norm.

8:00 A small turbulence recorded in the eastern direction at the height of 2321 tracks, we changed the altitude to 1700 tracks, the turbulence was not repeated, but the wind was stronger. Small adjustments to the throttle valve now make the airplane very well.

8:15 Radiocontact with the base, everything in the norm.

8:30 Again turbulence. We climb to the height of 2900 tracks, everything is all right again.

9:10 Endless snow and ice, appear areas, with a yellow tinge. We are changing the course to better examine these areas, we observe areas with a red tinge to purple. We make two rounds of these places and go back to the course. Radiocontact with the base, compare the position, and report the snow and ice coloring below us.

9:10 Magnetic and gyroscopic compasss stop rocking. They rotate so that we can not keep a course on the instruments. We use a solar compass as it only allows to keep the course. The airplane is quite difficult to operate, although it is not seen to cover the aircraft fuselage with frost.

9:15 In the distance something resembling mountains.

9:49 After 29 minutes, we were convinced that they were really mountains. A small mountain back that I have never seen before!

9:55 We change the height to 2950 tracks because we see again a strong turbulence.

10:00 We are flying over a few mountain ranges, still going north as accurately as possible, as can be estimated. In addition to the mountain massif, we see a small clearing with a river or stream in the middle. But below us there can not be a green plain! There's something wrong with it! There should be snow and ice! On the left side we see a forest growing on the slopes of the mountains. Our navigation devices are still rotating, the flywheel skids forward-backwards.

10:05 I change the altitude to 1400 tracks and make a sharp tilt to the left so we can better see the plains below us. It is green either because of the moss or because of the densely braided grass. The light looks different here. I can not see the sun anymore. We make one more turn and we observe something that resembles a big animal below us. She seems to be an elephant. No !!! Much more resembles a mammoth! Incredibly! But it is so! We fall to 1000 tracks and I get a telescope to get a better look at the animal. I convinced myself - it is definitely a mammoth-like animal. We announce it to the base.

10:30 We have more green hills. The temperature indicator below the deck shows 74 degrees Fahrenheit (note, 23 degrees Celsius). We keep going north in the summer. Navigation devices are now in the norm. I am surprised by their behavior. We're trying to get in touch with the base. Radio contact does not work!

11:30 The earth below us is flatter and more normal (if that's the case). In front of us, we are looking at something that goes to the city !!!! Incredibly! The aircraft seems extraordinarily easy. Management is not responding! Oh, dear! Weird types of flying machines are on the sides of our wings. They are leaning along and approaching quickly. They resemble a glossy disk. They are already close enough to recognize their markings. It's a swastika !!! Fantastic. Where are we? What happened? I'm trying to get a knife - no reaction !! We are in captivity of some invisible vices!

11:35 Our radio starts to crack and hear a voice in English with a gentle Scandinavian or German accent. "Admiral, we welcome you to our territory. We'll land with your plane for 7 minutes. Relax, Admiral, you are in good hands. " I noticed that the engines of our aircraft stopped! The aircraft is under some incomprehensible control and is now making a turn. Control is useless.

11:40 We have another radio station: "We're starting with the landing process." After a while the airplane begins to glow and fall as if it were on an invisible lift. We fall very smoothly and touch the earth with only minimal shock!

11:45 I am making the last entry in the logbook. Several men walk on foot to our plane. They are tall with pale hair. In the distance, the big city is pulsing and blinking with all the colors of the rainbow. I do not know what's going to happen now, but I do not see the weapons of those who come close to us. I hear the voice calling me to open the cargo door. I'm listening. End of the log.

From now on, I describe all the events from the memory. The events described below are out of the way of every imagination and would look like a complete nonsense if they did not really happen.

Radist also took me from the airplane, but they treated us very kindly and with respect. Then we boarded a platform like a platform but without wheels. He brought us to the shimmering city at great speed. After the approach, the city seemed to be built of some sort of crystal-like material. Soon we came to a large building that I never saw in my life.

