Cannabis: The seeds of the gods, or how people almost got their senses

17. 01. 2023
5th international conference of exopolitics, history and spirituality

Cannabis has been accompanying humanity since its inception. Mentions of cultivation and use from Asia and Old Egypt are widely known. About hundreds of pages could be written about this herb. Thousands of books are published around the world, magazines, links on the net, articles, papers, scientific topics, and medical papers. Even so, however, this herb does not have a set of roses among the general public. It leads them to the ignorance of the subject, the fear of repression, and the long-term struggle of political-supranational-pharmaceutical-lobbyist interest groups who prefer to sell a chemical remedy before they come to education or rather to miss out on the profits from medications that are often sick they will not help.

Similar introductions to Cannabis articles like this one are infinite. Fortunately, we already live in a democratic country, and as a controversy we do not have to whisper. But like everything, Cannabis has its bright side, but it's darker.

Some Positive Awareness:

Healing hemp helps in the treatment of cancer, multiple sclerosis, asthma. Patients who have tried it illegally and helped them with pain or anorexia will not have to run around the streets and look for it from the dealers and they will not be shut down for holding a light drug. Now they get it right.

It will not cure, but it will help… .. The cannabis is still "supposedly" still under investigation and scientists estimate that in time they will find out that it can cure cancer, for example. But now they are sure that it helps alleviate some of the symptoms of the disease. It helps with pain in various neurological disorders, stiffness in multiple sclerosis, restores appetite, reduces eye pressure and is recommended for breast cancer, thyroid cancer, or colon cancer.

Queen Victoria also enjoyed it, and certainly not just the menstrual pain, but also counseled with asthma, diabetes and suppressing Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

Masks for everything. Cannabis added to the ointment treats joints and helps patients with psoriasis, atopic and other eczema and dry skin. It contains so-called cannabinoids, which have a lot of healing effects. It has a favorable effect especially in the treatment of eczema, sore throats and cold sores and soothes dry, irritated and cracked skin. Its typical features include relieving pain and calming the affected site.

You could write hundreds of diseases and illnesses that cannabis helps, co-aids and facilitates patients' lives with disease, so why so many mysterious around this herb.

Cannabis today also appears as a strategic plant, because its use is not only curative but also productive and useful, to be remembered for the production of Paper, Textile, Food, Cosmetics, and Energy and Biomass and the Medicines already mentioned.

Now a bit of the dark side:

Cannabis can be misused, and by this I mean young "unreasonable users" who, under the vision of the wider horizon, do not understand the term "recreational use" and smoke cannabis all the time, which I went through as a parent with my son, who fell into school lure of friends years ago and because he was not slowed down by the brake of reason, he sank to the very bottom. Since he lived with his mother after the divorce, I, as a father, found out only when it was almost too late. Not by repression, but by a friendly enlightenment, I brought my son out of a period of misunderstanding.

And so it should look like the state authorities, not prison and a repressive tendency to solve this problem, but a rational approach to the subject. Throughout the world, many countries have come to release cannabis from pliers of misunderstanding, but they are unfortunately also where they still play for the time of the Inquisition.

Then how else do you want to explain to such a young user that the herb that he is smoking and feeling good at, feels relaxed, has wide open thinking horizons though at the cost of laziness, is forbidden to him ... when eg his mother who suffers from cancer, AIDS or multiple sclerosis makes life bitter and painful …….


Next is the mystical theme of "Ayahuasca-Soul Molecule" as a gateway to our true outer Universe.

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