Graham Hancock: A War of Consciousness

5 20. 05. 2023
5th international conference of exopolitics, history and spirituality

After 6 million years of boredom, the evolutionary rise of our species since the last ancestor of the chimpanzee, we have become something extraordinary. It happened less than 100 000 years, which is, by the way, long after an anatomically modern person developed. Less than 100 000 years ago, even less than 40 000 years ago, we gained consciousness and became completely symbolic creatures. This enormous change is referred to as the most important step forward in the development of human behavior and is closely related to the emergence of significant transcendental rocky and cave paintings around the world.

In the last 30 years, scientists at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa headed by prof. David Louis Williams and many others point to the fascinating, revolutionary possibility that we have gained consciousness in connection with meeting our ancestors with visionary plants and emerging shamanism.

When examining cave paintings - I do not have time to deal with details - it is clear from many details that this art arose in states of altered consciousness on the basis of vision, and that this sudden and fundamental change was apparently directly linked to plants and sponges like redhead or psilocybin mushrooms .

When I became interested in the mystery of consciousness, I took this opportunity to explore the Amazon, where even today we find shamanic cultures that drink a strong visionary beverage, ayahuascu, whose active ingredient is dimethyltryptamine or DMT. At the molecular level, it is very close to psilocybin. The DMT itself, which we find in the West, where it usually smokes, is not orally effective. In our stomach we have an enzyme called monoamine oxidase, which cancels the effect of DMT. However, the Amazon solved this problem. They say they have learned ghosts. The DMT contained in ayahuasce comes from leaves of a plant called Amazon called chacruna. These leaves are mixed with the bark which, as the only 150 000 species of Amazonian plants and trees, contains a monoamine oxidase inhibitor that shuts off the gastric enzyme. Thanks to this, DMT can be applied orally from the fragrance of this unique combination of plants and embark on an 4 hour journey into extraordinary spheres.

But drinking ayahuasca is not fun. The decoction of ayahuasca tastes really nasty. He is really disgusting and smells terrible. After drinking your cup, you will find yourself sweating and feeling sick from your stomach until about 45 minutes. You may soon vomit, you may get diarrhea. So nobody does it recreationally. I would like to add that, in my opinion, no psychedelic should be used recreationally. They have a much more serious and important mission for mankind. So it's not fun. But people are committed to using ayahuasca again and again - and determination is indeed needed - for its extraordinary effects on consciousness.

Pablo Amaringo

Pablo Amaringo

One of them is related to creative abilities. The creative cosmogenic stimuli of ayahuasca are evident in the images of Peruvian shamans working with ayahuasca, such as the paintings of Pablo Amaring, capturing colorful, vibrant colors and amazing visions. And these creative impulses came to Western artists. Ayahuasca has fundamentally influenced many Western artists who also paint their visions. In their paintings we see another universally shared experience, a meeting with obviously intelligent beings who communicate with us telepathically. I am not saying that these beings are real or unrealistic. All I can say is that from a phenomenological point of view, people from all over the world meet them during ayahuscic experience - and most often it is the spirit of Ayahuasca itself, Mother Ayahuascu, who heals us, and although she is a mother-goddess of our planet, it seems that and is personally interested in us as an individual, wants to heal our illnesses, help us be the best beings, correct our erroneous or misguided behaviors that lead us astray.

And perhaps because of this - but not much talk about it - ayahuasca is very successful in treating harmful addictions to hard drugs such as heroin and cocaine. Jacques Mabit at the Peruvian Takiwasi Clinic accepts heroin and cocaine addicts for monthly treatment, and makes 12 sessions with them, during which they meet Mother Ayahuasco. Encounters are dependent on the desire to stop cocaine and heroin, and more than half of them are completely free of addiction, no longer falling into it, and even having withdrawal symptoms.

Equally amazingly healed in Canada by Dr. Gabor Maté until his Canadian government ended his work on the basis that ayahuasca itself is an illegal drug. I have a personal experience with her. I was not addicted to cocaine or heroin, but 24 for years I smoked cannabis. I started to smoke marijuana, I used a vaporizer, but briefly I was 24 years essentially constantly tested. I enjoyed the condition and I thought it helped me write. Sometimes it was true, but when I first met ayahuasca, I smoked marijuana for 16 years and ayahuasca almost immediately started to say that hemp no longer gives me that I am uncomfortable about the others and throw them under my feet. Of course, this information has been ignored for years, and again, 16 hours have been shaken daily. The negative behavior that ayahuasca warned me was getting worse.

