Jaroslav Dušek: Banks are not about our money, but about our soul

3 01. 04. 2022
5th international conference of exopolitics, history and spirituality

Our company has the advantage, we do not have to improvise, everything we have instructions, decrees, laws and their subsequent amendments. Even if it turns out that our life is rather complicated, we do not doubt, we do not ask, we do it. Our guest, Jaroslav Dušek, would say we are no longer awake.

How do we make ourselves not to accept in a mindless way everything our system offers just because others have done it for a long time?

Martina: Jaroslava, from your point of view, are we changing?

I play 10 for Four Agreements, so I remember how people responded to 10, 8, 6 and it's obvious that some shift in consciousness occurs. I Ruis writes in his book, The Fifth Arrangement, that he spoke this fifth deal long, but nobody understood it, and then something happened and people understood it.

I think it's such a cyclical development of a being. The same is the civilizations. They are formed, they develop, then they have a period of great prosperity, and then they are as if they are in themselves. The Chinese are saying this: the predominance of the great. The beam is so thick that it breaks its own weight, it will not hold itself.

Why do we feel in our minds something so naive as economic growth?

It seems that civilization is getting into this stage by the misery, by not cultivating harmony. That instead we focus on growth and profit. That's interesting why the mantra is still an economic growth, instead of the mantra of harmony, balance.
How is it possible that so long in my mind it is haunting something so naive as economic growth? How could it be in all countries?

It's hypnosis and the funny thing about it is that we hypnotize ourselves to each other. It's fantastically invented.

Martina: And we have a chance to get out of it?

We have a clear chance. It is never too late. It's not too early. It's always just now. Now is the moment. Let's stop the machines on the planet for a few weeks, stop the production of the nonsense that nobody needs and is still being manufactured, and still imposing on people. Let's take a month to explore the planet and talk. Let's explore what we're looking for if it's after economic growth.


Let's go for a month on the planet and say Foto: pixabay.com

Martina: Beautiful but unreal

There are already such attempts as a car-free day and it does not matter that only one percent of cars are driven out. The tendency here is.

There is also a tendency for people to examine much more what they put in their bodies, what they eat. Suddenly, better and better people see that eating industrially produced food is such a contradiction, more and more people are engaged in how to meditate, more and more people are practicing.

People try to keep themselves in good mood. It is precisely because the pressure is great and that we see people around us who do not manage and collapse, will succumb to physical and psychological pressure.

That's because we're so reliant on securing that security, that infrastructure, that's all. As soon as it gets a little disturbed, we're standing there like we do, and we do not know what to do. These are the situations that logically lead us to the fact that we are exploring the capabilities of our own body.

We've gotten used to those illnesses that we can not imagine they were not

Martina: I will remind you of the theory that a doctor will make a stroke, then send it to a pharmacy and give him a cure. I understand what you mean, but I think it might work for me in the first inflammation of the intestine.


The doctor will make a shower, then send it to the pharmacy and give him a lek Photo: Filip Jandourek

But I know how the appendicitis develops? That's the key. It's about the fact that the inflammation does not have to happen, why should it be in a healthy body? Where would he be like in a harmonious body?

"There is such an old Indian saying: A white man is very powerful, so powerful that he can get sick."

It's a special idea. We've gotten used to those illnesses that we can not imagine they were not.

Since 1991, when I first crossed the hot coal, I do not take drugs and I'm not sick. That's my experience.

If we listened to the gentle signals of our body, we would be in the moment we are

overloading or derailing we would react. But we are leading to react only when the body collapses. But we can react two steps before.

Martina: Does it mean that when you feel tired and your body sends you to slow down, you will cancel the evening performance?

No, I'm going to need a fast. I do not eat for two days.

The miraculous human possibility is to harm the body. The body, which, if we had not “tried”, knows exactly what to do

Martina: Do you think that the world is as complicated as it may seem, or is it so complicated our perception of the world?

The world seems to be as complicated as we see it as complicated. The world is complicated as you want. Some things are mysteriously linked, but they are usually not complicated, they are structured.

