Great Pyramid: A Personal Story

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In Egypt, I was a tourist in 2003, 2005 and last time in 2011. As for any tourist who has definitely visited the famous temples, tombs and pyramids in Egypt.

I want to tell this story to my very personal encounter with Giza and specifically the Great Pyramid. I write about how I experienced and felt it.

When I saw the Pyramids for the first time in 2003, it was really a shock mixed with great inner crying. The shock of being really huge and visible for miles away, for Cairo is mostly flat. Cry because it's all destroyed and degraded to a tourist attraction in the most difficult caliber.

Great and medium pyramid from the west

Looking at the pyramids, it's an impressive look at the technology and intelligence of the builders that you barely get along with the modern reason. Looking back in the opposite direction is scary. You see a large, low-gray house with no roofs covered in smog. It is the suburb of central Cairo, which closely touches the pyramid area. Year after year, it is a hippo, because the area is expanding. This is also related to ubiquitous waste and related smell. In the neighborhood of the Sphinx and one of the temples, there is a huge plaid chair that serves for evening light and music shows. (I have always forgiven myself for this pastime.)

In 2003, the pyramids built road infrastructure so that tourists did not climb the legs and could reach the pyramid at the foot of the bus directly from the main gate. It's about 500 meters. In addition, 2005 began building a new entrance gate with cash registers and a large car park about 300 meters from the Great Pyramid.

The scenario of a regular tourist, which is simple here. They'll bring you to the gate where you have a fairly long queue on rather expensive tickets (compared to others). The entrance to the site was in 2011 80 LE with the possibility to visit one pyramid, except the Great Pyramid. There is an extra admission 100 LE and a limited number of visitors incl. special opening hours. Then they will take you by bus to the pyramids in the desert. You have great views of all three pyramids. By not seeing so much on Cairo itself, which is slightly lower than the pyramids. Then ask where you want and most tourists say there's nothing to see yet, and that's enough. Only a few enthusiasts who bought a ticket to the Great Pyramid are instructing guides that they want to be touched! It's a distinctive heat, so the others are saying that we can not let it go too ...

Great Pyramid

I was in the Great Pyramid on each of my journeys. It was always accompanied by other circumstances. In 2003, I was there with my parents and a bunch of friends who were all clear. He puts it up, what's his name - yeah Cheops, and working on thousands of slaves. There is clear evidence in the temples. I've seen it. So some theories about aliens just tell the bastards.

At that time, I thought I would go back there sometime and with someone less padded. I did that in 2005. Then I got into the pyramid with a friend and we were really lucky because they sold us the last two tickets. So I experienced the situation when I was about 5 minutes alone, because my friend did not stop there. 2011 was 6 enthusiasts who also made a solo show.

But let's go back to the beginning.

The path to the Great Pyramid runs along its slopes where the perimeter blocks, which are really huge (in height over 2 to 3 meters), are stepped out. You are not original. They cut them out for the tourists. After these you scramble to the entrance, which left us a bunch of thieves under the baton of chalifa Al-Ma'mun sometime in 820 of our time. The corridor is about 20 meters long and roughly cut straight into the pyramid. You get into the room from which you can enter the corridor, which will take you directly to the lowest chamber. There is a grille, so the only other option is a few stairs cut into stones and then a narrow shaft about 1,5 × 1,5 meter, in which they are as cold on the ground as in the henhouse. There is always one person in one direction, so you must always wait for it to climb up or down. This passage is about 30 meters long, so nothing for people with claustrophobia. Following is the famous Great Gallery.

The large gallery is a truly monumental space. If you look into the ceiling, it's like a gate to heaven. Exit the galleries as a hiking tour. Although you do not have to have four, you can hold the railing, but even in the rough air it is a very demanding performance, especially when one is not trained on the local climate. During the exit you can repeatedly confirm the old known truth: neither the nail nor the razor blade nor the knife ... just between the cracks do not make anything. Rather, it seems like the cracks are being painted by someone else to make it good it looked.

Although it does not find a single ancient Egyptian inscription in the Great Pyramid, there are countless modern graffiti. They are engraved directly into the stones. Classic type inscriptions: I was here! Fantomas, LP 2007, A + R, etc. Of course in all languages, including Czech.

When you handle the gallery's output, there are about three last steps in the form of kramli squeezed into a meter of stone and you are on the access road to the so-called royal chamber. You still have to walk about 5 meter in front. There is an interspace in which you can straighten for a moment.

When I was there for the second time, I realized there were guide grooves that apparently served for the three huge stones that closed the entrance to the chamber. Unfortunately, this is unfortunately long gone.

Hurray! We are in the bowels of the Great Pyramid !!! Hmm, but there is nothing too !? Is that why we crawled up here? The same way we have to go back. That's about nothing.

