Investigating UFO Evidence with Corey Goode and Michael Salla

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3rd International Conference Sueneé Universe

David Wilcock: Welcome u UFO Cosmic Disclosure. I am David Wilcock, your moderator. He's with me here Corey Goode and our guest of the week is Dr. Michael Salla from the Exopolist Institute. Today it will be great. We'll talk about William Tompkins research, which Dr. Michael Salla is pushing the boldest claims we have had in the previous works of our series. So, Corey, welcome back.

Corey Goode: Thank you.

David Wilcock: Dr. Sallo, welcome to our series.

Dr. Michael Salla: Thank you, David.

What is exopolitics

David Wilcock: Your website is called "", which probably does not need to be explained in detail. Still, I'd like to start by defining what you think exactly exopolitics.

Dr. Michael Salla: Of course. When I first came across information on extraterrestrial life and classified technology, I taught international politics at the American University in Washington DC. The more I cared about these matters and examined them, the clearer they were, they were quite realistic. I began to think about what the best area I could describe. Because I was moving in international politics, it was obvious to me that it had something to do with politics - and because we have exobiologists and exoplanetologists, the logical notion was exopolitice. And here I have begun to examine.

David Wilcock: Much has been discussed about Voyager 2 and a plaque on it with the engraving of two human beings and a plan where we are.

Did you come to your research to conclude that the plate might be unnecessary or redundant? Are we really alone or have we been contacted?

Dr. Michael Salla: Well, when you look at all the reports that have come from various witnesses over the years and all those who claim to have met the aliens, you will stop wondering if one day we will discover extraterrestrial life or whether we will one day be discovered. We have long been discovered, aliens are visiting us and interacting with us. It's just about finding out exactly who the aliens are talking about - which government agencies, which military units are involved in this secret cooperation, and what the extent of this cooperation is. That's what I'm most interested in, because I always wanted to know what the driving forces of international politics are. The more we know about the agreements and treaties concluded, the clearer is what really matters in international politics.

Book of Dr. You can buy Michaela Sally in ours Suenee Universe eshop.

Salla: Secret UFO Projects

David Wilcock: When we know that all these decisions are made without any vote and without any public approval, what is your position in this exopolitical dialogue?

Dr. Michael Salla: As a political scientist I do not concentrate on judging what decisions are right or wrong, but rather on bringing more transparency into the whole issue. I believe the more transparent things are, the better it is possible to decide what to do and what should not be done. And I believe responsibility is absolutely crucial. As a political scientist I always think about how it is possible to make people responsible for their decisions. How to ensure that politicians and policymakers are responsible for their actions? To become accountable, transparency is necessary.


But when I look at the whole extraterrestrial phenomenon, transparency is still missing here. This means that certain people make decisions that affect us all without having any responsibility for them and without the public, politicians or representatives knowing it, who could regulate it in any way. That is why my goal is to achieve transparency and to bring these phenomena to light.

Corey Goode: Yes, lack of transparency is indeed a problem. That is why the informants come to the word. And you've had access to William Tompkins for some time.

Dr. Michael Salla: Exactly. Bill Tompkins is very interesting. I first heard about it at the end of 2015 or the beginning of 2016 when I got some recordings of his interviews. His testimony was incredible. And I was lucky to know a key person in his book Elected aliens, which was published in 2015. Dr. Robert Wood is my colleague. So I went after him and asked him: "How did you work with Bill Tompkins, whose story is so wonderful?", and Bob explained it to me.

William Tompkins: Selected by aliens

Corey Goode: Bob is the right guy.

Dr. Michael Salla: Exactly.

Corey Goode: Year

Dr. Michael Salla: I've worked with Bob before checking out certain documents relating to the assassination of President Kennedy. So I know Bob is really one of the leading document verifiers, especially classified. That is why I was encouraged to tell me that the testimony of Bill Tompkins is true - that he was actually working on a navy project, then worked for more than a decade in the Douglas Aircraft Company and that his information was trusted. I met with Bill Tompkins in January 2016 and we made a chat together - more than 10 hours of material.

