The lost city of Heracleion was uncovered underwater

2 20. 08. 2021
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More recently about the port city Heracleion spoke as a legendary legend. The ancient Greeks, Thonis, and Egyptians refer to the city.


The lost city was discovered by a team from the European Institute of Underwater Archeology (IEASM). He discovered that the mystical city was deeply submerged in the waters of the Mediterranean.

The remains of the city were found about 6,5 km from the coast of Egypt and approximately 9 meters under Aboukir Bay in 2000. Team led by the French underwater archaeologist Dr. Frank Goddio has discovered many ruins. Among them are monolithic chapels, the giant granite statue of god Hapi and the largest known fleet of old ships. It was the chapel that brought Goddio to the idea that this was in fact the lost city.

Barry Cunliffe says:

"The archaeological evidence is absolutely astounding. Thanks to the fact that the city lay intact and protected in the sand on the seabed for centuries, everything is perfectly preserved. "

It is not yet entirely clear how the whole city could have sunk. Goddi's team believes that the cause may have been muddy clay unstable soil from nearby Aboukir Bay, which has lost its fortress under the pressure of large buildings. This could have flooded.

The cause could also be an unusually large flood or earthquake, or a combination of both in conjunction with unstable rock, could have caused the city to sink.

How the city looked like you can see in the following document:

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