Joints in the chamber

This is the way most tourists face, who are going through really demanding exits here. In addition, you have quite a chance to dump, so do not take anything white or festive - even those fools were there. J

That space amazed me. It's a very earthy place. I have a lot of it every time settled and I felt the enormous power of that space that is not at full power but still works in some economical or emergency regime.

When the athletes looking for some attraction leave, there will be a total silence and inner peace. It feels that there is something beyond the normal understanding of man. Something we are not used to today, and we can not grasp it with our commonly used 5 senses.

One of the first things I dismissed was the theory of the tomb. It's just different here. After I attended 3's visit to the real royal tombs on the west bank of the Nile and one of the mines of the royal scribe, there is absolutely no energy. In the tomb, it feels like it was for that purpose. It's the same as when you walk through the cemetery or a church full of crypt.

That space is in itself odd. You are in a block where there are bare walls (I do not count the contemporary folk creativity of tourists and natives). Everything is absolutely smooth and somehow alien. The only thing that disturbs that distinctive character is the opening into space a bath, which stands at the northern wall of the room. For collectors of sensational hieroglyphs there is nothing to be found here, so I am not surprised that many will come and leave again. For a human being, it is a meeting at the level of a forest man with a mainframe - you just do not understand, you do not understand - you stare bluntly into the void and try to catch something. Something you still would understand.

Closer to the entrance are the two well-known shafts. One is to the west and the other to the east. The eastern is broken, as our modern Egyptologists tried to try and plug the fan. In 2011, it did not work the same way as the camera system. The wall around the eastern shaft is really badly damaged. They obviously had to take a very strong caliber.

When it was no longer what to look at and what to feel, I tried to cover everything in what we generally call 6. meaning. Touching the wall is a very special sensation, not just physical. They are perfectly smooth and the joints almost unnoticeable, but you feel the extra energy they are eliminating.

In 2005, I took advantage of the unique opportunity of that short loneliness in space, and stood in the middle of the room in the position of a five-pointed star. It felt as if the special energy of the pyramid was almost immediately passed through me - very strong, very dense and very grounding and yet somewhat reassuring. I stayed for about 5 minutes before the voices of a group of three women who cheerfully talked with a language I did not understand. When they appeared in the chamber, it occurred to me that they were from Turkey. Whether it was true I do not know. The first thing they were heading was a bathtub, and one of them, after a brief heccation from the others, lay in it. Something quietly enraged in me that I did not allow it and left.

In 2011, I returned to the crime scene with a bunch of similarly tuned people. We were lucky enough that no one else was in space for a moment. I was determined that I was going to get into the bathtub this time and the others had to do my bushes.

The experience was simply phenomenal. It really understands it until you try it on your own. I measure 193 cm and it was just me. I estimate that the internal length of the tub is dimensioned on 2 meters. I had it with my boots just so. Landscape at ease. I just closed my eyes, felt a great deal of pressure on my chakra and my legs. At the same time I only touched the floor. It was very intense. I felt that if I stayed longer here, it would take me to another state of consciousness. I also returned that the bath was not in its original place. (To be in the middle.) Without words, I invited another to try it too. Then we compared our feelings and experiences, there was a clear consensus.

Then we were still trying to meditate in the middle of the room. Unfortunately, a further dose of tourists was poured into the area. But it was interesting that they also tried with a pyramid communicate. I infer from this that more and more people are trying to understand its original nature and purpose.

There was a return to daylight and tropical heat in the same way.

In the Great Pyramid, they are not allowed to shoot or filming officially. But when you're inside, no one checks it, so YT can find videos from the adventurous way through the pyramid. The following video shows an exit to the so-called royal chamber and queen's chamber.

The so-called the Queen's chamber and the underground I personally did not see. They are not always accessible. On the video right from the beginning you will see the shaft to the original entrance to the pyramid.

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43 comments on "Great Pyramid: A Personal Story"

  • Martin Martin he wrote:

    I am inclined to think that everything was here once and maybe even several times.
    Like the precession cycles, the fate of this planet could be born and destroyed several times.
    When someone finds something very old and scientists do not know about it, they simply postpone it and claim that it is we who stand behind everything.
    The question remains, who are we or you?

    The Internet is an anonymous arena, but perhaps "S" will reveal its identity.

    Today at Prima-Zoom from 22.hod the great documentary series Aliens of the Ancient Part I (7) and shortly the documentary Science Supernatural in the Light of Science II (2) dedicated to Egyptian Sfinx.

    • Sueneé he wrote:

      * For example, I am fascinated by the footprints of the people of the Velde of the dinosaurs. Or a "classic" hammer several million years old.
      * Your question is related to what I have suggested our view of history is very distorted. We see all the optics of one period, but to my mind, some events are old several times and the message about them is muddy. See. such as some stories from the Old Testament, or Sumeři and Anunnaki.
      * Ancient invaders - I suggest you get the fifth series. It's about our topic.
      Supernatural phenomena in the light of science = I do not know. Some parts are on YT.

