A UFO was spotted in the Arizona desert near Kingman

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The witness was just looking northeast across the valley when he first noticed a faint light, which gradually increased in intensity.

“I watched it for about 90 seconds. The light glowed, rose from the desert surface, stopped, and hovered for about 33 seconds. Then it suddenly flew straight to the northeast and disappeared into space. ”


The witness further states that he has seen similar take-off objects in this area in the past. No photos or videos were provided for MUFON # 46727. Kingman is a town with 28 population 279 residents located in Mohave County, Arizona. Arizona currently belongs to 4. groups in the UFO ALERT rating, with a higher number of UFO sightings than the national average. In March, 2012 ranked sixth with the number of 20 reports, the highest number of reports from the USA (59) was recorded in California.

In another UFO report - MUFON 46728, the witness described four dark colored triangular objects flying "roughly 100 feet above the treetops." It happened 11. April 2013 around 00: 30 in Coatesville, Indiana. Coatesville is a town with 532 residents in Hendricks County, Indiana.

"I looked out the window and noticed a dark triangular vessel that was about 100 feet above the treetops and still moving southwest," the witness said. "It had a red signal light at the center of the bottom and white at all its peaks."

The witness thought it was an airplane in need and rushed out to see better: “I live in a dense housing area by a large lake. As I searched for the plane, I noticed three more vessels of the same shape at approximately the same height (100 feet above the tops of the trees) and all moved in the same (southwest) direction. ”One of the flying objects moved over his house. "One came over my house, so I could clearly see the dark hull." Then the witness lost all four objects out of sight because they were out of his field of vision.

UFO - Baltimore

Baltimore District, Maryland - Case of MUFON 46729. Another eyewitness in Dundalk reported that 10. April 2013 around 22: 45 h saw and filmed an unusual light on video that rotated 90 degrees in the sky. Dundalk is a place with 63 637 residents, located in the Baltimore County, Maryland. The witness was just outside when he saw a flying object in the sky ::

“It was headed straight up to the sky, and it was approaching me at enormous speed. "I thought it was a nuclear bomb." Then it suddenly slowed and slightly twisted like a motorcycle, then speed increased again, the vessel changed direction 90 degrees to the right and headed away. Then the spacecraft set up as if to be seen. It looked like a bowl with a lid, as is usually pictured. ”Blue light circled around its perimeter and white light flashed at each turn. The shape of the object was clearly visible. Blue was brilliant and unusual. I liked it. I'm just a young man from Baltimore. I have a great video. I swear on my life, whether I die immediately, whether I make up or exaggerate. ”

The above citations have been modified for clarity. Daily UFO occurrence reports are posted on the homepage National UFO Examiner.

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