Is there death? According to one theory, no

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Many people are very afraid of death. We must live with our thoughts of death all our lives. Either we accept it and accept it, or it will scare us all our lives. Moreover, many people are unaware of death and feel they will live here forever. Surrounded by money and property, they pursue illusions and waste time, which is very valuable. But death is still there, it's part of the long journey. So we need to interpret the question, is there any death what we perceive?

We believe in death because we were told that we would die. We connect it to the body because we know our bodies are dying. But the new theory suggests that death is not the ultimate event, as we think. There are many similar theories and opinions, but this theory goes much deeper.

Infinity of universes

One well-known aspect of quantum physics is that some things cannot be predicted. Instead, there are observations, each with a different probability. One explanation of the mainstream interpretation of "many worlds" states that each of these observations corresponds to a different universe (multiverse).

Multiverse is a theory that there are many universes. It is a term used in science. The multi-universe most often appears as a result of cosmological theories or in one of the interpretations of quantum theory.

Biocentric philosophy or biocentrism is a theory that refines these ideas. We are talking about the philosophical principle of thinking, which claims that nature is not here to serve people, but vice versa.

There are an infinite number of universes, and everything that happens takes place in one of them.

Immortal soul in many universes

In these scenarios, death in the true sense of the word does not exist. All universes exist simultaneously, no matter what happens in any of them. Although our bodies are destined to die, the living feeling of who we are is only twenty watts of energy in our brain.

But this energy will not disappear after death. According to science, energy never dies. It cannot be created or destroyed. But does this energy pass from one world to another? In a magazine Science Research has recently emerged that scientists can change an event that has happened in the past. In their experiment, the particles were exposed to a beam splitter.

The scientist could later trigger the second or first manifold switch. This was to demonstrate that, as the scientist had decided, it had determined how the particle had behaved in the past. No matter how you make a choice, it is you who will experience the results. The interconnection between these different events and universes goes beyond our normal notions of space and time.

Think of twenty watts of energy as simply projecting a hologram on the screen. It doesn't matter if you turn off or on the first or second beam, it's still the same means responsible for projection.

Space and time are not material objects. Just waving your hand in the air space. If you could grasp everything, then what would be left? Nothing. The same is true of time. But you will not grasp or see anything, just as you will not look inside the skull that surrounds the brain. All you are experiencing right now is just a vortex of information that appears in your mind. Space and time are simply tools to put everything together.

Death actually does not exist

In fact, death does not exist in a timeless world without gaps. The distinction between past, present and future is only a persistent illusion. But immortality exists. But it is not an immortality that will make us live in eternal existence without end. Immortality goes out of time altogether.

Christine experienced one of these stories. On the way from the wedding with the man she loved to the dream house they bought, a tragic accident happened. The car became unmanageable on slippery ice. The consequences were terrible. Her fresh husband Ed was thrown out of the car, she ended up with torn liver and massive bleeding.

Was Christine dead and alive at the same time? As a result, Ed said after some time that our life was not as compromised as our perception. Ed bought his dead wife beautiful diamond earrings. He believes that when he meets his wife sometimes and somewhere, he will look beautiful in them.

Whether it's switching a switch for a science experiment or a wheel of life, the result will be twenty watts of energy ... always. In some cases the car goes off the road and breaks down, in others it stays on the road and the person arrives at the destination. We exist across time and across universes. What you are doing now is doing somewhere else, and your destiny has many possible ends that happen at the same time.


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