  • Martin Martin he wrote:

    Every thought that's heard here is attacked by you, so I'm telling you what you are?
    You try to rebut the facts that are given, by drawing attention to mathematical escapades.
    You write about decimetre yourself, we end up centimeters, the facts are in centimeters, and who knows if 0 is not.
    Builders / our forefathers / pyramids are therefore absolute geniuses, and we do not have to count anything.

    I am talking about the astral feeling combined with saltwater permivity, negative ions, and the influence of the pyramid / silicon, for example, in the limestone / body that passes through a shaft ...

    According to Robert Baul, the southern shafts were aimed at the constellation Orion and the star Sirius and the north to Alfa Draconis, which was the Polar Age of the Pyramid.
    According to them, the arrangement of the Sphinx and the three nearby pyramids corresponds best to the constellation of stars in 10 450 BC
    Thanks to precession, the composition of the three major pyramids corresponds to the three stars of the constellation Orion's Belt to the Milky Way in 10 970 to 8810 BC

    I will add that Thovt was at that time, and he was ordered to build the Giza pyramids.

    • Sueneé he wrote:

      As far as 10 450 BC is concerned, Anthony West's (I think) Anthony West in the Pyramid Code, who said it was MINIMUM 10 450 BC, because because of precession, the constellation is approximately every 26t, for a great year. AW clings to the fact that the Sphinx is old 35t or even more.
      I admit that I was already thinking about it before I heard it from AW. We have to realize that we are moving in periods, so the dates we are playing here are only minimalist estimates.
      It is necessary to look at this in a wider context. Our civilization is 5, according to some sources. in a row. There must have existed a civilized civilization that was able to fly into the universe and apparently rested on several planets and months of our Solar System at some point. This left them artifacts: pyramids, sculptures, megaliths ...
      The civilization that existed behind Thowt (at least as described in the Light Pharaohs), interplanetary flights and megalithic technologies did not itself control it. Thowt taught the VIP priests again.
      The problem with "S" is that it is trying to cover the exact science with something that is to some extent inconsistent with the exact science. Because if it were not, it would not be “conspiracy theories”, “underground”, “alternative…”, “esoteric…”. From the point of view of official science, simply stupid.
      When I studied at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, I had a friend / colleague who went on to study Mathematics. We had a period of time when we described dozens of pages of emails when he tried to hack * my personal knowledge, experiences and knowledge of exopolitics and esotericism, like “S” *. In fact, it was all about nothing, because he always considered in the context of a closed system from which he prepared one thing and tried to analyze it genuinely. And if it did not fit into the established science of science, he threw it away like a gibberish. He even worked it out so far that he became a member of Sisyphus together. When I asked him why? He said that when he saw desperate lack of young blood, he signed it on the spot. Thanks to his invention Jiří Wojnar got a vicious boulder for MEG… :)
      When asked, "Who are you?" I have my humble guess. Student at Charles University or BUT, or a big enthusiast of exact science. (That friend of mine did it with pure egoism to prove he's good at physics.) "S" can't sign by name and lists fake addresses as emails. This suggests that he does not want to link his real identity with what he writes in fear of losing his "good" reputation.

    • S. he wrote:

      I will not respond to the 'ad hominem' arguments. I think it's a kind of discussion foul. The arguments should be substantive and not who they are. Maybe sometimes I will stop at some of the advertised lectures - the discussion could be interesting.

      for Martin:
      1. There are a number of ideas that I did not think or support. Why are you untruthfully writing that I am attacking EVERYTHING thought here?

      2. You started writing about centimeters first. You did it exactly when you said that the difference between the two pyramid dimensions is 314,16 meter or 31416 centimeters. Still did not answer the question of what particular numbers you deduced when the difference is exactly as many inches.

      I only wrote that if you find pyramid dimensions with an accuracy of at least a decimeter, it is possible to decide if a golden cut or pi is encoded. Because the decimetre (and any better) accuracy will already show the difference between the two values. That's why I'm interested in the lengths you've been reading.

    • S. he wrote:

      One more question:

      How is the focus of the shafts? If the southern shafts are centered on the Orion and Sirius belt (or, more precisely, on the highest point of their orbit, where the stars reach only once a year), then the pyramids are from the time of classical archeology, and the shafts make astronomical sense. This is also consistent with the notion of the age of the pyramids and the location of Alpha Draconis, which was close to the North Pole at the same time.

      But where would those shafts go if the pyramids were built in -10450? Vega has been far away from the pole, there's nothing like that around.

  • Martin Martin he wrote:

    If we are challenged here, the debate will not go anywhere.

    • S. he wrote:

      Agreement. Attacking people is not right. I'm trying not to do it.

