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7 20. 01. 2023
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Skirts have always been an unmistakable part of women's clothing. Only a few decades have changed the many thousands of years of tradition. Women's women's skirts are made by women. In particular, long skirts in different designs help us to feel like we are desirable, nice and fragile. By returning to wearing skirts, letting men retain the right to be strong, bold and shameful. In addition, wearing long skirts will strengthen our physical health. By leaving men to their role of external protection, we gain an inner sheltered space for ourselves, the propagation of female magic, and the fulfillment of the female and maternal roles.

So how to properly wear skirts?

Our mums and grandmothers still said that the skirt was dressed only over the head because it was believed that "you would not get married otherwise". Like little girls, we just laughed. We later responded that it was just superstition. Now, we want to laugh again, because in the modern era of the technical world and the big cities we will not believe in any of these things. Someone believes, some do not believe - it's like a reward, and the skirt is dressing as comfortable as it is. BUT ... For those of you who perceive contexts, energy flows and ancient Wisdom, accept the following replies to the first question:

Why do you need to wear a skirt and dress and undress them always over your head?

If you turn to Vedic culture, you can learn many interesting and useful advice and information. For the Vedas, who are originally Slavs, it is intended that a woman acquires its energy from Earth's Living - it is the energy of matter that is expressed in all material goods. The earth represents abundance, its power is in the fruit. All that she gives helps the woman "to consolidate her roots in the earth" and to take the power of motherhood and the role of woman - mother, wife - wife, woman - protector. For a woman, it is important for energy to go down, a descending energy stream that is tied to motherhood, because female hormones are produced in the lower body.

Over the skirt of the long skirt the woman receives an important energy for her. The skirt, which reaches almost to the ground, creates a cone that helps to lead and collect important and necessary strength for a woman. The podolek, which is wide and waves and curves while walking, creates a torsion field that facilitates the entry and amplification of the energy of the Earth element. This means that if you strip the skirt over your legs, you are scattering the energy column rising from the ground and protecting your entire being. The energy spreads to the ground with perfectly unobtrusive movement, so your skirt will serve to sweep the floor. So if we remove the skirt over our legs, we remain absolutely unprotected. We voluntarily get rid of the magical energy of the Earth, which the long and wide skirt helps us to accumulate.

If we strip the skirt over our head, we wrap this whole movement into the power of Earth that gives us protection. Thanks to that, we feel happy, happy and strong. What's more, our energy field will remain clean.

When we dress the skirt right over the head, this skirt is ready to resonate again with Nature, the Earth and the woman who wears it.

SAHSE, SK: Streaming energy under the skirt

Streaming energy under the skirt

If we put the skirt over our legs, we get the unpleasant energy of the street we were going through, the energy waste that stuck to our feet. That's why our Ancestors advised us to get our feet out of our way (no matter the weather or the type of footwear) as soon as we get out of the street, so they do not pollute our dwelling (that's also for men). Water can also drain the energy ballast and convert it to Light if we ask for it.

What is my recommendation?

Whether you are a young girl or a mature woman, wear more and more long skirts! Wear them with pride! Wear them not only because of their appearance but also for their health! Correctly dress and undress them. Treat them with care. And thank Mother Earth for her Power and Protection. Then you feel yourself as a beautiful creature that is part of beautiful Nature.

Sahse.sk: The Divine in the Skirt

Sahse.sk: The Divine in the Skirt

Author of text: Věra Ovečková

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