I do not want to throw away cannabis in any way, and I think every adult has the sovereign right to choose to smoke him. But I used it overly and irresponsibly; I actually abused him. I was still more paranoid, jealous, more fortunate and suspicious, I was overwhelmed by irrational anger, I was angry with the life of my beloved partner Santha. And when I met XYNUMX in October again with ayahuascus, I got a really incredible kick from Mother Ayahuas. I went through the martyr. It was a sort of recapitulation of my life. It is no coincidence that the ayahuasca is referred to as the liar of death. She showed me my death and found that if I die and get where I come after death without correcting my life mistakes it will be very bad. With Mother Ayahuascu, I literally went through hell. It reminded me a little of the Hell, painted by Hieronymus Bosch. Really terrible. There was also a bit of a place where, according to the ancient Egyptians, God Usir judged, and where souls were measured before the gods in scales with a feast of truth, righteousness, and cosmic harmony.

I have found that the path I follow, my cannabis abuse and the behaviors associated with it will lead me to be judged "unsatisfactory" and apparently destroyed in the afterlife. So it's probably no surprise that when I returned to England in October 2011, I quit cannabis and have never smoked it since. But I remind you that I am talking about my personal experience and I do not comment on other ways of using cannabis. As if a stone had literally fallen from my heart, I feel free in many ways. My creativity doesn't stagnate at all, on the contrary, as a writer I am more productive, more creative, more focused and also more efficient. I also began to address my negative aspects that marijuana revealed - it's a long process - and perhaps I'm slowly becoming a more caring, loving, more positive person.

All this transformation-and for me a personal transformation-made it possible for me to meet with the death that Mother Ayahuasca mediated. I ask myself the question: what is death? Our material science reduces everything to matter. According to Western material science, we are simply meat, we are mere bodies, so once the brain dies, it means the end of our consciousness. There is no life after death, we have no soul. We just sue and it's up to us. Many honest scientists should admit, however, that consciousness is the greatest mystery of science, and that we do not know exactly how it works. The brain is involved to some extent, but we do not know how. The brain may generate consciousness, just like the generator produces electricity. If you keep this paradigm, of course you do not believe in life after death. When the generator breaks, consciousness is there, but there is also the possibility that this relationship - and neuroscience does not exclude it - rather resembles the relationship of TV signal and television. And if the TV breaks in this case, the TV signal, of course, persists. And this is the paradigm of all spiritual traditions: we are immortal souls that are temporarily materialized in this physical form, are learning, growing and developing. If we want to learn something about this mystery, then materialist Reducational scientists are the last to ask. They have nothing to say at all.

Let us turn to the ancient Egyptians, whose best minds, after 3000 years, have been devoted to the question of death and how we should live to prepare for what we will encounter after death. The ancient Egyptians expressed their thoughts in transcendental art, which are both emotional to us and today, and have come to certain very specific conclusions that the soul lives on after death, and we will be responsible for all our thoughts, for every deed done during life. So we would have this valuable opportunity - to be born in the human body - to take it seriously and make the most of it.

The ancient Egyptians, however, did not train their imagination when examining their mysteries of death. They have greatly appreciated dreams and we now know that they used visionary plants as a hallucinogenic lotus blue, and it is interesting that the ancient Egyptian tree of life was recently identified as Acacia nilotica, which contains a high concentration of DMT, dimethyltryptamine, the same active substance found in ayahuasce.

But we can hardly imagine a company that would differ from the old Egyptian society more than ours. In our society, we have resistance to visionary states. If we want to offend someone, we'll mark him a dreamer. In ancient societies it was a recognition. We have built enormous powerful bureaucratic apparatuses that interfere with privacy, eject us, arrest us, send to prison - sometimes for years - to hold even a small amount of psilocybin or substances like DMT, either in inhalable form or as ayahuasque . Ironically, DMT is, as we know today, the natural hormone in our brain. It is in the body of each and every one of us, and the problem is just that because of the lack of research we do not know how it works.