      Contrary to false data, however, it is beneficial to me. That is the only way to get to the truth. That's why I'm attacking data that's untrue. After all, it's a quest for a statement he considers to be untrue, and he's also trying to make the whole of this site sincere.

      But I would like to return to my question: could you please indicate the two values ​​you subtracted by the centimeter accuracy? I mean both lengths, from which you have calculated a very accurate 314,16 meter value.

      I just hope that you do not take this question as an assault.

  • Martin Martin he wrote:

    The whole debate about numbers? when someone attacks the facts and writes about the cakes.
    And you are clear, the pyramid stands, the interior is also in place, the shafts point to the exact points in the universe ...
    Even some traditional Egyptologists know very well that the truth is completely different.
    If they were to proclaim what is visible, they would have to rewrite history, and they do not want to, because history is connected with religion.
    What would happen?

    • S. he wrote:

      1. Yes, all the time I talk about the numbers - specifically about the ratios that are supposedly encoded in the Great Pyramid.

      2. The shafts aim at infinitely many points in the Universe. The set of points to which the shafts are heading forms a circle during the day (and night) in the sky. The circle contains infinitely many points.
      I also recall that these circles move in the sky over the millennia. This is due to the precession of the Earth's axis.

      3. I am attacking (and trying to put right) only those data that are obviously not facts.
      (for example, I refute that the 230 meter angle gives 5 cm, or that the golden cross is exactly equal to the 4 fraction (or the second one) or that less than ten and a half meters of the upper chamber is in meters of a hundred times the pi)

      Where I do not know, I ask. For example, I would be very interested in the pyramid dimensions with centimeter accuracy that you used to calculate the difference of 314,16 meters.

  • Martin Martin he wrote:

    Does anyone here prove it?

    "ES" people may be talking, I certainly don't, I don't know what it is.

    The pyramid is relatively weathered or, respectively, destroyed and missing the entire surface of the lining.
    The difference in the 1 'angle at the side of the pyramid +/- 230 m long, then makes incredible 5 cm !!!!!
    If the lining was, what if there was no difference?

    Pi is not the only significant number entered in the Great Pyramid.
    Looking at the dimensions of the different parts of the pyramid,
    the height of each part can be multiplied by the whole number
    and we always get the total height.
    Surface of all four sides divided by base surface
    is equal to the value of the ratio of the famous golden cut.
    These equations are based only on the value of the golden section.

    The same applies to the upper chamber. This length in meters is 100 times pi.
    Minus this, is a hundred times the square value of the golden cut.

    Half of the pyramid base perimeter minus its height is 314,16 meters.
    That's a hundred times pi.
    Sum of two pages in meters
    is equal to one hundred times the square value of the golden cut.
    If the Great Pyramid was only about 50 cm bigger or smaller,
    none of that would have gone.

    • S. he wrote:

      1. The difference 1 'at 230 meters does not make 5 cm, but 6,7 cm

      2. What difference would there be in the case of lining?

      3. the heights of which particular parts are to be multiplied by the whole number?

      4. The claim of a four-sided surface to the base surface is identical to the claim that the height of the wall to the height of the pyramid is in the proportion of the golden section. Comparison of surfaces is only more intricately tangled by the same figure - one to the other is converted by the Pythagorean sentence. Since the pyramid has a cross-section exactly the shape of the triangle with the sides 1: Fo: F (where 1 is the height, Fo is the root of the golden cut and F is the golden cut), I would probably agree. It is called Kepler's triangle and probably was known in antiquity.

      5. The length of the upper chamber is in meters 10,47 m. It does not look like a hundred times pi.

      6. If I come out of the Wikipedia data, the difference of twice the perimeter and the height is currently 323,26 and in the past roughly 318 meters. It does not look like a precise pi. The difference is a few meters and not a half meter you write about. What dimensions did you have in your calculation?

      7. Even if it came out: it would mean that the Egyptians used the meter as
      unit of length. Did they use it? Is there a document about it?

      • Sueneé he wrote:

        6. Wiki cannot be taken very seriously. Unfortunately, it is managed by people who hold a tough religious science line, so a less corrupt source wants it. :( I've already pointed it out in another comment.
        7. The document, which Martin mentioned here, states that they used the so-called Egyptian elbow. Its length is also encoded in the pyramid. It's a fraction of the circumference of Earth. I do not remember exact calculation.

        • S. he wrote:

          6. I do not take Wiki as a 100% reliable source, but as a good starting point for searching. That's why I asked Martin how he came from. I used Wikipedia only to illustrate generally available data. (Unlike you, I do not think the authors were bribed, but I think they're mostly amateur enthusiasts)

          Given that Martin made the difference in centimeters accuracy, I suppose he knows the same accuracy with both readings. Otherwise, what he says is just a hausnumero sucked from his finger. So I hope that the dimensions from which it came out will indicate.

          7. It is precisely because the Egyptians used their elbow, that I am surprised by the metric system that they did not use.

