Creativity is not just the creation of works of art, but part of our daily lives

22. 07. 2021
4rd International Conference Sueneé Universe

Creativity is part of us as well as our voice, breath or fingerprints. No matter what someone may have told you, each of us is creative. Creativity is part of us as well as our voice, breath or fingerprints. Creativity is not just about creating "art". Cooking, gardening, diary writing, handicrafts and crafts are all creative activities. Arranging flowers or rearranging furniture, painting a picture or painting a room, singing on stage or singing in the shower - these are all reactions to a "challenge".


This challenge is a call to creation and is universal, it encourages each of us to bring something new to life. It can be faint like a fluttering of butterfly wings or loud like the sound of a band. Alternatively, you may not hear any sound at all, but you feel an urge, an inner pull, a feeling of excitement and desire that resonates from within you.

Creative expression helps us feel connected to the world and builds bridges of understanding. It nourishes us and helps us grow, provides insight and deeper understanding. Creativity is fun, exciting and playful. It relieves stress and relieves tension. It provides a way to communicate at a time when traditional communication channels may be blocked or insufficient - when we have to speak with colors and textures and shimmering visions or music.

Creativity is a manifestation of love; heals and renews. Our creations are then mirrors in which others can see themselves and the signature of our lives, which says: "That's how I saw it." This mirror also reflects our own work. Creativity is a way of life. It is spontaneity and playfulness, practicing the imagination, finding solutions and accepting possibilities, and doing it all with passion.

Despite all the joy and fulfillment it brings, however, some resist the challenge of being creative. In our culture, the notion that "time is money" and "art is frivolous" has a certain power, and old "stay within" or "you have more" messages have remarkable power. It takes courage to look beneath the surface of what we have been told to find the desire of our hearts.

Creativity requires taking risks

It requires us to give up, lose control and trust. It is an act that says we believe in ourselves.

Honoring the creative self means taking the time, making room, being patient and risking us looking crazy. You can't worry too much about what others think or say. You have to be willing to start over and stay there; creativity requires endurance. There are no magic secrets or hard and fast rules. Creativity cannot be learned. You just have to do it.

Like the body's natural desire for movement and the human need for connection and community, the mind desires to express itself. So when you hear the call to create, answer, "Yes!" It is your self that seeks your Self, a move towards wholeness.

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