Find the lost Mahendraparvata temple in Cambodia

30. 06. 2022

Using special aerial laser technology (LIDAR), Australian archaeologists have found the previously lost temple city of Mahendraparvata in the dense jungle. It was built more than 1200 years ago in rough terrain.

The expedition team dated the beginning of the Mahendraparvata until the year of 802. That is, Angor Wat is ahead of 350 for years.

The beginning of the city dates back to the reign of Jayavarman II, who is considered the founder of the Kimer Empire. Its region was centered around the sacred mountain Mahendraparvata.

The city, which was found near Mount Mahendraparvata, was one of the three capitals and / or court cities of the Jayavarman region. The others were called Amarendrapura and Hariharalaya.

In 1936, a French expedition of archaeologists, including art historian Philippe Stern, also explored the Phnom Kulen highlands. Here he found several hitherto unknown temples and statues of the god Vishnu. He described the surroundings as the first true temple mountain.

Although the area flows south through the area to Tonle Sap, it was a very remote place. In late age, Jayavarman II. moved to Hariharalaya where he died in 835 AD.


Source: Facebook

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