  • Martin Martin he wrote:

    Continuing this debate makes no sense.
    For me, the meaning of the original pyramids is quite clear, what I wrote here in quotation marks is my opinion and I stand by it.
    I brought to it the facts about the pyramid inside, the possible physical processes associated with it and the connection of my Astral feeling.
    The inhabitants of the dynastic Egypt considered their predecessors to be Gods or aliens who left our memories of consciousness and messages stored in them. Just open your eyes.

  • Martin Martin he wrote:

    I heard the smell of the red pyramid, the question remains why it is happening or cannon, whether it was a coincidence or one's intention to discourage potential discoverers of something essential. He has recently reigned on the Egyptian monuments of Dr. Hawass. Who knows what this wine has to offer. I can not understand why the shafts have not been investigated for some time.

    S ... for me it is important what is in the Great Pyramid, so I thought about what I wrote here and I can imagine it.
    There is no point in finding numbers or decimal places anywhere.
    Negative ions have a beneficial effect on everything living, about negative ions in sea water this is doubly true and combined with permittivity I can imagine that the "chamber" could serve to transmit astral consciousness.

    From school I remember earthly permitivity, but more interesting is the permissiveness in the vacuum, then there would be doubt over the speed of light, respectively. above the speed of the astral thought in the transmitted sense of the word, and that is precisely related to it.

    • S he wrote:

      1. I can imagine too much. Still, I do not think that the ability or the inability of some ideas must necessarily have anything to do with the real existence of what I can or can not imagine.

      2. The discussion about numbers is related to how the pyramid was built. If you think constructors with a tolerance plus a quarter of a meter, then the decimal numbers of course do not have to be solved. But you wrote about absolute precision. Should I take it so that you have dismissed the idea of ​​absolute precision in favor of at least a quarter of building tolerance?

      3. approximately 90% of negative ions in sea water form chlorine. Most of the negative ions form SO4 (water is sulfuric acid). If this fact is compounded by your affirmation of virtue, sulfur chlorine is good for all living. It is so?

      4. I still do not understand the relationship you describe with permissivity and astral consciousness. The relationship would only exist if it was an electrical phenomenon. If astral consciousness is not an electrical nature, it should not have anything to do with permissiveness.

      5. By the way: If you operate the 81 permissibility value, you obviously assume it's relatively low frequencies. Because the permissiveness of water decreases with increasing frequency. Water permitivity decreases with temperature (about one percent for each 2 grade) and permitivity decreases with increasing salt content (though few).

      6. Concerning the context mentioned in the last paragraph: How is it related? Is this a dependence of the type of direct or indirect proportions? Or another connection? What specifically?

      • Sueneé he wrote:

        ad 2. the megalithic structures are all formed into one with absolute precision. It is based on their very nature. There is zero tolerance error. Everything fits together so that you do not set your fingernail, razor blade, nothing. see my photo. This applies to both the V. pyramid (interior) and the so-called temple temple. Dtto. for all the buildings that were created at the same time as any year was written.
        The problem is rather that we operate here with inaccurate numbers. To a large extent, the fact that the pyramid has a damaged outer shell hampers everything. Different literature works with different accuracy. :( So (mil) meters in it can make a mess.
        As I wrote it in the relevant article: do not look for numbers, but on principle, because it is preserved regardless of accuracy.
        I can regret to say that the difference between the original sheath and the current pyramid edge can be up to 2 meters!

        • S. he wrote:

          The principle I pointed to is that when a pyramid is built to an accuracy of at least a decimeter, its pirate size and golden cut can not be coded in its dimensions. The difference is about a quarter of a meter.

          So if someone propagates the encoding of both of these numbers, and says it is absolute (ie, better than a decimeter) accuracy, then it demonstrably crap.

          If it claims to have only one of those two numbers in its dimensions, then it may of course be right to choose any of them. Because of the damaged cloak, it is unlikely to make the right decision.

          By the way: in which dimensions of the royal chamber is a golden cut? Some time ago, this occurred in the discussion, but I did not know the answer. Not even in the movies. I could have missed somewhere. Can you please tell me which dimensions are this ratio?

    • Sueneé he wrote:

