Who wants to fight the aliens and why?

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3rd International Conference Sueneé Universe

We often write to the editor. Some emails are your personal stories that you have never trusted anyone. We appreciate being the ones you trust more often than your loved ones. It is a strange state of consciousness because I realize how much we are hurt - how much we are afraid to admit that we have experienced something special. How much we are afraid that there would be a punishment behind the line… We are obviously trained to do so since childhood.

Doing so exactly the opposite. If we allow ourselves to say aloud what is happening to us, what we experience for feelings, and what experience we have in the physical or metaphysical world (dreams, astral worlds, or other OOBEs), then you will surely find that you are not alone. The only difference is that you already have the courage to admit: "It also happened to me ...". And while we often still cannot understand the patterns of why some things happen, the very fact that it affects at least one-third of the population of the planet brings a sense of relaxation and relief.

So this is how you please: Keep moving ...! Write to us about your experiences. It is an important way for us to transform together the way we think and thus the quality of being in this world called the Universe and the planet called Earth.


Martin: What does the name Sueneé mean and how did you come to him?

Sueneé: Yes, people often ask me about this and they will obviously ask. I used to write an article on it: Do you think our names are really ours? It is a game with energies, thoughts and words. I highly recommend to try. More and more I meet people who realize that the names in the citizen do not reflect their quality and character. This is something that ancient Egyptians or indigenous Indians of the primeval forests have already suspected.

Martin: Did you read the Alien Interview? What's your opinion?

Sueneé: I made a separate video on this topic. So let me answer through him

Martin: In one video, you mention the reasons why information about extraterrestrials is concealed from us for the purpose of raising fear, creating a central government and then unleashing war. On the other hand, you also mention that ET information is not accessible to the public because people are not ready for it. I wonder how these two claims go together?

Sueneé: That's the whole story described in the book OUTPUT. I recommend reading it, because I could hardly outline all the details here. In short, the whole machine began some time in 1. resp. 2. World War II, when the armies of all stakeholders found that there was someone else who enters the airspace and observes, or indirectly affects the results, some fights. At the beginning, each bunch thought it was the others! They have some modern technology ... But thanks to intelligence services, they quickly realized that there was really another player coming in the universe. A player who does not care who wins the war, but whether the war must take place and what the consequences are on a global scale.

The biggest swarm of ETV occurred around 1945, when Americans tested the first atomic bomb in modern history. It was probably the same as when the children take the sandals of the match on the sandpit and try what happens when… The more advanced ones came to it very quickly (it can be seen in the photos) and they gave the US and the USSR repeatedly that playing so bad things will not be tolerated because we do not understand the consequences, which even a single explosion causes on a global scale.

There are a number of cases where aliens have actively intervened in attempts to detonate nuclear bombs or just atomic bomb missiles, with no sharp shots.

Army rhetoric was simple: “They threaten our national sovereignty and security. We need to develop new effective weapons against them (ET). ”To date, the only case where ETV would be an active aggressor is not (as far as I know) recorded. If there was any struggle, always by the first to squeeze the trigger, the soldiers, without a bit of their own judgment, were blindly following the orders of their superiors, who had no judgment in their hearts. As he says, Dr. Steven Greer, it is a miracle that ET has a great deal of patience with us.

Because it was shortly after World War II and the army feared that what the public would say, or even the other (Russians, Germans ... etc), that there is someone who gets an invincible unbreakable US ARM, it was decided that this is not public. learn. That it is necessary to keep it under cover as long as possible. That is why the Blue Book disinformation project was set up in 1952. He had two goals: to collect ET observation data from the general public and to convince the public that the ET phenomenon is not a threat to national security, more precisely, it is not a topic anyone should seriously address in any way.

A similar project was created in 80. Czechoslovakia and still operates under the name PROJEKT ZÁŘE.

The public in 50. Indeed, in the last few years, the problem was that we were not alone in the universe. Especially in the USA, where people are under great ecclesiastical pressure. An example is the radio play HG Wells: The War of the Worlds, which in 1938 caused panic in public. Although it was just a radio production, a lot of people succumbed to a very suggestive submission and panicked. They feared that some bloodthirsty aliens were really attacking Earth. The incident was used by the army as a stimulus to the development of several sociological studies that repeatedly recommended other 50 years not to disclose anything about ET because humanity is not mentally prepared for it.