I was really trying to explore all the details of his story. Then I started to find out how true his story is and whether the people he talked about really exist. Bob demonstrated the truth of Bill's story from 1950 to 1963 when Bill worked for Douglas Aircraft Company. But was it possible to verify the period he spent at Naval Air Station in San Diego? Were the people he named real? The biggest problem we had with the Admiral, who was supposed to be running the program himself. Even in the book, the admiral's name was misspelled. That is why we had a big problem verifying whether this person actually existed.

Rico Botta

David Wilcock: Michael, when we listened to your interviews with Tompkins, it sounded like "Rick Obatta". It sounded like he was talking about someone named Rick. I thought that too. How did the name manage to decipher it?

Dr. Michael Salla: Inu, the book was referred to as "Rick Obattu".

David Wilcock: Exactly.

Dr. Michael Salla: But we could not find any admiral named "Rick Obatta." Eventually it turned out that his name was "Rico Botta, BOTTA."

David Wilcock: Clearly.

Dr. Michael Salla: Once we found his correct name, we were able to find his resume, and found out that such a man actually worked for the Navy, that he was an admiral, and that he was in charge of a Naval Air Force base in San Diego. It was fascinating that when we were looking at whether this admiral existed or not, we finally had his name, but we did not know anything else about it. There was nothing about it even on the Internet. But at the same time, in March 2016, take on a website of one naval flyer called Gold eagles he discovered one-page biography of Admiral Rico Botta. Out of nowhere. We felt like someone was helping us ...

Corey Goode: Correctly.

Dr. Michael Salla: ... that some navy people are trying to help us.

Corey Goode: Exactly.

Dr. Michael Salla: Because there was nothing at all about Ric Bott before the March 2016.

Corey Goode: There is nothing strange about this, because Tompkins has testified about the classified project.

Dr. Michael Salla: Tompkins seems to be helping someone. For me, this detail was a concrete confirmation that there are people in the navy who want this story to come to light. As soon as this one-page biography came out, we were able to learn more about Ric Bott, his life, and the way he worked at the base of the Naval Air Force in San Diego. It was a great breakthrough, as Rico Botta was key to demonstrating the truth of Tompkins' story when he worked at the Naval Air Force Base in San Diego.

David Wilcock: Dr. Sallo, you were one of the few prominent UFO researchers who dared to step out and confirm the credibility of Corey's story. What led you to believe in the truth of Corey's story?

Dr. Michael Salla: Oh yes. One of the decisive factors for me was that his testimony was so consistent and that his body's speech was also consistent. When I first started with 2016 or 2015 with Corey ...

David Wilcock: Year

Corey Goode: Yes, in 2015.

Email conversations

Dr. Michael Salla: Right, at the beginning of 2015. I've had several e-mail talks with him - I think maybe a dozen or so.

Corey Goode: It is true.

Dr. Michael Salla: Corey answered my questions, I read and replied to his answers so that other people could read it too. And it was interesting to see that his responses from these emails matched his responses from videos. When you respond in writing, some part of the brain works ...

Corey Goode: Correctly.

Dr. Michael Salla: ... left brain. But when you respond orally, you are using the right half of your brain. Yet his testimonies were the same. His testimony was consistent. She has agreed a lot of other circumstances. Essential was when Corey talked about his trip to Mars in the middle of 2015. He described that he had gone along with Gonzalez to investigate the slave labor exploitation on Mars - that he had gone to the colony the brutal governor dictated as a dictatorship. At the same time, when Corey came up with this information, the British Interplanetary Society in London organized a symposium where over thirty top aerospace engineers, think tanks and several government officials discussed how it would be possible to remove a dictator from a hypothetical mining base on Mars. Imagine that Mars is the dictator's base - how do you remove this person?

Corey Goode: Yes, it was a few days after we published this information in Space Revelations (Cosmic Disclosure).

Dr. Michael Salla: Exactly. Exactly. Another "match of coincidence" President Obama has signed a law that makes space mining subject to no regulatory oversight. This means that all cases of exploitation in the universe - for example, if the mining corporations abused slave labor - have been out of government control until 2022. The President signed this law at the same time that Corey came out with this information to light. And such "coincidences" were even more.