      The smell is still there. It doesn't change in time. I've seen a mention in one document sometimes from 2009 / 10. As a result, I had more reason to go to Alexandria to Dahshur to the Red Pyramid. I wanted to start it with my own eyes / smell. :)
      The first few minutes is unpleasant, then you get used to it. It can be done. It is a bit like the morning ground-level ozone in the winter.
      There are three rooms in the Red Pyramid. Two are at the lowest point below the pyramid level. The third is to climb the wooden staircase at a height of about three floors.
      The first and second rooms have the same ceiling structure as the large gallery. When you lie down on the floor, you feel like you can go downhill.
      These chambers are said to be acoustically tuned to a certain frequency. I tried to make some sounds in them and it is a fact that it had a special response (a strange feeling). To some extent, I was afraid to overlook / did not really try it.
      The third room is a great mystery to me. The ceiling is flat and the floor is missing! It was a shame for me. You walk through the narrow corridor like you go to the so-called royal chamber in the VP, but it's longer and there are no remnants of the plague. You enter the wooden gallery and look into about 3 to 5 meter holes with rough stones or rock instead.
      The walls above the original floor level are as smooth as the VP and the ceiling too.
      My feeling was that someone was bombed by dynamite in an attempt to find a treasure in the floor.
      The floor has been deliberately damaged / removed. I just have not figured out who and when.
      Still back to VP. There is an understanding of one alternative scientific group that the lower chamber in the VP has been flooded for a long time with water. It indicates the wear of stones and mainly the ceiling due to the influence of some liquid, probably water.
      It's a very interesting finding. I would like to learn somewhat strangely somewhere in connection with the fact that the great Z. Hawass himself has admitted that it is possible to get to this place from the temple (drowned in ruins and sand) located in the west behind the pyramid through the underground corridor.
      We know that these corridors are flooded in the present. But it is up to now whether this has been the case in the past.

  • Martin Martin he wrote:

    Suene, I agree, their megalomania had to be built on a realistic basis, they just did it because they did it. That's not what they say. egyprologists when they say, for example, that with the aid of a chisel? and the hammers made granite sarcophagi to the tenth of a millimeter.

    S, it's hard to describe astral perceptions or traveling when you probably see it as a science fiction. But I guarantee you that I can personally astral perceptions.
    The meaning of the Great Pyramid, and its function in fact.
    When there is a bathtub in the room, it is sure to use something when there are two shafts in the walls of the room facing the sky, respectively. to the exact place in the universe, they also have samoz. its function.
    What if the salty water in which the person floated / thanks to extreme salinity / and used the power of the pyramid in Astral Travel. The relative permissivity of water is 81er, which makes it the most powerful portable material, and salt water or seawater contains a number of ions that have a negative charge.

    Do not drive me,

    • Sueneé he wrote:

      A few attractions to your notes on shafts and bathtubs:
      1) The opening of the shafts in the chamber is above the edge of the bathtub, so it would be theoretically possible.
      2) Djedi found some "inscriptions" behind the shaft doors, personally it seemed to me that these were some remains of a substance that was in the shafts and was blurred by something that moved in the shafts. Maybe some "vehicle".
      3) In the red pyramid there are also openings of shafts. But at present they are still "closed". However, diluted sulfur is leaking from one. I saw it with my own eyes and I can confirm that it is in the red pyramid is really strong sulfur smell!

      Offtopic: The Red Pyramid is somewhat reduced version of the Great Pyramid. I'll write about this for about a while. It was also a great experience, and I have a lot of photos on it, unlike VP.

    • S. he wrote:

      1. Seeing science as a science fiction does not mean I can not imagine it on the basis of a description. Sci-fi is built on this principle.
      In addition, it may happen that fiction will become a reality in time - nor do I prevent it.
      2. If you can astralally perceive, you should at least be able to determine astral permeability of several different materials. Then the existence or absence of such perception can be objectively verified by standard blind tests.
      3. According to the permits you had, the water in the bathtub had to be quite cold and distilled. This is quite surprising, because the deprivation tanks, currently used, have a temperature close to the body temperature. (the permissiveness of distilled water is somewhere between 70-75 at room temperature, salty water has less permeability than distilled, so it would have to be colder than 20 ° to have the 81 value you described).

      I do not quite understand the ion ion: What is the impact of those astral transitions? Similarly, it is with permivity: What does it have?

      And finally: What is the size of the Great Pyramid in your view? It's 1: 1,621 (and so quoted pi quadrature) or 1: 1,618 (and so encoded in the golden cut)? If this ratio is accurate, it can not exactly match both of those numbers at the same time (although, for example, a comment on the previously mentioned film misspells).

      I do not want to answer and did not give my own opinion: In my opinion, this is a golden cut because the golden section is an algebraic number (it can even be exactly constructed by a ruler and a circle). There is no such number - it is not possible to construct precisely the geometric means and the Egyptians probably knew only its approximate value.

      • Sueneé he wrote:

        I only respond to 2:

        Scientific studies with astral travel were conducted in America and China. The names of people (or groups of scientists) are on the video from which the article is rewritten: ./research-source-fields/ If you wanted to know, you'd have to play it ...

        • S. he wrote:

          I'll try to verify it.

          But when I looked into the article, I find that some strange things are mentioned in it. For example, the sentence:

          "When the test person was inspecting and saw the Chinese character, the sensors in the room detected 15.000 photon particles."

          I find it somewhat confused.

          What is the "photon particle"? If any quantum of electromagnetic radiation is meant, it must be counted in a room of room temperature every second, expressed as a number with several tens of zeros.