And whether it is somehow excluded? I don't have the feeling. Everything is related to what is called the Military-Industrial Complex. It is semi-state or rather private companies or institutions that benefit from an army machine. The more it fights, the more armor and the more it breaks down, the greater the sales of weapons and the economics of numbers revolve. It is a business in which people are dying, but globally it is a statistically negligible loss. It is not a thing that I would be in harmony with, but I understand that there is still a generation of people who have enough strong sociopaths (heartless), whose death of a few thousand people exchanged for many billions of rites comes as a good deal.

Martin: If humanity were ready, would it receive this information and from whom?

Sueneé: It's more than 74 years when the last war machine ended. Perhaps at that time, some concealment was of political significance with the fear that it might be a Russian / Nazi enemy (though I consider it utterly devious). Today is utter nonsense and, from a global perspective, it is more harmful than good. Those who still benefit from this disinformation campaign are the various groups around cabal. It should be noted that acknowledging the existence of ET is not a problem at the facts but at the technology. Aliens do not use fossil fuels or nuclear power plants. They do not need a market economy and a division of property by money. They travel across the Universe faster than light, yet they have virtually unlimited sources of energy for everything. The idea that mankind would start asking people in high political positions a strong question: “Why do we still use obsolete technology when we have been controlling anitigravitation since 1956? Why are we still using fossil fuels when Nikola Tesla discovered the free energy principle in 1903? Why do we use the market economy when this system of redistribution of power and property is ineffective, leading to wars, violence and crime? Why do we still use the principle of representative democracy when it is linked to corruption? Why are we destroying planet Earth when there are technical resources available, how can we change the course on a spot like ETV does? '

And certainly one of the most uncomfortable questions will be: "What god does ET believe in?" Are there Christians, Jews, Muslims or what? And is the god described in the Old Testament the metaphysical entity, or is it just a misinformation about the extraterrestrial race that once created us? Who were Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, Shiva…? ”

I have reason to believe that these questions will be easy to answer to the ordinary person, but to those who have either lied to the essence of these questions or who are fundamentalists at the core of their soul (= who is afraid of currency), breathe very hard.

So who will bring us the information? Sueneé Universe? : D It's up to each of us! No world government will come to this before the critical mass of humanity declares: "We have known it for a long time!"

Martin: And what about the resulting ET war? Destroyed Earth, exterminated humanity? Why would they have any money for them? Perhaps they don't think they can beat another race?

Sueneé: Dr. Steven Greer in the book OUTPUT He explains that there are several numerous interest groups (eg Bilderberg) who believe that there is a need to regulate the population of this planet so that people can be more easily controlled. Likewise, the second coming of Christ, as the Bible predicts, needs to be encouraged. The purpose of these people is not to win, but to maintain a war status quo because their business is doing just that. Take a look at the world map and see how many contingents and how many wars the US is currently leading in the world and where the US ARMY has its outbursts in case any excuse is found. :(

Martin: And if the aliens knew about it, why would they help them in the secret labs?

Aliens do not a priori lead a fight with someone. On the contrary, according to Steven Greer, they have repeatedly indicated that they will not tolerate global empowerment on a full scale. So if there are beings actively involved in the development of technology in secret labs, then there are several interpretations as to why this is so:

  1. Aliens assume that certain forms of technology require some quality of consciousness. This quality of consciousness is conditioned by the spiritual maturity that is at the other end of the camp than militarism. In other words, if they help us develop technologies that cannot be used for violence, then they de facto help raise the quality of consciousness of all mankind. It's a long-distance run, but time is relative.
  2. Convenient exchange business. Aliens can carry out their experiments on civilians in exchange for cooperation in developing new weapons. Stakeholders live in the notion that they have no choice but that this is a necessary ceasefire, as ETs are superior to humans. It is therefore necessary to take the time to develop effective weapons that the armies on Earth could defend against the alien invasion.
  3. They prefer their own interests and use the intellect of people to develop something they have not yet managed to do. Simply another perspective brings different options.

Sueneé & Ta Ura: Ask what you want, we will be happy to answer your questions. :)

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