Numerology and its importance

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Numerology or magic of numbers is one of the oldest occult sciences besides astrology. It was used more than four thousand years ago. It went through its evolution and each nation had its own numerological theory, which settled with evolution.

The mystery of numerology reveals the fate of man. His revelation has attracted people since time immemorial. The date of birth contains information about our character and the way we have chosen.
The father of numerology is considered the mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras, who lived in southern Greece in the sixth century BC.
Our life unfolds in nine-year cycles, each cycle under one number and each year under a different number - from nine to one. It is unique for each person, according to the date of birth.

Numerology gives each figure of our date of birth an individual value, its own emotional quality and energy. This allows us to get to know our personality and answer the question “Who are we?”. It gives us information about our strengths and weaknesses and how they can best handle and exploit them. Comparison with other people's date of birth will help us find what connects us and what we are different about.

Numerology helps one find oneself, turn within and take life into one's own hands. It is up to ourselves how we follow them and how we can use them.


The number that describes our traits and shows us the right way of life is life or fateful number. We obtain it by summing the entire date of birth and reduce it to 1 - 9, and 11 and 22 are not reduced.

Date of birth: 15. 8. 1969
Life Number is: 1 + 5 + 8 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 9 = 39 = 3 + 9 = 12 = 1



A person with this life number tends to lead. It is active and creative. Dominant and, thanks to its management skills, achieve recognition and perhaps even social status. However, more time is needed for other people. Beware of superiority and stubbornness. Others can misunderstand and turn their backs on them. This also applies to family life. Petty and misunderstandings lead to unnecessary conflicts and loneliness.

Typical v1 numbers: individuality, independence, entrepreneurship, desire, activity, egoism, energy, idea, independence, pioneer, initiator, leader, courage


This person is kind. It excels in a very good intuition that it can use in its activities. It is good to listen to others, have patience and learn the art of diplomacy. He needs devotion from his partner. Relationships, friendship and partner life are important. He can well reconcile those who are in dispute. He has success in collaboration with others. She copes badly with stress. She needs peace and quiet around her, otherwise she becomes distracted and nervous.

Typical 2 features: primary emotional needs, waiting, home, family, sharing, promoting, compromise, opposition, reaction, security, perception, tact, diplomacy.


This person is creative, original and has good imagination. He hates boredom. She likes to work with other people. It excels in personal charm and wit. It is critical of others and therefore it is necessary to learn a certain diplomacy. It often happens that he works better under the influence of stress. She is resourceful and imaginative in solving problems. Easily establish contacts and move well in society. Beware of rashness, some decisions may be ill-considered.

Typical 3 properties: ideas, constructivity, fertility, creative expression, entertainment, manifestation, decision, following, individuality, planning, projects, interests.


Achieves work success due to its persistence and systematic work. Consistency and order are important. This person is practical and conservative. She has no appetite for change, although she does not like monotonous life. It is usually physically fit and therefore prefers activities where it exercises physical strength and dexterity. She's hardworking. He needs assurance of partner's loyalty.

Typical 4 properties: work, duties, background, stereotype, exercise, practicality, rooting, stability, grounding, bond, base, sense of detail.


This person needs movement, changes and likes to travel. He seeks freedom and adventure. It is open to new things and ideas. She is ambitious but very sensitive and avoids routine and boredom. She is impressed by people who can stand up for their opinion. It is necessary to maintain a balance in the emotional, professional and financial areas. She does not like rules and restrictions and cannot be forced to do anything. If she is convinced of the right thing, she can fight for others. Often, she can find herself on the battlefield.

Typical 5 properties: creation of space, freedom, change, liberation from handcuffs, anchor lift, search of the way, expansion of possibilities, travel, unusual, adventure, extension of borders, flexibility.

Very often it will be before the election and it is necessary to make good decisions in the face of emerging opportunities. Partnership, family, home are the basis for success. She likes to help others. She needs a partner who meets her expectations. He longs for a harmonized relationship. However, a willingness to make concessions must be found. Pay more attention to health. It emphasizes the material aspect of life. It is very important to clarify what is good and what is bad and to understand that the purpose of the obstacles is to strengthen and test the will. The recognition and love are important, which develops her confidence.

Typical 6 features: the need to love and be loved, to reflect on others, response, well-being, harmony, harmony, admiration, attraction, enjoy, partnership.


This person prefers mental work. He needs friendship for his life. Marriage can be difficult because it wants to be independent. There are unexpected changes in life. Do nothing by force. Success is necessary to perceive others well and develop self-confidence. Friendship and relationships play a major role. Realization of material goals is difficult, even if money comes in an unexpected way. There may be a tendency toward spiritual life or a great journey. It has a good effect on the countryside, mountains or sea. This person may have healing talent.

Typical 7 properties: self-criticism, order, rejection, overcoming obstacles, strictness, barrier between privacy and surroundings, seeking meaning, introspection.


This person is ambitious. He longs for power and money. Risky ways will bring her success. Sometimes the problem is the lack of courage, resilience and mental balance. He has good management and organizational skills. She is tough, persistent, but conservative. It is important for this person to understand the balance of life. The causes and consequences need to be understood. It is necessary to maintain the balance of giving and taking, material property will not bring peace or satisfaction unless it is for the benefit of others. It has a strong character and will to overcome obstacles.

Typical 8 features: achievement of dream goals, success, realization, completion, resolution, fulfillment, emotional or material enrichment, trading, organization, prosperity, ambition, abundance.


This person is looking for the ideal. It will travel to gain experience and meet important people. He has great inner strength to handle all the pitfalls. Sometimes he does not realize the depth of his wisdom. It does not require a large material security. Love, sincerity and friendship are very important. The need to give many of oneself for the benefit of others. In adulthood there may be unexpected success and the possibility to realize big plans. It has opportunities to communicate with the general public here and abroad. Beware of tendencies to illusions, tense emotions, moody and exaggerated reactions.

Typical 9 features: rest, physical weakness, cleansing, surrender, recapitulation, end of cycle and preparation for new, unification, cleaning, gratitude, forgiveness.


A person with a life number 11 tends to be intelligent and ambitious. It can achieve great success, but also failure. He is gifted and has the courage to realize his dreams at all costs. Can use inspiration from the surroundings. But there is a need for patience and balance. It is necessary to learn to correctly evaluate your emotions and shocks.

Typical 11 features: impatience, hardness and implacability. Beware of stressful situations and splurge.


This person is made for collective activities. With realistic reason, she is able to build a successful career. Personal life is usually second. The ability to foresee the future in a broader context can create things for general benefit. For inspiration, it is good to listen to your inner voice.

Typical 22 features: restlessness, dreaminess, great imagination, empathy, switching. Beware of mental overload.

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