Emerald plates of Thovta

1 25. 07. 2022

Still hiding in the Great Pyramid? Do you know them? Have you read them?

The originator of the original texts was allegedly Dr. M. Doreal, who was also the founder of the American Order The Brotherhood of a White Temple.

Emerald plates are described as 12 emerald plates joined together by gold alloy rings and hung on a rod of the same material. The plates contain ancient wisdom - secret knowledge of invaluable value.

In these writings we can read that the builder of the Great Pyramid was Thovt (sometimes also called as Saurid or Hermes Trimestigos). Thovt is also listed as the author of the lyrics on the records. According to the texts, the slabs and the pyramid were not to be created until 36 BC.

He built the Great Pyramid above the entrance to the Great Hall of the Amenti, hiding his records and secrets.

The emerald plaques were later allegedly transferred to Central America around the 10th century and placed under the altar in one of the largest temples of the Sun God.

In 1925, they were allegedly transported back to Egypt and hidden in the Great Pyramid, where they should be hidden to this day.

The Great Pyramid was the temple of initiation into great mysteries and still is.

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