David Wilcock: It is also noteworthy that you wrote the first book, where Corey Good's testimony is thoroughly discussed.

Dr. Michael Salla: Insiders reveal secret space programs and alien alliances

Dr. Michael Salla: My book's title is "Insiders reveal secret space programs and alien alliances". In this book, I was based on Corey's testimony, from our email conversations. I used a lot of this material and also confirmed their credibility, whether the testimony corresponds to historical documents. One of the key things Corey said was that Nazi Germany had a secret space program run from Nazi Germany and Antarctica.

So I began to find out if there was any evidence that the Nazis really had a space program - and I found historical documents that confirmed it. One of them was a collection of documents from fascist Italy from 1933, proving that Benito Mussolini set up a strictly secret group for the study of the flying plate. The Italians discovered a flying saucer at 1933 and set up a strictly secret group for her study, headed by Guglielmo Marconi.

Guglielmo Marconi

Guglielmo Marconi

It turned out that Italy already studied this phenomenon in 1933. Soon afterward, fascist Italy became an ally of Nazi Germany, sharing all these technologies, all of these findings. And that actually supports what Corey said.

Corey Goode: Later on, William Tompkins' book was written about the same and Tompkins was working at the time we recorded our interviews.

Dr. Michael Salla: Exactly. In fact, it happened that Bob Wood got a copy of my book and lent it to Bill Tompkins ...

Corey Goode: It is true.

Dr. Michael Salla: ... and said to him, "This is very similar to what you are writing about."My book was published in 2015 in September, and the Bill Tompkins book was released in 2015 in December.

Corey Goode: Year

Dr. Michael Salla: So Bill has a book that examines Corey's testimony and history of this secret space program, including two Nazi Germany programs - one in Germany and one in Antarctica. And Bill Tompkins read it and started screaming: "Oh my God! How did they get that information? I thought I was the only one who knew about it and that I would bring the secrets to light!

Corey Goode: Correctly.

Dr. Michael Salla: He was shocked that someone was talking about it himself. And for me, it was an important confirmation of what Corey said.

Corey Goode: Since then, you've been doing a thorough proof of Tompkins' claims. How much did you find during your research? Are our testimonies consistent?

Dr. Michael Salla: I found a lot of consensus. Mainly at the very beginning when the program was being created, and then on how the US Navy set up its own program to study what The Germans and then reversed engineering and designing their own ships. It was very important that Tompkins confirmed it to us.

Corey Goode: Definitely.

David Wilcock: Corey, when we talk about how fascist Italy has found UFOs, I have never heard you talk about the role of fascist Italy in a secret Nazi space program. Do you know anything about it?

Bases in Italy

Corey Goode: Yes. Yes. Many of their underground and mountain bases were in Italy.

David Wilcock: Really?

Corey Goode: They had reserved areas in Italy where they developed technologies and some of their components for their space program were produced in Italy.

Dr. Michael Salla: I also encountered a lot of interesting Corey and Bill's testimony: they both talk about the fact that Marconi took a lot of this information to South America and he also set up the program - a slightly more private program. Bill Tompkins also says that Marconi in South America has started something and that the Italians had a surprisingly large space program. Even with this, Corey's and Bill's testimony coincided.

David Wilcock: Dr. Sallo, you got to research Die Glocke, German flying saucers and their antigravity investigation? Did you write in your book as well?

Dr. Michael Salla: Yes, he wrote. These are examples of the war effort of the Nazis to convert alien technologies into weapons.

David Wilcock: Year

Dr. Michael Salla: This part of the Nazi space program was in charge SS a Krammler. We have witnesses who talk about German flying saucers and unsuccessful attempts to convert them into a gun. Many top Nazi scientists have worked in Antakrtida - they have been developing their most ambitious and, ultimately, the most effective space program here.

Corey Goode: Correctly. And also non-kinetic weapons.

Dr. Michael Salla: Correctly.

Corey Goode: Weapons based on energy.

Dr. Michael Salla: Exactly.

