How sad is when black clouds go ...

03. 01. 2024
6th international conference of exopolitics, history and spirituality

How much do you think about these words?

Perhaps their author had just read the weather forecast for today, and just out of carelessness under a fit of heavy emotions, he said into space: oh, how sad it is when the clouds čblack go. :(

Or maybe at that moment he perceived the world with different eyes and tried to find some verbal phrase to describe the holy body and spirit.

We can find yet another angle. Maybe a mystical state of spirit depending on the weather outside. Or else: How our collective mind works"Heaven Over The Head".

We feel disturbed when it rains for seven days with breaks and the weather is ugly (- overcast). Not everyone is a fan of gloomy weather. It's about as if my we're scowling at the world, so on frowns at us. There is no doubt in our way that it sets us the mirror into the soul.

May rain is a special case. The sun is not hiding behind the clouds, it laughs more when it starts to draw a rainbow with your own rays and fine droplets of fragrant rain of happiness.

Some enthusiasts (Inspired by Alice) in a fit of sudden intoxication, they succumb to the desire to (i) dance barefoot on the cobblestones. Understandable colleagues are crammed into a small arcade of a historic town house.

Against this, the beings (Inspired by Enelya), who live from the feeling that the sun rises in the sky in the morning - it shines brightly. Not a cloud anywhere - and then plunges into the red until it disappears completely beyond the horizon.

We can imagine it as if the baby was first watching the world; heaven (sa) and nature at all.

The sun is smiling at you from a great distance of azure blue sky. You feel its positive power that permeates you. Here and there you see little lambs drinking steam from the sky… It's a pleasant feeling.

Suddenly he will come into your way bewounds, and when the ram so proper. Stubborn, annoying, unyielding. It overshadows the view of the life-giving sun. Lightning comes from the sky. Sadness and coldness fall into the soul. Why? For a few silly words? We frown at each other without being hostile to each other. There is too much negative energy in it…

That ugly cloud is basically anything that gets in our way and gets rid of our good mood. There is something wrong with it that obscures our view and we lose ours sun. Suddenly we will succumb to the ram who seemed to be waiting - as if he wanted to enjoy us. He is pleased that we are subject to his power - it is a certain subconscious victory for him. (It is upon us St.its shadow.)

I think there's a way to defend yourself. And not just look up to the sun, but be the sun! There is nothing difficult. Try to smile sincerely and look somebody in the eye when he is about to scold you ... :)

There is something beautiful about those words. It's like a caress for the soul. Words that arouse fantasy to life. Something strikes everyone about them. Even "nothing" is something, albeit vague. Emotional thoughts lead to a state of inability to express oneself with words, because such words have not yet been invented.

How sad when the clouds čblack go "?"

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