Great Pyramid: The Secret of the Royal Chamber

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What is a strange hole in the right corner behind the bathtub? The shaft is about a 1 meter in length and about 40 cm wide and runs deep below floor level, unknown to where.

Personally, I can confirm that the shaft (and cover grid) here was in 2003 and 2005 years. In 2011 in October, the hole was already covered so thoroughly that there was no search for any sightseeing.

Let's just recall that recently there have been reports that a French group of egyptologists just discovered in the premises around the so-called royal and queen's chambers anomalies in the structure of the walls. In other words, some measurements suggest that they might be in some places behind fake walls to find other hidden spaces.

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  • Martin Horus Martin Horus says:

    Previously, Hawass had the alias "BigZet" so who knows what's going on there? see strange Djedi Team mission.
    Interestingly, according to the latest information that Hawass wants back to his office, he compares the current situation in Egypt as a parallel to the Revolution of the Pharaohs, and when faced with so many allegations of corruption, etc., he proclaims to the world that he knows the truth about the Great Pyramid.
    He did a lot for Egyptian sights, but as a man he failed.

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