Short biography of Michel Nostradam

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It is hard to find someone who would not hear of the great prophet Nostradamus (1503 - 1566). Few people know that he has not been recognized in his lifetime. His encrypted prophecy remained unclear for many centuries, and only when the veil of mystery finally fell reveals all the splendor of the genius of the French prophet.

Nostradamus was born on 14.12. 1503 v St. Remy-de-Provence in the family of a Jewish notary. The ancestors of Nostradamus have converted to Christianity several generations ago and settled in southern France. His parents were very educated and able to teach the young Michel the principles of mathematics, Latin, Greek, and the Hebrew language, as well as the basics of astrology in which European Jews were particularly well-behaved. With these solid foundations, the boy was sent to the University of Avignon, the renowned center of humanities. In the years 1522 - 1525 continued his education at the University of Montpellier, one of the most famous centers in Europe. He studied the medical craft here, and in 1525 he obtained a bachelor's degree and a right to practice medicine.

After the studies, the long-running struggle of Nostradamus with the mettle of Europe at that time - a sea that destroyed hundreds of thousands of lives each year. In 1530, Nostradamus is invited to the house of Julius Cesar Scaliger, philosopher, in Agen, and works here as a healer.

He traveled to France and Italy where he fought a "black death" and helped people.

In 1534 he marries and has two children.

In 1537, Nostradam's wife and children are infected with the plague epidemic and are dying. His wife's family then sues him for the return of her dowry.

Around the year of 1538, after being charged with heresy, Nostradamus left the region for an unintentional comment on the church sculpture so he did not have to stand before the Inquisition Court in Toulouse. He allegedly travels through Italy, Greece, Turkey, along the coast of Syria and Jordan (which is reflected in his prophecies that describe not only the time of the future but also the past - such as the crusade to Jerusalem) to Egypt. In Egypt, according to his verses, he visited all the most famous places in the island of Elefantina, where he had been a temple in the past (before moving him before the construction of the Aswan Dam a little further), on whose ceiling were marked significant astrological signs which allowed Nostradamus to specify the calculations horoscopes and European conditions, which was not possible (not with such precision).

His whole and long journey is documented in his major prophetic work entitled "Vrailes Centuries" - True Centuries.

8 has passed and the journey of Michel de Nostredame in Europe has ended and the world has ended. Eventually, he settled in the town of Salon in the south of France and married again.

year 1546

Nostradamus treats the death penalty in Aix-en-Provence and then goes to Salon de Provence to fight with another plague of plague.

year 1547

Nostradamus marries Anne Ponsarde, a rich widow, and stays in Salon-de-Provence, with six children together.

year 1550

Nostradamus publishes its first calendar, which contains a general forecast for each month of the year. Almanac is successful and new versions appear every year until his death.

year 1552

Nostradamus ends the book on cosmetics and preserving fruit, which is very popular when it is published three years later.

year 1555

The first edition of the "True Centuries" 1 to 4, Nostradam's most ambitious prophecy project, is published under the title "Vrailes Centuries." Other parts 4. , 5., 6. and 7. "True Centuries" are published later that year.

year 1556

Nostradamus was called to Paris for a consultation with French Queen Catherine of Medici.

year 1558

Centuries 8., 9. and 10., are published to a limited extent. There are also additional 11 Stages. and 12., which do not contain 100 verses but much less.

It is possible that Nostradamus wanted to distribute this work to a greater extent after his death.

Nostradamus created a book that contains a total of 12 centuries. Issue 1. to 10. is divided into 10 chapters (centuries), each of which consisted of 100 prophetic quadrilateral, which was focused on the past past (until 5000 years into the past) and 3 797 into the future of all mankind.

year 1560

Nostradamus is named royal doctor of the French monarchy.

year 1564

Kateřina Medicejska visits Nostradama in Salon-de-Provence. He remains a loyal supporter of Nostradam, despite the criticism of his opponents.

1.JEN 1566

Nostradam is given the last anointing from the Catholic priest. The prophet rightly assumes, according to his astrological calculations, that he will be dead the following day.

Nostradamus gradually deviated from medicine and devoted himself exclusively to astrology and predictions of the future. It is not known when the great astrologer and physician visited the first vision, revealing the secrets of the past and the near future, how many years had great knowledge before deciding to write them. Perhaps he wrote them immediately after completing his vision of prepared paper or practiced so-called automatic drawing just on arrival. Or he drew with his pen and what he had just seen in his visions, as he was accidentally found in his recent drawings (simple pictures) hidden in the Vatican Library.

Bright visions came to him - as he says in his Preface to César's son through a fiery, quick message from God - the light - which came to him every night, and who always expected to be seated and relaxed in a bronze trident - a chair.

Just before Nostradam's death, light told him that he would not come, which Nostradamus specifically mentions in his last prophetic 71. verses 12. Century:

XXII. Century, verse 71. :

"The rivers, the streams of evil will be an obstacle, the Age, the Light said that it will no longer appear, spreading through France like Prophecy, households, noble settlements, palaces, shaded shadows (ie churches)."

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