The representative of the White House admitted the use of geoengineering

05. 08. 2022

Expert of the White House John P. Holdren admitted that geoengineering needs to be addressed:

My personal opinion is that we have to keep geoengineering on the table and look at it very carefully because it might happen that we might need to use it.

The danger of geoengineering, of course, is that we still don't understand the system enough to predict the consequences of our interventions. So there's still a danger that if you try to do a large-scale engineering intervention, you're actually going to do something that will have side effects that are worse than what you tried to change with your own intervention.

The possibilities of performing geoengineering were discussed. A classic example is to place reflective particles in the Earth's orbit that would reflect some of the sunlight, thus preventing the Earth from overheating due to the production of greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide). The current conclusions state that it would be very expensive and problematic to put those things in orbit around the Earth, and it would not solve the whole problem anyway. Because, for example, it does not prevent carbon dioxide from binding to some…?… In the oceans, which causes them to poison marine animals living on the reefs and who need calcium to live. Nor does it solve the atmospheric transfer of heat across planet Earth. Reflective particles would only affect the visible energy spectrum, but it would not affect infrared radiation…


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