Architecture reminded of the work of Frank Lloyd Wright (noteworthy, American architect, known for his extraordinary projects such as Fallingwater or Solomon Museum) or even the fantastic novel by Buck Rogers (note hero of American science fiction) !! We got some warm drink that did not leave anything I tasted for my taste. Familiar! Approximately 10 minutes later, our unusual guides appeared and said I had to go with them. There was nothing else to do than to obey. I left my radio operator and soon we went into something reminding an elevator.

We walked for a while, then the cab stopped and the door silently lifted up! Then we continued through the pavement of pink brightness. It seemed to be coming from the walls themselves. One of our guides asked gesture to stop in front of the big door. There were some characters I did not understand. The great doors opened silently and invited me to enter. One of the guides said: "Do not worry, Admiral, he'll take you Host".

I go down and see the unusually bright light filling the whole room. When my eyes are accustomed to this brightness, I see what surrounds me. What I saw was the most beautiful of everything I've ever seen in my life. It was too wonderful to describe it. It was delicate and chosen. I do not think there are any words that can describe it in terms of accuracy or detail! My thoughts were slightly interrupted with a sweet, melodious voice:

"Welcome to our country, Admiral." I see an adult man with sympathetic facial features. Sitting behind a big table. Moving my hand offered me one of the chairs. When I sat down, he tossed his fingers over his hands and smiled. He continued with a loud voice and handed me the message below.

"We have allowed you to come here because you are a noble man and well known on the Earth's surface, Admiral." The words "surface of the earth" stopped my breath! "Yes," continued the Host with a smile, "You are in Arianni (orig., in the land of Arians), the inner world of the Earth. We will not take a lot of time from your mission and will return you unprotected safely to the Earth's surface. Now, Admiral, I need to explain why you are here.

We have begun to observe your race since the explosions of the first atomic weapons in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. It was in this turbulent time that we sent our flying modules, Flugelrady, to your world on the Earth's surface for the first time to find out what happened.

Of course, now it's past, my dear Admiral. But I have to go on. You know, we've never been into the brutality and war of your race before, but now we're forced to do it. You have come to the manipulation of force that is not for man. I am talking about nuclear energy. Our ambassadors have already delivered messages to the worlds of your world, but they are not listening yet. Today we have chosen you to witness that our world really exists. You see our science and culture is many thousands of years before yours, Admiral. "

I interrupted him: "But how does that relate to me, Sir?"

It seemed that the Host's eyes penetrated into my mind and after a brief pause he continued: "Your race has reached a point where you will not come back. Among you are those who will destroy your whole world, rather than give up their own powers of consciousness. " I whisper and the Host went on: "In 1945 and later, we tried to make contact with your race, but our experiments have come under fire. Our Flugelrady were shot. Yes, even pursued by your fighters for destruction. So now, my son, I say that a great storm is underway in your world, a black struggle that is not exhausted for many years. Your guns will not be answered, your science will not protect you. And the storm can be bruised until the last flower of your culture is blown until all humanity is caught up in endless chaos. Your final war was only a prelude to what your race will have to pass through. We see everything brighter every hour. Do you think I'm wrong? "

"No", I replied, "It's been before, the Dark Ages have gone on and they have continued for another five hundred years."

"Yes, my son," the Host replied. "The dark centuries that are coming now will cover Earth with a dark veil, but I believe some of your race will survive this storm. Nothing else can be said. In the distance, we see a new world, born on the ruins of your race, looking for lost legendary values, and they will be here, my son. With us in custody. When that time is over, we will step out again to help you resurrect your race and culture. Maybe by then you will understand the nonsense of wars and rivalries ... Maybe then some parts of your science and culture will be drawn to start from the beginning. You, my son, must return to the world on the surface of the earth with this message ... "

After these words it seemed that our meeting was over. For a while I stood there in a dream ... and yet I knew it was reality. For some special reason, I bowed slightly, perhaps out of respect, perhaps out of humility, I do not know.

