Middle Pyramid

12. 05. 2022

An Arab historian named Abd Al-Latif wrote the following in his notes on the Middle Pyramid of Giza in 1220 AD: “30 chambers of colored granite were built in the Western Pyramid. These chambers were filled with rich treasures: instruments, statues and dragon stones. The rooms had special iron equipment that was not subject to corrosion - such as weapons. Furthermore, glass that could be bent or strange talismans and deadly poison. ".

When we look at the scheme of the pyramid, it is clear that the known areas of the public are substantially below ground level. So, at first glance, it makes sense to think that it is either an incredible waste of space and energy, or something is still hidden from us.



The interesting thing is that after entering the chamber, you will see a huge inscription on a protector wall proclaiming something in the sense: This pyramid belongs to Khefren. The writing is undoubtedly modern. As in the case of the Great Pyramid, this is the only inscription (not counting the buzz such as "I was here, Adam and Eve 2001") builder and owner. At least according to official Egyptologists. :)

The premises are carved without a single mistake directly into the rock bed. All the walls are perfectly straight and smooth.

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