Home as a living being

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"They come, introduce themselves and then just watch." Through their eyes they perceive space. And then something happens that I consider to be an absolutely natural thing. They close their eyes. They want to perceive with other senses. I completely understand and retreat into the background, get away, even out of the apartment or out of the house and let the clients be. Just be. ”

I am pleased to see that this practice is getting more and more frequent with clients (either with men or women). Especially when it comes to buying an apartment or house in which to live. Home is the gateway to a sense of safety, security, rest and creativity. We spend a great deal of our lives in it, so it is important that its energy merges with ours.

I always remember when I was selling a large apartment in Vinohrady with 37 owners. Most owners have been in the 70 to 90 years. And it was important to communicate with them frequently, to visit them, to be fully informed about what was going on, what would be the next steps. Incredible encounters. Many people have lived here since time immemorial.

They always asked me, "Would you like some coffee, girl?" And then began to talk. "And here the musician Mr. Sádlo lived, and next to the architect and the husband and wife who owned the butcher, they had a housewife there, and we often met in the backyard and talked, played and sang ... a girl, that was really how to live ... "

Home is a living being, where stories are written. It is an indivisible, living entity that connects all spiritual and physical elements. Often, in the flats of these witnesses, there was a place, a sanctuary.

Home is a being where we sleep, sleep, think, watch, meditate, pray, love. It is a place where we really are and where we want to be without any pretense. Here we are laughing, but we are also troubled, sad, crying. It's our life story.

Home is an example of us, a reflection of what we are.

It is a small but very prominent part of our planet, a living intelligent being that gives us the optimum conditions to fulfill our tasks with which we have come to the world. And just like our entire planet, the place we live in, this tiny part of our planet is sensitive to everything we do about it.

Let's love and protect our home as well as our country.

If everything exists in unity, then the consciousness of the earth exists within us. And our consciousness affects the Earth's energy as well as the energy of our home. If we don't care about our home, we hurt ourselves above all. All things have their aura.

And when I have the rare opportunity to enter a beautiful, apartment building that is filled with stories and beautiful energy, I always get a light smile on my face, my body is quivering as if it wants to soak up the pleasant energy, wanting to know more and for a while and forever I become a part of stories, a whole being.

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