Bob Lazar: I repaired an alien ship for the army!

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A secret military base 51 area (Area 51) in the Nevada Desert near Groom Lake is still full of mysteries. In a simple way, it could be said that there are conspirators here storage of extraterrestrial technologies, which are also tested and developed here. Exactly with this statement, a certain physicist named Robert Lazar appeared in front of TV reporter George Kanappa in 1989. There was a huge crack.

The secret S4

Lazar, in the local television broadcast, claimed to have worked in a top-secret facility called S4, very close to Area 51 near the Paproose Lake. He worked here in 1988 and 1989 on the development of an alien ship and its power units. With his own eyes he saw nine flying saucers in hangars. He read a variety of manuals on alien presence on Earth and its secrecy. On one of the nine plates he worked and was inside several times.

Area51: hangar

Mysterious element based on 115

He described in detail his drive, which was based on 115. It is a super-hard element that mankind can not produce yet, or at least there is no evidence. According to Lazarus, this element comes from other galaxies and serves extraterrestrial ships as fuel. The element generates a strong gravitational field that surrounds the entire ship. Although Lazar had never seen any extraterrestrials, they were talking about them in the documents that came into his hands. One day he once saw a small figure who was definitely not a man, but he did not have time to look at it anyway. He had to sign a statement that he would never talk about anything he saw. His statement on TV has, of course, violated this statement.

The consequences did not leave for long to wait. Lazara fired immediately from work. She began to investigate not only his claims but also his life. And that had numerous gaps. Lazar, according to his words, had previously worked at Los Alamos International Laboratories, but nobody knew him there. Likewise, there are no records of his alleged study at MIT and CalTech. In fact, he failed to verify his professional and professional life at all. But Lazar claims that it is the work of a government that has decided to discredit him and discard any evidence of what he says or what he was.

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Lazar on the lie detector - true or lie?

Lazar even went to the lie detector, but the results were not conclusive. To date, nothing has been confirmed from what he said. On the other hand, the details of the operation of the superlative devices Lazar had been able to read or think. For example, he detailed the procedure where he flew unmarked aircraft with other staff directly to the research center, or the security measures and technical equipment of the center. He always lasted on his words, even though he was referred to as a fool or liar by part of the public and the media. Even the camp of his supporters from the ranks of the ufologists and the conspirators is very numerous.

But the only question remains, Lazar spoke the truth?

Whoever speaks English here document directly on the testimony of Bob Lazarus:

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