India may officially declare cooperation with aliens

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In the Government of India, as revealed by reliable sources, a secret debate between the Democratic and Conservative factions is currently undergoing an important issue: to say whether to speak to the general public about cooperation with aliens?

Nowadays, it is a mystery to few of the thinking man that at least five world powers - including India - are working together with strangers outside of our planet. And it's enough to keep the public at large in the role of the Iváňuska-stupid who knows nothing and does not understand. Well, as it is in the esoteric Russian fairy tales - Iváňuška is at the end the most hospitable and always the winner (

Recalling that, the Democratic faction of the Indian government insists on the transparency of visitor information. Today, it is difficult to "hang people on a roll", as they see, for example, as in the Ladakh province, the triangular UFOs are constantly rising from the mountains, and access to their base is guarded by government units. And such cases are more and more.

Ultimately, it can lead to this, says the Democrats, that such a "hoax" bursts, and mass riots simply disregard the current government of India.

Conservatives also have serious arguments. As soon as India has established itself on the world stage, it has taken all the sanctions, including the nuclear program, and listens to it in America and Europe. And not just for nothing - for nothing: the country was given unlimited power of attorney in exchange for fulfilling certain RULES. And they fall into their own right - the secrecy of cooperation with aliens.

It will be interesting to see how the situation in India will be tackled by the situation. Conservatives seem to prevail, as always, because cowardice and political blindness from the tip of the nose are the main features of the ruling class of most countries, including the current powers.

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