Look, here we sit here, two bodies, these bodies are made up of billions of cells and all these cells are working together now. Is it complicated or not? Who is it complicated for? For our mind. For the body not. Is it complicated for cells? It is not.

Martina: I did not talk to any of them ...

Cells are doing well. The digestive cells spend, the breathing system breathes, the bloodstream runs, the hormonal system goes. It's terribly complicated, of course, but it seems to be a heartless one. The body just goes, complicated, uncomplicated. Because she knows what she's doing.


The bodies are composed of billions of cells and all these cells are working together at this moment Photo: CC0 Public domain

It is connected to that basic source of life and communicates with it. And he's going. And now we have the opportunity, and it is a miraculous human possibility to damage the body. We can avoid it in its harmonious action. We can somehow derail, curtail, get sick.

On the other hand, there are unbelievable cases - as part of our complicated thinking that the human body can cure, for example, from multiple sclerosis. I have now met several people who have already been in a wheelchair and have changed their attitudes, changing their minds and their views, cured. They left the disease and wrote about the books.

In an effort to create order, our complicated thinking forms paskvils, which then make it impossible for people to normally breathe, walk and rejoice

Martina: When we talk about this complexity, it turns out that the number of rules and decrees we are trying to ensure order, justice and clarity, rather leads to an amplification of what our legal norms should protect. It leads to uncertainty, chaos and complexity and confusion.

I will give a concrete example. My husband's husband died. Under the new Civil Code, 2,5 inherited her son's son's estate. The court became custodian. And this mother, when she wants to dispose of property with her husband, has to apply for a court, and 3 is waiting for months if the court allows her to use the money that belongs to her 2,5 son.


Laws - Photo: pixabay.com

She inherited a car that was written to her husband, but when she wanted to ride with him, she had to put half the price of the car on her son's account and not have to put it in his 18 years. And this is called the protection of the rights of the child.

So, somebody went crazy here, psychically mad. Widows who are in a difficult psychological and material situation must ask for some courts to allow them to dispose of money for their husband.

Those money could have been written for those mothers, but we would have liked the people to think so much about the system. The system paralyzes the mum that the child is about to take care of.

In an effort to create order, our complicated thinking forms paschvilla, which then prevents people from normally breathing, going normally and enjoying life. Every entrepreneur should know hundreds of regulations that are constantly changing.

Martina: Jaroslave, you say banks are not about our money. What then?

This is what economist Andreas Klaus says. According to him, banks are not about our savings, but about our soul. You give them their power here. You'll believe that when you borrow money, you'll have that thing.

One bank had an advertising campaign where the loan was provided by a devil or a devil. And that's exactly what it is. Because what a devil or a devil will offer you in a fairy tale? He will offer you everything right now. Only you can give your soul for it - after death. So you say, after death I do not mind and you sign that blood. And from that moment on, you do not think of anything else, you know that you have the soul already now, you can not give it until then.

Advertising slogans on banks should be punishable

I heard the ad that you can buy what you do not have. And that's the game. I think it should be punishable. If anyone wanted to create a world without depression, he would have to distract this.

Martina: But when you are a businessman, a tradesman, you must have an account in the bank and accept the terms.


Claiming interest - as it is written in sacred books - is usury - Photo: pixabay.com

Is not that noticeable? You must have a bank account, who invented it? It's probably okay for :).

Andreas Clauss speaks that the bank, when it declares bankruptcy, has the right to immediate repayment of the loan. And if you do not have the money, then you will have fun. This is of course silent about the sale of a mortgage or loan.

Martina: What can we do about it? It sounds like a political decision.

You can do it simply by running the activity you have or by borrowing from your buddies. Or go to the Ethical Bank. Maybe they are in Germany. They do not lend to interest. Because demanding interest - as it is written in sacred books - is usury.

Martina: Is there such an ethical bank in our country?

I think Karel Janeček has such an ethical bank, where he borrows for selected projects that are needed, probably for 0,9%.

That's the favorite argument. It is an argument based on fear. I do not think so much happened. That it would benefit us if there were such small self-governments.