          It should be roughly 30-40 zero, more accurately, I do not want to count. 15 a thousand quantum of electromagnetic radiation (such a quantum is commonly referred to as a particle called a photon) is only a tiny fraction of what the room must be under normal physical laws.

          • Sueneé he wrote:

            I can't remember it from physics anymore. I know that light is measured in lumens, luxs or watts, and perhaps there is something that can be literally described as the term "photon particles". But there may be a translation error. I say that absolutely straight, because it's from wiretapping.
            Basically, these are not numbers and / or units. It is a principle that the astral body, among other things, measurably "shines", as the study has shown.

          • S. he wrote:

            Exactly. The light is measured, for example, in watts. You can convert watts to quantum (particle, photon) by the formula

            N = E * L / h / c
            N - is the quantum number
            E - is energy (or power in watts times in seconds)
            L - is the wavelength - for visible light of about 0,0000005 meter, for radiation of objects in a darkened room with a diameter of approximately 0,00001 meter
            h - is the Planck constant - 6,626 E-34
            c - is the speed of light - about 300000000 m / s

            When you get into the formula, you get quite large numbers for common situations.

  • Martin Martin he wrote:

    To build such a master to demonstrate power, but I do not know? do not be angry, but I can not agree with that either.
    When just what makes the Great Pyramid fascinating is inside.
    What would make sense, a large gallery, both chambers, a bathtub and shafts? and who knows what else.
    All of the codes, numbers, absolute precision, and links in the pyramid are not a demonstration of power.
    Rather, I think it's a functional link, with the surprise someone has left us.
    Everything has been here once and maybe several times, so I regret to say if our civilization does not expose to the nearest planet, maybe someone will write in the future ... Everything was here once ....

    • Sueneé he wrote:

      When I was in Egypt for the first time, my fellow travelers (who have been traveling for years to E.) have been saying to me that everything in Egypt is so huge that E can demonstrate its size, strength and power. That any messenger or transgressor from abroad had to be shocked to see the power and strength of the Egyptian rulers.
      Personally, it came to me very egoistic and cheap.
      Rather, I was of the opinion that everything was large and vast because it was easy to build something like this. They simply had the technology. Moreover, most of the buildings were obviously technology in themselves. Pyramids are one of the more obvious cases. However, it is quite possible that some temples were also a source of factor “X”, which we do not fully understand and can not judge at all.

    • S. he wrote:

      Demonstration of power, of course, meant a demonstration inside the state and not outwardly. Something similar to the construction of a medieval cathedral. It is, in my view, a mixture of respect for the deceased authority and, at the same time, the power attributed to that authority and, above all, to the organization that implements its power (usually to the Church).

      From the large buildings linked to respect for the dead, I would still mention Taj Mahal, Angelic Castle in Rome, Kim's mausoleum in Korea (the 500 × 500 m is the manor house wider than the pyramid), the Timur mausoleum in Samarkand (a quarter of the Great Pyramid height) other.

      I would see the meaning of the inner space in the purpose to which the pyramid is officially attributed: depositing remarkable remains in an ideally calculated place.

      As for the absolute accuracy of the codes:
      Their interpreters should first decide whether they have a golden cut or a Pi number. The difference in both codes is only 1 / 500 size, but if it should be really ABSOLUTE precision, there can not be both numbers at the same time. The difference is about a quarter meter on the size of the Great Pyramid. Try to answer yourself: is the number ((root of 5) + 1) / 2 or number ((4 / pi) on the second)? Is the ratio 1: 1,621 or 1: 1,618?

  • Martin Martin he wrote:

    The air is a mixture of gases nitrogen and oxygen.
    Water is a chemical compound of hydrogen and oxygen.
    There is already a difference in ours, and it is very important in ours because the water is exceptionally high permissivity / 80Er /! air / 1Er / almost nothing.
    To build such a masterpiece to demonstrate the power comes strange to me.

    • S. he wrote:

      It is the fact that the air is predominantly composed of two-atom molecules, while water from the triatomic.
      Regarding permits: you are right that cold water is one of the highest in natural substances. Do you think the astral conductivity mentioned by you is envy on permissiveness? As?

  • Martin Martin he wrote:

    You'll catch me with words and you'll write that you're probably in the bath.
    Sure she was there. . in my opinion, and the liquid I mean water, because it could be best when it comes to the astral world. In time I write why and my opinion.
    There is no point here to argue about water or air, I am more interested in your opinion of the Great Pyramid ... that someone who built them is really indisputable. .
    how somebody has stood up to her today does not know. .
    and for what purpose she served, she does not know. .

    • S he wrote:

      Of course, there might have been fluid in the air when the air was fluid. ;-)

      As to the purpose of the pyramid: in my view, their main (albeit undeclared) purpose of demonstrating power - in line with the then faith. I do not underestimate the purpose of the bridging (straining the company to any big goal, its successful achievement).

