10 of the most remarkable ancient temples on Earth

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Old cultures around the world have built some of the most amazing buildings, like temples, thousands of years ago on the surface of the planet. With the incredible knowledge of mathematics, astronomy, engineering and architecture, people in ancient times created truly miraculous sights that resisted the test of time. Some of these structures are encircled by mystery because they resist everything we have learned about ancient cultures.

From laser-like cuts to supermassive blocks of stone weighing up to a hundred tons - these unbelievable ancient structures prove that our ancestors were much more advanced than what we consider them to be. Join this pilgrimage, exploring the ten most remarkable temples ever built on Earth.

Konark Sun Temple

This ancient temple located in Orissa, India, was built by a king named Narasimhadeva I of the Eastern Gang Dynasty in 1255. I find this temple staggering, for it contains so many complex design details that your jaw drops. The temple itself has the shape of a huge warship, but its breathtaking design features are shaped like smaller, artificially carved stone walls, columns and castors. Most of the building is now in ruins.


Another temple, perhaps equally stunning, is the so-called temple Brihadeeswarar, which was dedicated to God Shiva and built on the orders of ruler Raja Raja Chola I. The temple was completed in 1010 and is located in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. One of the most significant features is the massive 40 high Viman (flying machine), one of the largest in the world. The whole temple was built of granite, and the scholars calculated that people of ancient times used more than 130 000 tons of this stone to build.


This temple complex is home to 240 rocket-like structures. It was allegedly built during 9. century building of the Sanjaya dynasty, the first kingdom of Mataram in central Java. Prambanan is considered to be the most important Hindu temple in Indonesia, and is one of the largest in Southeast Asia. Stunning rocket-like designs are characterized by a high and pointed architectural style, which, according to historians, is typical of Hindu architecture. It has a tower-like, 47-meter high central building inside a large complex of individual temples.


One of my favorite old temples is located in Ellora, Maharashtra, India. This ancient miracle of the world is considered the largest rock-carved temple on the surface of the planet. Kailasanatha The Temple (16 Cave) is one of 34's cave temples and monasteries known as the Ellora Cave. Its construction is generally attributed to King Krsna I, the Rashtrakuta dynasty of 8. century in 756-773.

Temple of Goddess Hathor in Dendera

From India we travel to Egypt. Here, in the land of Pharaohs, in Dendera, we find an ancient monument, temple, built in honor of the goddess Hathor. Interestingly, this temple, located just 2,5 km southeast of Dendery, is one of the best preserved Egyptian complexes (especially its central temple) because he remained buried under the sand and mud until he was in the middle of 19. Auguste Mariette did not unravel.

In the temple of the goddess Hathor in Dendera is a mysterious relief, which some authors claim, showing a massive bulb used by ancient Egyptians, suggesting that the ancient Egyptians had access to advanced technologies thousands of years ago, such as electricity.

Temple of the Khafre Valley

Egypt has a number of ancient temples worth mentioning, and I can not rule out the Khafre valley from this article. This ancient temple is one of the most tempered temples in Egypt, primarily because of the mysterious "Bent" stones, which lie inside the temple. It contains supermassive blocks of stones weighing over 150 tons and design elements that are quite similar to those halfway around the world in Peru.

The Giant Pyramid Temple of Borobudur

This beautiful ancient building is considered to be the largest Buddhist monument shaped pyramid in the world, but is also one of the most complex structures on the surface of the planet. Recognized scholars have no idea who put it, what was its original purpose, or how it was built on earth.

Temples and pyramids of ancient civilization in Peru

In Peru, deep inside the desert area, there is more hidden than the 5000 years of the ancient civilization of Caracal, which built beautiful temples and pyramids. It is believed that the pyramids and the temples of Peru were built (at least 500 years earlier than the pyramids on the Giza plateau) by the people of the developed Caral culture (Supe Valley, in the province of Barranca, about 200 km north of Lima). The recognition of Carla as the oldest civilization of America has greatly deserved Dr. Ruth Shady - Czech countryman, the daughter of Jiří Hirš.

Sun Temple of Coricancha

From Peru I travel to the Temple of the Sun (or Coricancha, Koricancha, Qoricancha or Qorikancha) to the main shrine of the Incas. Its inner walls, which are stored and shaped with millimeter accuracy, are even more surprising when it is known that during the Empire of the Incas they were not "naked", but all the walls of the temple, according to Garcilas de la Vega, which Coricance wrote at the end of the sixteenth century, "were covered from top to bottom by massive golden plates." The Coricancha Temple is part of a beautiful complex of several temples.

Bayon Temple

Last but not least, we are traveling to Cambodia. There in Angkor Thom lies the ruins of the 200 temple complex of smiling faces: the Bayon Temple. Built at the end of 12. century and completed under the reign of Jayavarman VII. in Buddhist style. The temple is oriented towards the east, and its constructions are assembled back toward the west in the interior of the fence along the east-west axis. It is best known for its 54 towers and more than two hundred Buddhas that make you feel as if they are looking at you with a relaxed, quiet and blissful look.

Did you visit any of these temples? Do you have a tip for another, similarly unique? Do not hesitate to post us in the comments. We will be glad for your references, experiences, photos, recommendations ...

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  • petrvetr says:

    I have seen the photo with the alleged bulb from the Hathor Goddess Temple, but I confess that I have never seen it in detail. One thing came to me. Imagine that there are no bulbs, but a symbol for a difficult thing. To the left, the figure rises, by its force, has a pad on its head because it really hurts. Well, on the right is the guy behind the mechanism, something like a hydraulic piston that raises it. Well, you got my hands on me, how do you ... To make it a little, next to him is the guy who advised him and you know what? He has an elongated skull

  • petrvetr says:

    Thank you for the article, these photos are fantastic. I do not think we could even imitate any of these buildings today. Building a monster made of iron or concrete is not a problem, but how long does it last? This is a different level

    • Martin Horus Martin Horus says:

      The original name and meaning of Dendery is "Lunet," which literally denotes Luno, in the ancient Egyptian understanding as "the Divine Lady", with the principle of HatHor as the Goddess of Love, Reproduction and Fruit. Not just as a terrestrial but a Space Sow with living organisms, which makes a comprehensive reference to Cosmological Astronomy.
      All other modern titles are misleading, Greek or Arabic distractions that draw attention from the true nature of the destination.
      The building is covered, respectively. the lower floor lies deep under the sand after several global floods from a long past. So it's not a cellar but a bottom floor.
      Relief shows the waving Snake, a sign of Medicine taken to the present.
      So it's more of Genetic Procreation.
      There are also some hieroglyphics that traditional Egyptologists call unknown.
      Thus, if Lunet / Dendera is what the indices seem to be, they can be untranslatable by the technical and / medical markings, and the whole complex with a genetic complex.

      • AROUND AROUND says:

        And HatHor was an alien?

        • Sueneé says:

          All into Egyptian "gods" of one;)

        • Martin Horus Martin Horus says:

          It is undoubtedly an Alien Creature. Literally the first human Mother of the Creator.
          HatHor is the same as NinMah. This is Enki's sister-wife, Genetic Director, also helped by NinKi's second wife. In the beginning, in the 14 laboratory of female parents, respectively. midwives.
          When I take away all the aged historical deposits and leave the initial Anunnaki and Sumer and Egypt, all that was, is and will be here on Earth is a reflection of what happened on Nibiru.
          As I have already written, We have the truth in ourselves, just open the genetic well of knowledge, belief in oneself.
          Oldo, you said you have a good command of English ... you can contribute to revealing the biggest scam that is done on the human mind ... what about it?

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