I do not want to eat a squid!

18. 06. 2022

Little Portuguese boy Luz Antonie explains why he does not want to eat the squid that his mother has served him in the accompanying video. But it is not the result of some misunderstanding. After the question came about what happened to the head of the octopus, whose tentacles are on the plate, the philosophy of killing the animals for our food is taking place.


In the meantime, he lists all possible animals that are commonly eaten and says he does not like eating because he has to die because he is alive. "Those animals - we have to take care of them and not eat them!" says this sharp boy in the video. This surprising discovery and decision to stop eating all the animals (including fish) touched his mother to tears.

Interesting in this context is a study that claims to be of intelligent children are more likely to be vegetarians.
Most children have a natural sympathy for other animals, and therefore parents usually conceal from them where the meat comes from. If the parents did not distort the children's empathy, the world might be a better place.

Source: Soucitime

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