Corey Goode - Michael Salla - David Wilcock

David Wilcock: And did you get to research the Highjump project? Because one of the most remarkable things on Corey's testimony was the planned invasion of Antarctica, which was supposed to destroy the Nazi bases after World War II. Were you able to prove it?

Invasion of Antarctica

Dr. Michael Salla: Yes exactly. This was a very important part of Corey's testimony. I have been interested in myself a few years. I have heard many rumors about Operation Highjump and there is plenty of information about what Admiral Byrd's working group met in Antarctica. But from Bill Tompkins, I learned the wider context of Operation Highjump - that it was not just a battle in which the Navy attempted to cleanse the Nazi base at the turn of 1946-47, but that Admiral Byrd had yearned to negotiate with the Nazis a year earlier. They first wanted to agree with them, but these negotiations were unsuccessful and the British had already sent their special units 1945-46 in the summer immediately after the Second World War, after the surrender of Japan in August.

This means that just four months after the surrender of Japan, both British and Americans send groups to the Antarctic to find and negotiate with German bases. They negotiated at the end of the SS war and thought they could agree with the Nazis in Antarctica, but they did not. And so, according to Bill Tompkins, Admiral Byrd returned to Washington and said, "Unfortunately, negotiations failed." It was only then that the Navy decided that at the earliest opportunity, that is, the southern hemisphere at the turn of the 1946-47, Taskforce 68 or surgery Highjump.

But they did try to negotiate The Germans time to complete the development of directed energy weapons by which the Nazis equipped their flying saucers. When the navy finally emerged, the Nazis already had these flying plates, which were very effective in fighting the best fighters, destroyers and other navy ships.

Corey Goode: In this testimony, did Tompkins mention a high-level meeting between the US and the separatist Nazi faction in Argentina, or talk about Antarctica?

Dr. Michael Salla: He said that at the turn of the 1945-46 flight Admiral Byrd traveled to these specific negotiations in Antarctica.

Corey Goode: I have read about the high-level meeting that took place in Argentina.

Dr. Michael Salla: Aha.

David Wilcock: At the same time?

Corey Goode: Correctly.

Dr. Michael Salla: I see. Good. Well, that would be true because we heard many stories about Hitler, Kammler and Bormann going to South America to establish a new center of political power, the fourth empire.

Corey Goode: It was through them that the way to what was happening in Antarctica.

Dr. Michael Salla: Correctly. I would say ... yes, it is likely that there was a meeting or meeting, but Byrd went to lead these negotiations directly into Antarctica, at least according to Bill Tompkins.

David Wilcock: Perhaps you can remember Richard Dolan's interview with one of the insiders who spoke about the US President's plan to invade Area 51. It would be great if you share with us what you know about this invasion.

Corey Goode: I think the president really threatened the invasion of the First Army Division or something.

Dr. Michael Salla: Yes it is true. She was an informant with whom she first spoke Linda Moulton Howe about twelve years ago. Used a pseudonym cooper. He claimed to be part of the CIA team that President Eisenhower sent to Area 51 into the facility S4 to see what's going on. Eisenhower he felt he was out of the game - he did not know about the dealings with the Nazis or the aliens. He assumed that as president and chief army commander he should command these projects as well, because he was accustomed to observing the chain of command.

David Wilcock: Year

Area 51

Dr. Michael Salla: But it turned out that the people who commanded Area 51, had a different idea of ​​how these projects should be managed. Eisenhower was furious. He did not mind the secret - he was afraid the whole project was out of command. So when he found out the people from the facility S4 a Area 51 directs these projects out of his control, decides that if he does not get an exhaustive report on what's going on, he'll go there First Army, which was based in Denver, Colorado. Our informant cooper was part of a team that was sent to the facility S4. He described what he saw there: nine vessels, four of which were Nazi Germany. Two of these four vessels were the first Vril vessels developed by Maria Orsic with Vril ...

David Wilcock: Teda!

Dr. Michael Salla: ... and the other two were Haunebu, who developed it Nazi SS to create armed flying saucers. The other five vessels were extraterrestrial. Cooper's testimony is important because it provides us with another independent source of evidence of Nazi programs involving flying saucers and the fact that the US Army has gained some of them. He simply could not keep this secret hidden.

