False messages dominate public opinion

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In the small town of Vales, Macedonia, a large business intelligence server is growing, which deliberately blends half-truthful or completely untrue information with reality. The intention of the operators is simple - making the local money a huge amount of money. These come from the advertising and from the generous clients who order the production of fake messages.

The whole business builds on human trust and the functioning of social media. People want to read interestingly information about popular people and popular people want to improve the image of potential fans. In this way, voters' preferences can be influenced in particular on the political scene.

When a journalist from CNN asked one of these authors fake news servers she asked why she was doing it, she said, "I do not care, it's important that people read it. In my 22 years I earn (in Macedonia) more money than anyone who earns my life. " Its average income is around 426 USD. Another editor admitted that one of his pages had over 1,5 million fans, especially in the US.

Many of these pages are targeted to America and are in English. It is a question of what impact they have on Central and Western Europe and to what extent they let themselves be seduced local media. It should be remembered that this way public opinion is influenced by people. People do not look at the authenticity of the message. Few of us have the possibility to verify the news - in principle, we do not do it either. If some information starts spreading like an avalanche on the Internet, then we usually take it as an important one. We pay attention to it.

It is also worth mentioning that these sites project public opinion for years to come. As one of the authors states, we are preparing for the US presidential election in 2020 in an effort to keep Trump in office.

You can see the whole story at a special page of CNN. It should be noted that it is at least interesting that such a document originated in the production of CNN itself, because it is this television station, which has been caught several times in counterfeiting of reports.

And how it is related exopolitics? Let us realize that we live in the world of information. In a world where it becomes more and more difficult to separate the truth from lies. One true information creates dozens of lies and disinformations to prevent the truth from being so blatant. This phenomenon applies regardless of whether it concerns everyday life, history, politics or aliens.

It is certainly a good idea to be a conscious reader and try to check, try, search, explore, research, not be abducted. This is especially true in exopolitics, history and esotericism. Trust but check how it goes…. :)

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