How to discover and awaken your passion

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Wouldn't it be nice to get an internal GPS at birth to meet your destination on Earth? Then you would always be warned if you were off your trip. It is proven that having and seeing the meaning in our actions makes us more resilient and contributes to a longer and happier life. But we have our internal GPS! And it tells us when we're out. The question is whether we perceive it sufficiently.

Passion, passion, fulfillment, goal ... how do we know them?

  • we naturally enjoy this state
  • will light us up
  • it gives us energy

We can confuse this condition with obsession, because it is something we naturally seek, what we go for in dreams. These are our passions. Write down a list of topics where you feel absolutely happy, fulfilled, lit up… these are your passions. Your body keeps you in harmony and harmony when you are in harmony with your natural direction and passions. If we suppress our true passions and natural directions, our body will clearly indicate this to us. And how?

  • fatigue
  • digestive problems
  • inability to concentrate
  • headache, anxiety, depression, addiction

So if you suffer from health problems, wouldn't it be worth thinking about whether you really live the life you want? When you think about your passions in the future, watch your body feel. You can best feel what you are really close to and what you do just because of the pose or that it should be.

What the soul desires

Go into nature, feel the scents and sounds, all the nature around you. Being outside harmonizes the mind and body, and gives energy to the soul. In such an environment, you can better understand what your soul needs, what it desires.

Do you care for others and still sit in the office? Log in as a volunteer to one of the associations and help with the care of children, people with disabilities, seniors or animals. Do you enjoy handicrafts and creation? What do you find a course for sewing or other handicrafts? Today it goes online from home. Do you enjoy spreading your thoughts or inventing stories? Try to write a short story, just a few pages. Do you feel chilled while listening to music? Try to play some instrument. Or fold the tune - today there are mobile apps for it.

Follow your dreams and passions, even in small steps, to give you inner strength and joy. And let's face it, rather than living with a smile, rather than eternal fatigue and explaining why it can't.

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