I suddenly noticed that my two guides stood beside me. "Let's go, Admiral," one of them said. Before I started, I once again looked at the Host. There was a smile on his wise face, he said, "Be good, my son!" He waved my hand in the character of peace. Our meeting was definitely over.

We quickly left the room with the big door and entered the elevator again. The door was quiet and we went upstairs. One of my guides said: "Now we have to hurry up, Admiral. The host does not want you to stay longer and you must return with this message to your race. "

I was silent. Everything was absolutely incredible. When we stopped, my thoughts were interrupted again. I entered the room and again I found myself next to my radio operator. He had a faint expression on his face. I approached him and said, "All right, Howie, all right". The two guides took us to the waiting transport and soon we were back on the plane. The engines were switched off and we went immediately. The air was now drenched with a feeling of intensity. As soon as the cargo door was closed, the aircraft began to rise upward by invisible force until we reached the height of 2700 tracks. The two flying machines were accompanying us along the sides on the return road. I have to note here that the speed indicator did not notice that we were not moving, although we were actually moving at very high speed.

14:15 Radio message arrived: "We will leave you now, Admiral, your management is working again. Auf Wiedersehen !!!! " For a while, we watched the flugelrady disappear into the pale blue sky.

The airplane was unexpectedly quaked as if it had entered the air jam. We quickly adjusted the plane. We were silent for some time, everyone was thinking about their ...

The logbook record continues:

14:20 Again, we find ourselves over extended snow and ice, about 27 minutes from the base. We established a radio contact. We announce that everything is in the norm ... in the norm. The base is talking about the relief that we have relaunched again.

15:00 We land softly at the base. I have a mission ...

End of record in logbook.
11.03.1947 I just attended the Pentagon staff meeting. I fully informed them of my revelation and message from the Host. Everything was properly recorded. This was reported to the President. Now I'm a couple of hours in my custody (6 hours and 39 minutes if I'm to be exact). I was carefully listened to by the security staff as well as to the group of doctors.

That was an exam !! They placed me under the tough control of the US National Security Service! I HAVE GIVEN A REPLY TO BREATH WITH ANYTHING TO ALL THAT HAS BEEN SATISFIED! Incredibly! They reminded me that I was a soldier, and I have to make an order.

30.12.1956, last record:

The last few years since 1947 was not easy ... Now I'd like to make my last entry in my diary. Finally, I would like to say that I have faithfully protected this secret all these years. It was against my will and against my values. Now I feel that my days are counted. However, this mystery does not go with me to the grave - as any other truth sooner or later will win.

It may prove to be the only hope of Humankind. I saw the truth, and she strengthened my spirit and freed me! I have given what belongs to the fistic machine of the military-industrial complex. It's been a long night, but it's not the end. So, how long a long Arctic night will end, dazzling brilliant truths are blinking and those in the dark, it drowns in its radiance...


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  • Narcissus says:

    Interesting, maybe it's true and the responsible people after reading this got at least some reason so that there was no open clash of superpower. And when the provocations began to graduate in the eighties, the Soviets simply dissolved and the entire Western machine was in a vacuum. And after twenty years of relative peace, the dangerous time returned again. Perhaps the wisdom will prevail again (on the other hand). And perhaps this info in the hands of powerful people has had a significant influence on the calming of the upcoming war actions.

    • Sueneé says:

      The thing is unfortunately not as black and white as it may seem. I will write about it and maybe even the series. In short, it was the case that there were military outpouring by US Earth Intelligence Service (ET) against the ET, and even at 70. years ago, a bunch of Pentagon fools have been able to install satellites that are designed to blast extraterrestrial ships.

      The Soviets disintegrated because the US and the USSR agreed on a common enemy, ET. See. Regan's UN speech. It said "What if we had a common enemy ...". In fact, they did, but he could not say openly.

      In other words, seeming peace is obviously just a lie based facade. And as we have already presented here: The extraterrestrial threat will be one big lie.......

  • Tact says:

    The silent revolution of truth - (Czech subtitles)

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