What was the Ahnenerbe fascist unit in Karelia looking for?

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We have had the opportunity to hear about Hitler's secret investigations, mystic experiences, and secret artifacts. But quite recently, an interesting and quite mysterious fact has been put together: the German troops carried out a large survey in Karelia, including the Ahnenerbe elite units. What was the Ahnenerbe fascist unit in Karelia looking for?

The Fascist Unit and its Purpose

It is known that Hitler's goal was to establish a worldview. But he was clearly aware that this could only be achieved if he had a new, powerful weapon that no one had yet. Nevertheless, all developments in this area required not only time but also a super-powerful device capable of creating unreal energy.

Hitler has always been inclined to the study of mysticism and occult theories, and has therefore chosen to take the least resistance. He studied the myths and legends of the nations, which involved secret artifacts, most of which most of them had a very real basis. And then he burned with the desire to find them. It certainly promised him unseen prospects. For search on such a large scale, elite troops of special engagement were created. They were stolen from libraries and museums in Poland, France, USSR, seized ancient manuscripts and weighed the most valuable. Hitler was convinced that secret documents contain accurate information about where artefacts are hidden and how they can work with them.

The Ahnenerbe unit

The Ahnenerbe unit was among the troops specially deployed. It is said that its members were engaged in mystical development. And neither Karelli did not miss their attention. In the woods near Kesteng (Kestenga, noteworthy) the scientists found the medallion of one of the officers of the elite Nazi group Dead Head. Soldiers of this division were often used in the most important operations. They also participated in the Battle of Stalingrad and the Battle of Kurish Ark. But as we know, there was no long and furious fight in Karelia, and there were no particularly important operations. So why did an elite unit officer find himself here?

Come to join the search for the Homeland Driven by Viktor Komkov. Researchers have found something special: at Eletyozer (the name of the lake, Elethezero, which had no military significance, two massive defensive lines were found. The first was under the control of the Norwegian Volunteer Ski Battalion of SS Nord, the other then fell under Mountain Hunters Division SS.

A small town was found here at Eletyozer, whose buildings were reinforced with timber. According to scientific calculations, it was probably built for research purposes rather than for defense purposes. It is remarkable that a cord was found in one of the holes, which had the right to carry only higher military batches. Such a weapon was used to perform special magical rituals. Three caves have been found in close proximity, but they have not been able to penetrate because they have all crashed due to careful explosions.

So what did the SS elite units in Karelia deal with?

As it turned out, these places attracted not only the Germans. Long ago, many objects were taught by researchers from a special section of VČK-OGPU (VČK - The All-Russian Extraordinary Commission for Combating Counter-Revolution and Sabotage at the RSFSR People's Commissariat, called Ceka; OGPU - United State Political Entity, Note. transl.), led by Gleb Bokij and then by a group of scientists led by neuroscientist laboratory chief Alexander Barchenko. The expedition brought unrivaled results - North Shamballa was found! But Barchenko himself no doubt regarded Karelia as "the territory of the ancient Magic Knowledge".

According to one of the legends, there must be an underground temple of the goddess Jumally, in which the Viking Golden Cup is hidden. Whatever options he has, it can not be said, but the researchers assume that his magical powers are practically unlimited. They say the cup was also searched by the prominent Russian mystic Nikolai Rerich. He learned of him from the secret documents of his father, Konstantin Fjodorovich Rerich, one of the leaders of the Petrograd Masons. It is clear that such an important artifact, which allows its owner to obtain endless possibilities, could not draw the attention of the Hitler Army.

Surprising discovery

But it is possible that the Nazis did not even look for a Viking Cup. Only recently, researcher of the Kolan Peninsula and Karelia Vladislav Trošin made a surprising discovery. He found secret materials that undoubtedly suggest that the Germans used special forces to create the so-called "garbage".

The original inhabitants of Karelia, the Sami, say that the seas are either natural or human-made buildings that consist of large stone built on several smaller ones. In the seating, as they say, Sama's worshiped spirit lives. "With the help of special rituals, it is possible to make it impossible to perform from the point of view of contemporary science," says Vladislav Trošin.

The mysterious phenomenon is the result of the constant communication of shamans with higher ghosts

Nowadays they are shattered all over the territory of Karelia. It is remarkable that stones, each weighing several tons, can move from time to time. The Sami claim that this mysterious phenomenon is the result of the constant communication of shamans with higher spirits who inhabit these territories. It seems unrealistic that each year the number of mysterious gatherings increases as if literally growing from under the earth. And those that have begun to fall apart under the influence of the winds and rains are literally renewed as if invisible hands.

Vladislav Trošin, after exploring a significant part of Karelia, said that the Ahnenerbe unit was probably impossible - almost managed to subordinate the cattle to fulfill their tasks. "Just look at the war maps of Karelia as they cross the lines of the queue and compare them with the current location of the geological breaks and find out that they are the same," he says. "This is the result of the interaction of the Ahnenerbe and the mystical assemblages, because until then there have never been a series of breakthroughs but similar anomalous zones often occur in places of accumulation of extremely strong energy."

But to say with complete precision how far the SS elite has advanced in its research, it is difficult, because all traces of their activity have been almost completely destroyed. Perhaps we should become more familiar with the mysterious lands of Karelia. Who knows what secrets still conceal her territory.

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