The Brazilian Air Force will record UFOs

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The Brazilian government ordered its air forces to officially record sightings of unidentifiable flying objects. The government decree states that all military and civilian pilots, as well as dispatchers, should report any UFO sightings to the National Airspace Defense Command. The information will be stored in the National Archives in Rio de Janeiro. They will be available to researchers, including those seeking evidence of extraterrestrial life. Any unusual sighted, photographed, or video recorded in Brazilian airspace must now be reported and cataloged. But the Air Force said it would confine itself to collecting information and not prosecute UFOs.

"The Air Force Command does not have specialized units to conduct scientific experiments related to these phenomena and will be limited to recording events," the Air Force representative said.

From somewhere?

In recent decades, many UFO reports have been reported in Brazil. In 1986, Air Force fighters took off to investigate unidentified objects flying above Sao Paulo, but the phenomenon was never fully explained. And in 1977 the Amazon town of Vigia asked the army for help after some residents were attacked by aliens. One of the dispatchers, who remains anonymous, told the Brazilian daily O Dia that the observations were reported by top officials. "I heard about the ministers and even the president who saw the UFOs," he said.

Brazilian UFO observers welcomed the decision to disclose such information in the future.

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