But our society does not stand against the changed states of consciousness as such. After all, the immoral psychiatric association and the pharmaceutical lobby are making billions of surplus prescription drugs to regulate so-called syndromes such as depression or attention deficit disorder in teenagers.

And then there is our society's warm relationship to alcohol. We are taking one of the most boring drugs to heaven, despite the terrible consequences of its use. And of course we love our stimulants: our tea, our coffee, our energy drinks, our sugar. Entire industries are based on these substances, and we value them for changing our consciousness. These permitted altered states of consciousness have one thing in common: none of them goes against the basic state of consciousness that our society recognizes, a kind of "problem-oriented alert consciousness." This is suitable for rather mundane aspects of science. It is suitable for warfare, for trading, for politics, but I would say that everyone is aware that the potential of a society that is monopoly on such a state of consciousness is empty. ¨

This model is no longer working. That he is broken in every respect in which he may be. There is an urgent need to find something else instead: the vast problem of global pollution caused by a deliberate pursuit of profit, the horrible proliferation of nuclear weapons, the horror of starvation where millions of people are sleeping hungry each evening. And we can not solve this problem at all, in spite of wary problem-oriented awareness.

Look at the Amazon, the lungs of our planet where we find so many different species. The ancient forest falls and instead is grown in large soybeans to feed cattle from which we make burgers. Such an abomination can only be done in a really sick state of global consciousness.

During the war in Iraq, I made a quick calculation, and it was clear to me that the Amazon's problems would once and for all resolve the amount corresponding to the 6 spending of this war. It would be enough to compensate the Amazonian peoples, so they would not have to chop down a single tree, and they could only take care of this amazing source and protect it. But we as a global community can not do this. We can boldly spend billions on wars, violence, fear, suspicion, division, but we can not make joint efforts to save the lungs of our planet. Perhaps that is why the Shamans of the Amazon now diverge some sort of missionary work outwardly.

When I asked the shamans about the diseases of the West, they saw it quite clearly: “You have severed your relationship with the spirit. If you don't reconnect with him and do it soon, you will drop the whole house of cards and it will fall on your head and ours. ”And he believes - whether he is wrong or not - that the cure for this disease is ayahuasca.

Many people have heard the call and are now going to Amazonia to drink ayahuasku. Shamans working with Ayahuasque travel again to the West, offering their vet, often secretly and at their own risk, and trying to bring about a change of consciousness in us. The truth is that ayahuasca brings to everyone a message about the sacred, magical, magic, infinitely rare essence of life on Earth and the interconnection of the material and spiritual worlds. When working with ayahuasque, it can not be avoided that this message, sooner or later, deeply, intriguers us. But let us not forget that ayahuasca is not alone. It is part of an ancient, global system of targeted, careful, responsible change of consciousness.

Researchers have recently found that the kykeion, used in ancient Greece at the mysterious mysterious mysteries of Elizabeth, was most likely a psychedelic drink, and that the soda found in the Vedas was probably a red-faced drink.

We have DMT in the tree of life of old Egyptians and we know the world of shamanic culture that still exists. All of this is associated with a state of consciousness whose intent is to help us achieve balance and harmony. The ancient Egyptians described it as the cosmic Maat. Let us bear in mind that our mission here on Earth, where we are absorbed in matter, is above all a spiritual path, the goal of which is to develop and perfect the soul, a path that can bring us back to the very foundations of our human nature.

And here I exercise our hard-won right of freedom of speech and I invoke and demand recognition of another right: the right to the sovereignty of adults over their consciousness. Our society is waging war with consciousness, and if adults do not have the right to independently decide how to handle their consciousness without hurting someone - including the responsible use of ancient sacred visionary plants - then we cannot be considered free at all.

It is not worth our society to impose on our world our form of democracy, while at the same time poisoning blood in the veins of society and denying individuals the right to their consciousness. Perhaps, by maintaining this state of affairs, we even deny another, absolutely fundamental step of our evolution - and who knows, we may even defy our eternal destiny.

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you. Thank you.

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