Bible: Real story

Bible stories, as presented to us today, are in many cases merely a reflection of true history. Although the Bible is referred to as a book of books — a book whose contents have been unchanged since its inception, closer examination confirms the fact that its contents have been modified and refined several times over time to meet the political needs of their time.

If it is possible to find an earlier edition or, even better, the writings that preceded the very creation of the Bible, it is always a burning place for religious structures. It is always worrying whether our idea will coincide with that of our ancestors.

With a political cut in 382 AC at the Council in Rome it was decided which texts are acceptable and which need to be burned. Those who have not reached the final falsification of history are often deeply spiritual and spiritually transformative. Today's view has much to do with Eastern teachings. Collectively, they are sometimes referred to as gnostic.