How many ministers are the defendants? How much is the procedure for suspicious transactions? These people have been given short-term power and are trying to use it. Maybe there are a few people who are trying to do something, but it is about whether they can do something in this confused system, where new decrees are being created.

Just look at the new Citizens Code, every lawyer tells you that it's bad and is waiting for an amendment. Since the Revolution, health and education reform has been made. Those politicians are not able to do that.


Every lawyer says the civil code is unsuccessful and is waiting for an amendment - Photo: Tomáš Adamec

After all, parliament and government will come out of the elections. Legislative Assembly and Executive Power. If one of the choices comes out of the same bunch who has the power to do this, ie to create laws to rule as he needs it, then that's not okay. Then the system has a problem somewhere.

The increase in excise duty on fuel illustrates how powerful they are off. Common sense might have suspected that there would be a fallout instead of profits

Martina: You are laughing, but you are part of the system. How do you handle it? Do you feel divided?

No, I think they're out. I think that if someone declares that he gets more money in the state budget by increasing seals - he multiplies the number of people by surcharge, so I think he is naive and funny and out of the question.

I think the best measure was to increase the excise tax on fuel, counting on how much we get into the budget. Only those truck drivers then drove our country and took the oil off the border, so there was a huge drop in revenue.

Which common sense might have guessed in advance. But the mathematically limited brain, which can only count digits on the counter and multiply numbers, is surprised. I think the life is more colorful and colorful.

We can influence everything, we just have to look inside

Martina: Cyril Höschl, a psychologist, said that more people come to his surgery, who have a huge responsibility, but only a small possibility of influencing those facts. It is so? Or is it just our feeling?

It's still about the same thing. When we focus on the outer world as the only one existing, we will get the impression that we can not change anything. As we turn one eye in and look into the inner world, we realize that we are influencing everything.

By his perception, by his interpretation. The way we enter that space. Whether we enter it with an offer or just a demand.

The old paradigm says: What space will I be able to profit from, where can I make money? And the new says what offer I come from what I offer as a gift? If we are unique beings, then we probably have a unique gift. Then it is our job to develop this gift and give it space.

Martina: How do I find out what my gift is? Perhaps many listeners now feel wrinkled. They feel that they have already given everything to the family, the system.

You know your gift according to the fact that this is what you really love.

Aramean love your enemies, it means: if you see someone falling out of a common rhythm, unify it with your move and put it together in a joint motion. Do this in secret, because only such action is love.

Martina: We often hear today that the problem of society is that we have no faith. Can you learn to have faith? Or is it a gift?

I do not know, it always turns to some religious systems, and it's a step away from manipulation, control. I do not think that faith is belief in some teachings, some sentences in some postulates.

I think that what we are developing is just the communication of the inner space with the external one. I do not think we should concentrate on what's above us when we forget to focus on what's inside.

As soon as we distract our attention to be the highest and forget that we are part of it, we are led into some manipulation, into some addiction.

Because faith refers to some of the teachings of some teachings, it is almost always interesting that translations of those original texts are only made as an interpretation of the original text. Those old languages ​​were ambiguous.


Bible Photo: pixabay.com

They have expressed themselves in a completely different way than we are today. In fact, originally, the old sacred texts were rather intended for meditation to contemplate the book. Not that somebody learned it by the time, then repeated it. But she rather grown self-consciousness. Harmonized himself in contact with the code that was stored in those layered texts.

When the Aramaic, Hebrew words originally had many meanings. The combination of these words has layered messages, going from the personal level to the galactic dimension. The word means spirit, but also breath or air. It means the atmosphere and the soul.

These are completely different language systems. These translations are many times in contrast to the original text. Neil Douglas-Klotz writes wonderful about it, the Aramean father-in-law, the Hidden Gospel, the Meditative of Genesis.

And there he describes how the recollection of the original text has taken place. How has the confused interpretations been unrelated to the original text. So if we talk about faith in this sense, we would have to study the original languages ​​so that we can rest on our faith.


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