David Wilcock: Year

Dr. Michael Salla: He wanted to have a clean conscience, so he told the truth about some really important historical events he had participated in. He simply did not want to take this information to the grave. But he was just one of many informants who think the public needs to know this information and who are willing to expose themselves to the dangers they face when they publish it.

David Wilcock: So, Corey, we're in a situation where they are Nazis in Antarctica. There was an attempt to invasion that failed. Then Eisenhower tried to attack Area 51. Neither did it. Warns against the military-industrial complex. How to Alliance of the Secret Space Program (The "Secret Space Program Alliance", hereinafter SSPA), is setting up the UFO? Because when the public learns about these things, about the exopolitics that Dr. Salla, it will upset her. For seventy years it's completely out of control.

Corey Goode: Correctly. SSPA builds on this so we should tear off the patch to begin healing. SSPA is a terrestrial alliance of various countries, some of which are part of the BRICS that joined and started to negotiate what we call the "Mascot". For SSPA members, disclosure is of course also dangerous. They have decided for a very protracted publication spread over decades, which is simply not enough. However, the SSPA seeks to ensure that information on Antarctica is fully declassified before Mascot publish their modified, disinfected version. They are trying to prevent this crippling declassification.

The need for transparency

David Wilcock: Michael, you said you want transparency, but it is likely that declassification will cause people to be very upset and even violent. So how can transparency be the key to addressing our exopolitical problems?

Dr. Michael Salla: Simply because transparency can be achieved through accountability. You can achieve Congress control. You can create control bodies for different industries. High-ranking military officers can learn what their subordinates actually did, because it was a lot out of command. What so upset Eisenhower was not a single incident, but something that is happening today. For example, four-star admirals do not know what a subordinate captain is doing in one of these programs. And this is the case for both the Air Force and the Army. Transparency is key because it brings responsibility. It is a positive process. That's what I'm trying to do with my research.

David Wilcock: Do you think fear is an important factor? Are you afraid of your audience when you publish these things and try to achieve transparency? That is what we are constantly warned about - people will be afraid that they will do the right (no?).

Dr. Michael Salla: I'm afraid I'm more likely to meet with informers, witnesses who are afraid to share their information. What about them then? I remember remarkably how I interviewed Clifford Ston ten years ago and he said to me: "Look when this conversation ends, they come here and beat me, but I do not care. I do not care. I can handle it. " Because he knew this was the prize for revealing the truth.

David Wilcock: Incredibly!

Dr. Michael Salla: As a researcher or audience, I never felt such fear of declassification. They are informants, direct witnesses, who is afraid of their safety and the safety of their families.

Corey Goode: Yes, I agree.

David Wilcock: Do you think this fear is just a pretext to prevent declassification?

Corey Goode: No.

David Wilcock: Or do you think people really will feel the fear when the truth comes out?

Corey Goode: They really think that society will be completely disintegrated. They really believe it. They tried it. They exposed scientists and soldiers without their knowledge to aliens or information and watched their reactions. They have personality profiles of people working for them so they could try different types of personalities. However, that fear is most often the reaction of people from Christian families - which is a lot of people from the army. Therefore, he really believes that complete declassification would be irresponsible, as it would cause death, chaos, riots in the streets. And they are right. It causes. This is part of the process. But if we keep on going as far as leaving the declassification to the next generation, it will be just worse.

David Wilcock: Assuming that the beings you are in contact with are benevolent, why do they want complete declassification, why does not they deny the danger of our reaction to them? Why are they pushing so many?

Corey Goode: For these beings, the development of consciousness is most important. Not having transparency means that we are reneging on the renaissance of consciousness. Declassification will be a bitter pill for us. But in the long run, it is beneficial to us because it will lead to our cooperation, to create our common creative consciousness.

David Wilcock: That's a very good news. I hope you enjoyed tonight - I certainly do. My name is David Wilcock and I spoke here today with our dedicated friend Corey Goodem and our special guest, Dr. Michael Sallou from the exopolitical institute. Thank you for your attention.

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