Napoleon's mysterious encounter with the Great Pyramid

22. 06. 2022

There is an interesting note on the story of Napoleon's visit to Egypt. In 1798, he visited the Great Pyramid and asked a local guide if he could stay alone in the royal chamber.

When he returned he looked very shaken. His aide asked him if he was witnessing something mysterious. Napoleon replied that he had nothing to say. He never wanted to have more fun about the incident.

Many years later, while he was on his deathbed, a close friend asked him, what really happened in the royal chamber?

He was about to tell him the truth, but then he stopped and shook his head. "No, it would not make sense. You would never believe me. "

He seems to have taken his secret with himself.

I recommend taking a look at the illustration. If it is not an artistic license, it seems that at the time of Napoleon, the bathtub in the royal chamber was intact. Today he has an offensive horn.



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