What is an ISSN?

Czech National Center ISSN is one of the 89 national centers that make up ISSN networkISSN (International Standard Serial Number) is an 8-digit code that uniquely identifies the names of periodicals and other so-called ongoing resources published anywhere in the world. ISSN records are stored in a reference basis - the International ISSN Register.

What is the ISSN for?

  • You can use ISSN in quotes from professional journals.
  • The ISSN is used as an identification code for the need for computer processing, searching, and data transmission.
  • ISSNs use libraries to identify and order magazines, for interlibrary services and union catalogs.
  • ISSN is an essential element for effective electronic delivery of documents.
  • It can be generated from the ISSN Barcode GTIN 13 for the distribution of periodicals.

What ISSN has been allocated Suenee Universe

The Czech National ISSN has been assigned a number to these websites ISSN 2570-4834.