      As for the way: I would not underestimate our ancestors. I think they could do a lot more efficiently than we think it is possible today.

      I do not know the specific method they built. But I think they could do it without the help of science fiction or fantasy technology.
      Our blindness to the existence of simple procedures demonstrates, for example, earlier reflections on the complexity of flint processing (once archaeologists estimated that the production of flint tools lasted months to years - before they could even find ways to prepare them for hours or days) or the transport of giant sculptures mentioned Pavel Pavel, who has practically shown that fewer people are needed to transport heavy objects than archaeologists have previously estimated).

  • Martin Martin he wrote:

    We start with a debate about the conductivity of water from the topic and that is a pity "S"
    Somewhat lighten it, the water is conductive enough, just read what is written on the elec. drawer at the bathtub.
    I signaled the water in my impression in the description what could be in the bath? be, it is the most common fluid available, but maybe there was nothing, just the ambient air.
    I was not at all electric conductivity.
    It is certain that -H2O- Water is a miracle of life.
    The question remains for what reason there are only two shafts and a tub in the chamber and nothing else.
    However, if the body had to be submerged in fluid, I can imagine what sensations and sensations they can feel.

    • S he wrote:

      Bath Ad Bath: Water in the bathtub will primarily reduce the transient resistance on the skin - it will provide a large area the stream can enter into the body. But the water has a much smaller (10-100x) conductivity than the body itself. Therefore, the electrical circuit is closed over the body - with a network voltage with fatal consequences.

      Therefore, your designation of the electrical conductivity of water as "great" still seems at least very inaccurate.

      As for fluid immersion: we are still experiencing it. Even air is fluid. So even though there was no water, the fluid was probably there.

      Personally, I think the bathtub stayed in place because it did not look valuable and did not go away.

      And with regard to astral conductivity: of course, it is closely related to the pyramid and its construction - if something similar was affected. That's why I asked you how you determine the astral conductivity of different substances.

  • Martin Martin he wrote:

    Originally, it could have been a bath in place at a point where the so-called shafts point towards the chamber, which would make sense.
    "S" I know that water is not absolute. conductive, although elect. water conductivity is high, but of course. I didn't mean electrical conductivity, but in quotation marks the Astral.

    • S he wrote:

      What do you mean by "high"?

      The conductivity of chemically pure water is only a few millionths of the Siemens, with the conductivity of conventional wires being millions to tens of millions of Siemens. Chemically pure water drives ten thousand times (10 000 000 000 000x) less than copper.
      Personally, I would not consider it high conductivity. Water is conducting somewhere in the band between semiconductors and insulators.

      I can not judge astral conductivity. How do you experimentally determine it if you are able to compare its size? What astral size do other substances have? Who, when, and how did it measure it?

      I ask, therefore, that after describing the electrical conductivity of the water I would like to - most preferably experimentally - check the alleged astral conductance.

  • Martin Martin he wrote:

    If the bath was exactly where it was supposed to be, then I wonder what if the so-called bath was water? as the water is known to be absolutely conductive, the power of the pyramid would be concentrated, who knows what would happen then?
    As they say . . in simplicity is power.
    It's just my opinion, respectively. idea or impression.

    • Sueneé he wrote:

      Water is an interesting idea.
      I remembered one more thing. At the edges of the long side of the tub there are drilled holes in the width of the forefinger. They are 4 and are located symmetrically about 15 cm from the shorter wall.
      It can therefore be assumed that the tub had a lid.
      Notice that the SW corner of the bath is broken. It had to be a huge explosion that had gone. And as many alternative Egyptians have noted, many pyramids have traces of an internal explosion. VP is no exception. So-called. the royal chamber was still at the beginning of 20 st. black from flue gas from fire. It was only in our time that they cleared it, and perhaps de facto destroyed the traces ……

    • S. he wrote:

      Water is not absolutely conductive. Absolutely conductive are superconductors.

      Totally pure (distilled) is almost non-conductive - has a conductivity of only 5 microsiemens per meter.

      Rainwater may be more conductive, but there is still very little.
      Drinking well water has a conductivity of about 10000 times larger than distilled.
      Seawater has a conductivity of about a million times larger than that distilled.
      But even sea water has a conductivity of about a million to ten million times smaller than ordinary metals.

  • Martin Martin he wrote:

    A nice article is certainly fascinating to be in the Great Pyramid.
    I wish to experience it, it is precisely the place where it is directed.
    The bath is certainly not in its original place, the question remains why and why it was placed elsewhere, another striking question.

    • Sueneé he wrote:

      I feel like I wrote it elsewhere:
      If it were in the middle, everything would work much more effectively. Now the reaction is strong, but it won't beat you - at least not in 5 minutes. Most people lie there for only a few seconds because they feel "bad" and don't know what to do there.

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